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4th Quarter 2009


4th Quarter, 2009


December 31, 2009

Jon C. Nelson Jr. and Teresa L. Nelson sold 10 Edson Forest Road to James Cranston for $450,000.

December 30, 2009

Edgartown - Gerald Lavoie sold 24 Meshacket Wood Road to Maureen C. Regan for $725,000.

Oak Bluffs - Ruth A. Britton and Milton L. Britton, Sr. sold 19 Pacific Avenue to Marie A. McCooey and Alfred E. McCooey, Jr. for $325,000.

Oak Bluffs - George Sourati and Alan Schweikert, trustees of 37 Katama Avenue Realty Trust, and Ruth Gaffey sold 37 Katama Avenue to Richard Gaffey for $338,000.

West Tisbury - Jon C. Nelson Jr. and Teresa L. Nelson sold 10 Littlefield Lane to Barbara Mode Courtney for $500,000.

December 29, 2009

Edgartown - Linda M. Zug sold an undivided 50% interest in 76 North Water Street to B Zug Associates LLC for $1,800,000.

Edgartown - Brooks Zug, aka D. Brooks Zug sold 76 North Water Street to B Zug Associates LLC for $1,800,000.

Edgartown - Jennifer Magnone, trustee of the Auction Realty Trust, sold a 50% interest in 15, 19 & 20 Swan Neck Road to Cygnus I Realty Trust for $1,894,000.

Edgartown - Jennifer Magnone, trustee of Auction Realty Trust sold a 50% interest in a lot on Swan Neck Road to Cygnus II Realty Trust for $1,894,000.

December 28, 2009

Tisbury - US Bank NA, as trustee and holder of a mortgage by assignment from Naromar S. DePaula and Leidiane De Paula to MERS, sold 89 Lake Street to US Bank NA, Trs. for $385,000.

West Tisbury - John F. Spindler sold a 20.7348% interest in 129 Vineyard Meadow Farms to John F. Spindler and Margaret S. Strauch, trustees of the trust under the Will of Martha M. Spindler, for $50,400.

December 18, 2009

Chilmark - William A. Stopper sold his interest in a lot on Kings Highway to Kyle B. Carson for $500.

Chilmark - Bonnie J. Keyser sold her interest in a lot on Kings Highway to Kyle B. Carson for $500.

Edgartown - Allen W. Wilson, Thomas R. Wilson, James F. Wilson, trustee of Wilson Revocable Living Trust, Ruth W. Bellizzi and Michael J. Bellizzi, trustees of Bellizzi Family 1999 Realty Trust, sold Lot 3 Mill Hill Farms Road to James E. and Mary K. Murphy for $1,015,000.

Edgartown - David Tibbetts sold 4 Old Dunhams Corner Way to Linda and Thomas Coffill for $150,000.

Edgartown - Mary Jane Nevin, trustee of Black Duck Realty Trust, sold 6 Watcha Lane to Daniel and Shannon Carbon for $450,000.

Tisbury - William Mangin, trustee of the William Mangin Revocable Trust, sold 77 Holly Tree Lane to Wayne N. and Geraldine P. Morris for $429,000.

December 17, 2009

Edgartown - Juanita B. Vickers, trustee of the Vickers Trust sold 28 Jason Drive to Jennifer T. Morgan for $40,000.

Oak Bluffs - Kathleen A. Burton and Nancy F. Phillips sold 33 Sengekontacket Road to Michael D. and Paula A. Price for $925,000.

December 16, 2009

Aquinnah - Andrew S. Dintenfass and Ann Vivian Dintenfass sold a lot off Moshop Trail to Jonathan and Candace Singer for $250,000.

Edgartown - David L. Larson executor under the Will of Warren L. Larson, a/k/a Warren Leroy Larson, sold 7 Whistling Swan Circle to Constantine B. O'Doherty for $325,000.

Edgartown - Paul C. Nourse sold 165 West Tisbury Road to Alkem LLC for $675,000.

Edgartown - John R. and Constance H. Vankirk sold 8 Zoll Road to Thomas E. and Cynthia B. Podmjersky for $550,000.

Tisbury - Ronald H. and Barsha A. Tolin, trustees of Hinckley Circle Realty Trust, sold 40 Hinckley Circle to Luciana N. Dasilva for $298,000.

December 15, 2009

Edgartown - Joan M. Newland a/k/a Joan M. Sawhill sold 32 Green Pastures Road to Richard F. Berkowitz and Hadley Sharples for $1,350,000.

Edgartown - Thomas J. Doyle and Amy P. Goldberg sold 244 Chappaquiddick Road to Michael R. Partenio and Stacy L. Kunstel for $270,000.

December 14, 2009

West Tisbury - James J. LeRoux sold 57 & 59 Tiasquam Rd. to Douglas S. Liebhafsky and Wendy R. Gimbel for $1,900,000.

December 11, 2009

Chilmark - Christopher John Atkinson 4th and Florencia Louise Ferrari sold a portion of 138 South Road to Deborah Silliman and Jeffery W. Wass for $200,000. 

Edgartown - James E. and Mary K. Murphy sold 1 Kotemy Circle to Robert T. Shepardson and Jane M. Kimmel for $955,000. 

Edgartown - Elizabeth Prince Stevens, trustee of the Elizabeth Prince Stevens Revocable Living Trust sold Unit 1, 210 Upper Main Street Condo to Susan Lau for $500,000. 

Edgartown - Elizabeth Prince Stevens, trustee of the Elizabeth Prince Stevens Revocable Living Trust sold Unit 2, 210 Upper Main St. Condo to Dino C. and Marilena E. Miano for $340,000. 

December 10, 2009 

Chilmark - Roger Alan Gins, individually, as trustee of the Erik Bailey Gins Trust and as surviving Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Margaret A. Gins, a/k/a Margaret Arno Gins, a/k/a Margaret Gins; Cathy Anne Gins individually, as trustee of the Dylan Gins McDougle Trust and as surviving Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Margaret A. Gins, a/k/a Margaret Arno Gins, a/k/a Margaret Gins; and Ellen Carol Abisch, individually and as trustee of the Daniel Sutherland Fortune Trust , the Adria Suzanne Fortune Trust and the Jason Sanford Abisch Trust and as surviving Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Margaret A. Gins, a/k/a Margaret Arno Gins, a/k/a Margaret Gins, sold 10 Pinkletink Road to Jonathan W. and Jessica J. Lubow for $1,568,500.

Edgartown - Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank formerly known as Dukes County Savings Bank, holder of a mortgage from ULF Edgartown LLC sold 38 North Water Street to Martha's Vineyard Colonial Inn LLC for $2,050,000.

West Tisbury - Alan P. Abrams sold 31 Gay Head Avenue to Paul J. and Linda J. Mahoney for $1,185,000. 

December 9, 2009

Oak Bluffs - Toni B. Harvey sold 79 Meadow View Road to Mark J. and Linda Earley Chastang for $475,000. 

Oak Bluffs - Anne M. Brownell sold 273 East Chop Drive to Full Schilling Corporation for $1,450,000. 

December 8, 2009 

Oak Bluffs - Bank of New York Mellon, trustees, sold 27 Olive Street to Michael J. Hinchey and Diane M. Conley-Hinchey for $285,000.

West Tisbury - Cyrus Roberts Vance, Jr., Elsie Nicoll Vance, Camilla Vance Holmes f/k/a Camilla Vance and Grace Roberts Vance, trustees of Grace Sloane Vance 2000 Revocable Trust Agreement sold 100 Watcha Club Rd. to Sara Gray Gund for $5,200,000.

December 7, 2009

Tisbury - Woodland Center LLC sold Unit 14 Woodland Center Condominium to Adam T. Hayes for $180,000.

West Tisbury - Citibank NA, trustee for WaMu Series 2007-HE3 Trust holder of a mortgage from Lee H. McCormack to Washington Mutual sold 2 Duck Pond Road to Citibank NA, Trs. for $567,000.

December 4, 2009

Chilmark - Mark A. Levy, Jonathan Durst, trustees of David Durst 2004 Family Trust sold an undivided 8.7332575 percent interest to a lot on David's Way to Jonathan and Laurel Durst for $9,688.

Chilmark - Mark A. Levy, Jonathan Durst, trustees of David Durst 2004 Family Trust sold 16 & 18 David's Way to Jonathan and Laurel Durst for $683,000. 

Edgartown - Helen T. Ross and Douglas M. Ross, trustees of Ross Realty Trust sold 2 Plantingfield Wood Lane to David A. and Yvette Killian for $1,100,000.

Oak Bluffs - Mark G. and Kathleen M. Landers sold 33 Hampson Avenue to Kerry M. and Lisa Leonard for $345,000.

Oak Bluffs - US Bank NA, trustee, holder of a mortgage from Heber Paulo Tenorio sold 38 School House Village to US Bank NA, trustee for $324,570. 

December 3, 2009

Edgartown - Raymond Hill LLC sold 38 Main St. to Andrew J. and Sarah K. Aliberti for $700,000.

December 2, 2009

Chilmark - Robert W. Hyde and Elisabeth M. Benders-Hyde, trustees of Hyde Realty Trust sold 4 Old North Road to John and Maureen Eisner for $1,000,000.

Edgartown - Mohammad Amini sold 16 & 19 Nevin Square Condo to Nancy P. Neil, trustee of Nancy P. Neil Revocable Trust for $301,000.

Edgartown - John A. and Mary C. Nagle sold 27 Vickers Street to Nancy Huston for $592,500.

Edgartown - Aurora Loan Services LLC sold 84 South 18th Street to Vaishali and Manoj V. Shinde for $265,650. 

Edgartown - Gary J. Santos and Gloria Cardoso Santos sold 49 Seventh Street North to Stephen V. and Luisa Gaudino for $525,000. 

Oak Bluffs -  John Hannan sold 14 Brush Island Lane to Richard Marotta for $1,650,000.

Oak Bluffs - Lisa M. Stewart and John M. Stewart, Jr. sold 12 Hiawatha Avenue to Byron S. and Kathleen Barnett for $294,500.

Oak Bluffs - Jack and Marie Kotik sold 20 High Meadow Lane to Bruce C. and Lisa M. Stewart for $852,500. 

December 1, 2009

Edgartown - Whitney Goit, 2nd and Airene Ogara Goit sold 86 Peases Point Way to Glenn M. and Marilyn B. Reiter for $3,750,000. 

November 30, 2009 

Edgartown - Laurance A. and Deborah B. Thomas sold 7 Norton Street to James F. Reynolds, trustee of 64 School Street Nominee Trust for $1,250,000.

Tisbury - Edward J. Hanrahan sold 27 Daggett Avenue to Mark D. Strong and Danae M. Wright-Strong for $418,000. 

Tisbury - William G. Noke, trustee of Noke Realty Trust sold 104 Greenwood Avenue to Amandine S. Surier for $386,500. 

November 24, 2009

Chilmark - Ellen Liman sold a 40% interest in 34 Blacksmith Valley Road to Douglas Liman for $1,267,500.

Edgartown - Holly M. Carter, trustee of Canopus Nominee Trust, sold 16 Kitts Field Circle to Ken Schaible for $505,000. 

Edgartown - Judith M. Williamson, Executor of the Estate of Peter M. Williamson, and John W. Balboni sold 15 Winter Street to Détente LLC, Unit 11 for $170,000. 

Oak Bluffs - Jeffrey D. Summers sold 41 Columbian Avenue to Michael Chalfant and Leigh Ann Parente for $359,900. 

Tisbury - Linda L. Crompton sold Unit 2 Vineyard Harbor Condo to Robert M. and Elise A. Melesky for $73,500. 

November 23, 2009

Aquinnah - Richard W. Smith sold a lot off Moshup Trail to James F. O'Brien, Jr. for $135,000.

Edgartown - Judith A. Bruguiere, Executor of the Estate of Anna L. Hoglund, sold 75 West Tisbury Road to Anthony J. Janeczek, Jr. and Theresa T. Janeczek for $377,000. 

November 20, 2009

Edgartown - Francis M. McCarthy, trustee of Atlantic View Realty Nominee Trust, sold 17 Plains Head Road to Joseph A. Auth for $1,080,000.

Edgartown - Thomas A. Shaughnessy, Marisa Shaughnessy and John J. Shaughnessy sold 17 Deacon Vincent Way to Paula Greico and Scott Page for $642,500. 

Oak Bluffs - Deolinda G. Marinelli sold 134 Edgartown Vineyard Haven Road to John P. Larsen, Jr. for $480,000.

Oak Bluffs - Christine Todd sold 30 Shirley Avenue to Stanley J. and Janet L. Burba for $750,000.

Oak Bluffs - Carol Hyde sold 43 Menahan Street to Pamela D. Everhart and Karl J. Coiscou for $530,000.

Tisbury - Cecily D. Bryant sold 35 Howard Avenue to Arthur C. and Ann Schwartz Delibert for $485,000.

November 19, 2009

Edgartown - Joseph V. Sadowski sold 26 Knoll Drive to MV Coastal Inc. for $400,000.

Edgartown - Berkeley D. Johnson, Jr. and Susan C. Johnson sold 25 Mill Street to David G. and Kimberly K. Januszewski for $1,510,000. 

November 18, 2009 

Oak Bluffs - Donna Noyes Cox and Larry E. Cox, trustees of Barbara Ann Fletcher Revocable Trust sold 29 East Side Road to Trude L. Kleinschmidt for $454,000.

November 17, 2009

Chilmark - JP Morgan Chase Bank NA sold 12 Old Nursery Lane to Scott M. McDowell for $518,000.

Edgartown - Carl D. and Barbara L. Strube sold 66 Herring Creek Road to Scott H. and Karen A. Bosworth for $650,000. 

November 16, 2009

Edgartown - Michael Maschio, trustee Skye Nominee Trust, sold 116 Herring Creek Road to Michael A. and Colleen K. Morrison for $1,420,000.

Edgartown - Herman A. Hipson sold 10 North Farms Road to Joel E. Kadis and Maurya Sullivan for $1,075,000. 

West Tisbury - Elizabeth A. Thorne and Theodoropoulos Praxitelis sold 256 Pond Road to Henry A. Shaub and Jacqueline D. Sidi-Shaub for $1,162,500. 

November 12, 2009

Edgartown - CHQK LLK sold 104 Washqua Avenue to Jeffrey and Melinda Fager for $1,350,000.

Edgartown - Joan L. Parzanese sold 5 1st Street North to Sharon L. Parzanese for $250,000.

Oak Bluffs -  Allan A. Debettencourt and Joann R. Debettencourt, trustees of Debettencourt-Evergreen Family Trust, sold Lot 222 Springfield Avenue to William N. Debettencourt, 3rd and Susan K. Debettencourt, trustees of Two Trust Realty Trust, for $140,000.

November 10, 2009

Edgartown - 15 North Summer Street Associates LLC sold unit 23 North Summer Street to Patricia Griesdorn, trustee of Twenty Three North Summer Realty Trust, for $1,900,000.

Edgartown - James H. Lunt sold 77 North Neck Rd. to Eric Peterson and Lawrence Rudolph, trustees of 77 North Neck Road Realty Trust, for $3,189,000. 

West Tisbury - Frank R. Mancini, individually and as executor under the Will of Margaret Charlene Moore, sold 34 Brushbroom Lane to Robert G. Stafford and Mark Ellis for $425,000. 

November 9, 2009

Aquinnah - Berta Welch, Vernon Welch and Carla Giles Cuch, trustees of Raymond Hill Nominee Trust and Adriana Ignacio, sold 2 Windy Hill Rd. to James Salzer and Barbara Hempstead for $1,070,000.

October 30, 2009

Edgartown - Michael A. Torcia sold 13 Mockingbird Drive to Owen D. Nee Jr. and Amber W. Nee for $765,000.

Edgartown - Theodore S. Jick, trustee of Noahs Ark Realty Trust, sold 5 Scrub Oak Drive to Sanford P. and Stacey Miller Dumain for $1,290,000. 

Edgartown - Deborah Jeanne Crownover, n/k/a D. Jeanne Graham, trustee of William B. Harris Realty Trust, sold 11 Norton Rd. to Joseph G. and Christine MacDougall for $493,570. 

Edgartown - Entrust New England LLC and Thomas A. Kent sold 15 Webquish to Stephen T. and Laura N. Peach for $15,000. 

Edgartown - Thomas A. and Donna J. Kent sold 5 Handy Ave. to Stephen T. and Laura N. Peach for $400,000. 

Oak Bluffs - Katama Acquisitions LLC sold 36 Oak Ave. to Yanique D. Lacadre for $240,000. 

October 28, 2009

Tisbury - JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, purchaser of the loans and other assets of Washington Mutual Bank f/k/a Washington Mutual Bank, FA, current holder by assignment of a mortgage from Mauro Carlos Almeida to Washington Mutual bank, FA sold 62 Lagoon Avenue to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA for $301,600.

West Tisbury - Mark R. Yale and Kendra Lee Micare sold 116 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to Eric A. and Patricia F. Widra for $675,000. 

West Tisbury - HSBC Bank USA NA as trustee for Wells Fargo Home Equity Asset Backed Certificates, the current holder by assignment of a mortgage from Eugene W. and Beverly Ann Bergeron to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. sold 337 Great Plains Road to Wells Fargo Bank NA for $592,136.30. 

October 27, 2009

Oak Bluffs - Gertrude B. Fletcher, John D. Crocker, Virginia H. Crocker f/k/a Virginia H. Homans, individually and as trustee of LVK Vineyard Trust, sold 82 Springfield Avenue to Melissa M. Lackey and Brady P. Otey for $987,500.

October 26, 2009

Edgartown - Paul R. and Dawn M. Marinelli sold 6 Plains Head Lane to Robert E. and Marion T. Davidson for $950,000. 

Oak Bluffs - Patricia A. Reynolds, trustee of Patricia A. Reynolds Nominee Trust, sold 270 Sea View Ave. to Lisa M. Cohen, trustee of Lisa M. Cohen 1999 Revocable Trust for $2,300,000. 

October 22, 2009

Edgartown - Barbara R. Green and David Green, trustees of the James L. Green Revocable Trust, sold 493 Katama Road, Unit E-1 to Walter V. Arnold 3rd and Erynn T. Arnold for $635,000. 

Edgartown - Karen Self Osler, Executrix of the Estate of Beatrice B. Self; Karen Self Osler, E. Baldwin Self, Jr., Judith Self Murphy, individually; Karen S. Osler, Edward B. Self, Jr. and Judith S. Murphy, as trustees of the Beatrice B. Self 1-Year Qualified Personal Residence Trust, sold 13 Plantingfield Wood Circle to George D. Michaels and Jennifer R. Michaels for $940,000.

Tisbury - Wells Fargo Bank NA sold 36 Carl Lairs Lane to Leslie H. and Susan R. Leland for $450,000.

October 21, 2009

Edgartown - Philip P. and Louise M. Lambrukas sold 1 & 5 Deacon Vincent Way to Joseph C. Pioggia for $800,000.

Oak Bluffs - Earl L. and Darielle D. Linehan sold lot 5 Cayuga Street to Jonathan D. Eisner, trustee of Linehan GST Trust for $600,000. 

West Tisbury -Jennifer P. Sayre sold 8 Island Farms Rd. to John A. and Lois B. Gorman for $551,250.

October 20, 2009 

Edgartown - The Town of Edgartown sold 55 Fourteenth Street South to Carole C. Aycox for $21,095.

Edgartown - Citibank National Trs. sold 479 Edgartown Vineyard-Haven Road. to Adam W. and Gina Campbell Helm for $150,000. 

Tisbury - Ernest W. Pachico, trustee of the Pachico Family Nominee Trust sold 84 Hvoslef Way to MV Tylex LLC for $1,500,000. 

October 19, 2009

Edgartown - Onewest Bank FSB, holder of a mortgage from Christopher J. Forbes, sold 13 Twenty Second Street North to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trs. for $441,906.

Oak Bluffs - Marc Petricone, trustee of Petricone Family Nominee Trust, sold 2 Sengekontacket Road to Valerie Bataille-Ferry and Bernard E. Marshall for $532,000.

Oak Bluffs - ERS, holder of a mortgage from Nadine and Wayne Barrett sold 8 Ryans Way to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Trs. for $540,000. 

October 16, 2009

Edgartown - Douglas C. and Doris D. Ward sold 5 Mullen Way to Thomas W. Littlejohn 3rd and Margaret H. Littlejohn for $2,400,000. 

Oak Bluffs - Cecile E. Vickers sold 31 Grovedale Road to Christos S. Fasolas and Anne A. Tyno for $376,000 

Oak Bluffs - John and Lisa Reagan sold 9 James Place to Michael S. and Oni C. Holley for $627,000.

October 15, 2009

West Tisbury - Dennis C. and Rebecca Ward sold 144 Lamberts Cove Road to Dana S. Johnston, trust of 361 Realty Trust, for $1,300,000. 

October 9, 2009

Chilmark - Malcolm S. Edgar, Jr., trustee of the Edgar Nominee Trust, and Gene E. Irons, trustee of the Gene E. Irons Trust - 1992, sold 21 Cross Rip Lane to Michael F. and Beth T. Newbold for $1,250,000.

Edgartown - Julia M. VanRoden sold 44 Washque Ave. to Paul E. Greenfield and Marcia Schultz Greenfield for $704,000. 

Oak Bluffs - Tamsan B. Tharin sold 15 Beth Way to Byron A. and Carolyne J. Pitts for $730,000. 

Tisbury - Lindsey C. Lawrence and Adam Gunn Lawrence, trustees of Colonial Lane Realty Trust, sold 12 Colonial Lane to George H. Rittershaus, Jr. and Denise F. Rittershaus for $520,000. 

West Tisbury - Robert D. Dusa sold 671 Old County Rd. to Mark Reisman for $775,000. 

October 8, 2009 

Oak Bluffs - JP Morgan Chase Bank NA as purchaser of the loans and other assets of Washington Mutual Bank, formerly known as Washington Mutual Bank, FA, the current holder of a mortgage from Thomas F. Boeckel and Virginia A. Boeckel to Washington Mutual Bank, FA sold 4 East Side Rd. to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of East Side OB Real Estate Trust for $625,000.

Tisbury - David P. and Mary Lou Gage sold 109 Franklin Terrace to Peyton Wallace for $458,000.

West Tisbury - J. F. Spalding, a/k/a J. Ford Spalding, executor of the will of Helen F. Spalding, sold 7 Loring Lane to A. C. Miller and June Miller for $950,000.

October 7, 2009

Edgartown - Scott C. Nicol, a/k/a Scott Nicol sold a 50% interest in 490 Katama Road to Paul J. Asel for $750,000. 

October 6, 2009

Chilmark - Deborah L. Colitti, a/k/a Deborah L. Colitti-Wiggins and Craig R. Wiggins sold 26 Abels Neck Rd. to Gary Jones and Stacey Snider, trustees of the Jones-Snider 1997 Trust for $3,800,000.

Oak Bluffs - Charles A. and Judith T. Ratte sold 15R Spindles Path to Susan Sandson for $560,000.

Oak Bluffs - Eric Shenholm and Michele Ratte sold 15 Spindles Path to Daniel Richheimer and Jennifer Kennedy for $612,500.

Oak Bluffs - Martha Kathryn Sowerwine, a/k/a Martha K. Sowerwine, sold 257 Barnes Road to Laurie H. Brooks for $770,000. 

October 5, 2009 

Oak Bluffs - Bethpage Associates Inc. sold 8 Mourning Dove Way to Arthur L. Walton, Jr. and Linda V. Dare-Walton for $380,000.

Tisbury - Steve VanderVeer, executor of the estate of Carol VanderVeer, a/k/a Carol VanderVeer Wuerth, sold 65 Edgartown Road to Sharon-Frances Moore for $355,000.

Tisbury - Rosemary A. Baclawski sold 101 Leonard Circle to Eric C. Woods for $410,000.

October 2, 2009 

Chilmark - Mary H. Clark and Diana Clark, trustees of 5 Osprey Lane Nominee Trust, sold 5 Osprey Lane to James H. Marrow and Emily Rose for $2,450,000.

Chilmark - Mary Jane Hart Clark, a/k/a Mary Hart Clark, sold a beach lot to James H. Marrow and Emily Rose for $300,000. 

Tisbury - Sally Sylvia sold 150 State Rd., Unit D to Linda Hayden for $270,000.

Tisbury -  The Island Housing Trust Corp. sold 150 State Rd., Unit B to Sally Sylvia for $160,000

October 1, 2009

West Tisbury - Margaret Romigh Barnhart, f/k/a Margaret K. Romigh sold a lot off State Road to the Martha's Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $5,700.

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