#9 Sandwiches Opens In Edgartown: Super “Hero” Sandwiches To Go On Martha’s Vineyard

Though there are a lot of options for lunch and dinner in the heart of Edgartown, it can be hard to find a good old fashioned hero (sub) — a sandwich style known for being hearty, filling, and a conduit for lots of different ingredients.

#9 Sandwiches Opens In Edgartown - Food To Go Martha's Vineyard

Well, your heros are now here. Friends Carlo Stanisci and Tim Starzyk have opened #9 Sandwiches, located right next store to Mad Martha’s, on North Water Street, #9 North Water Street to be exact.

#9 Sandwiches Take Out Restaurant Owners Tim Starzyk & Carlo Stanisci Edgartown Restaurants

Tim and Carlo met several years ago working at the Port Hunter restaurant in Edgartown. One an Island guy, Tim, and one a Brooklyn guy, Carlo, and though they might not agree on everything like football, one loves the Pats, and another’s heart belongs to the Giants, they did agree on the need for a great sandwich shop in Edgartown.

When Skinny Fats closed and the space opened up for a new venture, Tim and Carlo knew that they had to take it. They bounced back and forth on a concept for a bit, and found the perfect idea, #9 Sandwiches.

#9 Sandwiches

Named for the street address, this sandwich shop will focus on hero style sandwiches. Their inspiration is from some of the great sub shops of New York City, where shops sell out of sandwiches, only do certain ones on certain days, and ones that become sandwich destinations.

Carlo and Tim are starting from the base and working up. The bread is the most important part. There will be two options, grab-and-go ciabatta smaller sandwiches, and their big, stuffed with goodness hero sandwiches, both with bread from Pain D’Avignon, and their own bread, made in house, that will be used for specials.

These sandwiches are going to run the gamut, from sausage and peppers to meatball to chicken parm. Each sandwich will be crafted with ingredients imported from Italy, local sources or the best possible resource. Tim and Carlo are creating a number of their own toppings as well.

Pickled veggies Sandwich Topping At #9 Sandwiches New Edgartown Restaurant Food To go Martha's Vineyard

Forget about boring ole lettuce, how about their housemade pickled fennel and carrot agrodolce – a sweet and sour Italian sauce. See how delicious it looks on top of their Classic Italian sandwich with mortadella and provolone!

MOrtodelloYou’ll find several nods to traditional Italian dishes. Carlo has a meatball recipe from his aunt that he has tweaked, that is going to raise the meatball sub, I mean hero bar for sure.

Carlo and Tim will also be making their own sausage and having lots of housemade pickled sides to top the sandwiches with.

For them, it’s important to make good, really good sandwiches. It’s their mission to create that sandwich that is so good, that you have it again and again, at least some version, over and over, all summer long. The goal is to be the shop that becomes your go to for takeout sandwiches for the beach, lunch, dinner, whenever a sandwich is needed.

#9 Sandwiches Edgartown New Sandwich Take Out Food Martha's Vineyard

Don’t forget to check out some of #9’s specialty soft drinks as well. Carlo swears by the espresso soda – the best caffeine pick me up. Truth be told, I just had one at  Taste of the Vineyard, and it does in fact do the job.

Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to try Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray soda, made from celery — so different. Both these and others give you another little taste of Brooklyn in Edgartown.

#9 Sandwiches

#9 Sandwiches will be open 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, closed Mondays from now through October. Those hours could change if they find that people need more #9 Sandwiches!

You can learn more about #9 Sandwiches on Facebook. And don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

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  1. Good Luck Carlo and Tim on your new exciting venture! #9 is a very lucky !
    So go for it! All the Best!

  2. Omg Carlo how are you? I think of you so often and I have to say the above article makes my mouth water!! All the best for you both!! So happy for you! Call me sometime I have the same cell number!! Xoxo

    1. Hi –
      Thanks for reading the On Point Blog – perhaps reaching out to Carlos via the #9 Sandwiches Facebook page might work.


  3. Carlo!! Lori and I are so excited and proud of you for this new venture! Can’t wait to get up there and try these delicious choices you have on the menu. Everything sounds mouth watering!!!

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