Car Washing On Martha’s Vineyard Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With MV Car Wash

Last week, a flock of birds used my car for target practice. It was really quite gross. Forgetting all about the fact that the car wash at the airport is completely gone, I mean there’s not even a remnant of a carwash or gas station there, I arrived to the emptiness.

Old Car wash site

Sad about my situation, thinking I would need to wash my own car, you can imagine how happy I was when I heard about MV Car Wash. What is MV Car Wash, and why would I be so excited?

MV Car Wash New Car Wash On Martha's Vineyard

Well, MV Car Wash is a car wash, and detailing service that comes to you. Yes, they come right your house, owner, Goran Dmitrovic, just needs access to a hose for water and an outlet.

MV Car Wash At Home Car Wash & Detailing Martha's Vineyard

When you contact MV Car Wash, I did so via Facebook, the response time is very quick. We set up a time that worked for us both, only a couple days after I reached out.

Goran was on time, prepared and very friendly. He asked me what I wanted. A “quick wash” is $20, “quick detailing” is $60, and full detailing is $100. They all seemed super reasonable to me.

MV Car Wash Owner Goran Dmitrovic

He was ready to get to work, but of course I wanted to get to know him first, find out how MV Car Wash came to be his business. Goran is from Serbia, and has been in on Martha’s Vineyard since last year. He used to work for another car wash company but decided that now that he is a married man, it was time for him to do more. His wife, Savannah Dixon Dmitrovic, is his biggest supporter.

Most of his business comes from word of mouth he has found. People are more than happy to talk about their experience with Goran. For Goran, he wants to work hard and do well. When he was a child, he and his family were severely affected by the war. They left Croatia with just a couple of blankets. His entire village, 200 people, fitting into the back of a tractor trailer.

For him, working hard is helping him achieve the American Dream. He hopes to make enough money to have the chance to surprise his family and return home to Serbia next year. Even though Goran started MV Car Wash late in the season (last month), he is pretty happy with the business and all the repeat clients.

Car Wash With Style

Goran set up his washer and water and went to it. He has a sort of mobile command center for cleaning in his car. It’s kind of awesome. Here we were in my tiny driveway right outside of town, and he was able to work magic.

MV Car Wash At Home Car Detailing Cleaning Service On Martha's Vineyard

Here I was getting my car cleaned, at my house, at a time that worked for me. I was also able to get some chores done around the house while he was beautifying my giant mom car, which as you can imagine, was super dirty and full of sand and crap from my kiddos.

MV Car Wash Personalized Car Service Cleaning Detailing Martha's Vineyard

He washed, then waxed, then vacuumed, while the wax dried, then buffed, then cleaned the tires. While all the time, I did laundry and vacuumed my house. It was incredibly convenient, and worth every dollar.

MV Car Wash Martha's Vineyard Car Detailing Cleaning

My car was so clean, and I didn’t even do the full detail package because it’s still beach season. Sand is a fact of life, and no sense for me to have such a clean car. But I do, have such a clean car. Goran was efficient and focused. It took about an hour for him to do my big GMC Acadia and chat with me a bit.

Martha's Vineyard Car Detailing MV Car Wash

I can tell you that I will definitely have MV Car Wash at my house again. I felt spoiled and fancy by the personal attention. I felt like I did something really good for myself, without even leaving my house.

MV Car Wash

An added bonus to having MV Car Wash is, that not only is there no longer a self washing car wash on the Island, but the car vacuum at DeBettencourt’s on New York Avenue has been out of order for over a month. I love not having half of State Beach in my back seat!

Martha's Vineyard Car Detailing Personalized Service At Your Home MV Car Wash

Goran plans to keep MV Car Wash open through November. It could become year round if he finds a garage/space to work from, but if not, he will be back in the Spring, once the weather is nicer. I hope to see Goran for all my car washes!

However, a full detail at the end of the season sounds like a very good idea to me, and a great gift for my husband for his birthday. Also, you always feel a little better about life when you have a clean car. For me, it makes me feel like things aren’t so crazy.

You can learn more about MV Car Wash 0n Facebook. And don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

5 thoughts on “Car Washing On Martha’s Vineyard Just Got A Whole Lot Easier With MV Car Wash”

  1. We wanted do use this guy but there were a couple of issues. One, he wasn’t able to provide an employee identification number and when we asked if he paid taxes he was hesitant but said no. We also needed him to provide us with liability insurance as we do caretaking and our clients require certificates. He could not provide one. Finally if we were to hire him he would not let us write a check out to his business amd 1099 him. He said he accepted cash or a check to him personally which was rather suspicious to us. So did you require insurance, tax i.d. and did you pay him in cash? We chose to hire another more established and legal company but being you are such a big real estate business we suspect you would require all of these things.

    1. Hello –
      I am not quite sure where he stands with his tax status. I do however know that I really enjoyed talking with him and his work was impressive.

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