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Oak Bluffs

One of the island’s most popular destinations, Oak Bluffs offers a broad range of attractions for kids and adults, from ice cream parlors and an arcade to the dozens of shops, restaurants, and bars along and around Circuit Avenue. The town hosts annual special events, including late-summer fireworks at Ocean Park and Illumination Night, when Campground residents put thousands of unique and colorful Chinese lanterns on display.

From the windswept bluffs of East Chop to the famous “gingerbread” cottages to the eastern shore of Lagoon Pond that offers dynamite sunset views, Oak Bluffs has a wide variety of neighborhoods to choose from. The town includes four public beaches, a lively harbor during summer, and miles of waterfront.

Point B Picks
  • Bordered by dozens of colorful 19th-century homes, Ocean Park entices summer visitors with its lush green grass, flowerbeds, fountain, gazebo, and spectacular ocean panorama.
  • The Tabernacle and Campground were established by Methodists who began using the area to hold prayer meetings in 1835. The “gingerbread” cottages, so called because of the elaborate latticework on their roofs and verandas, are a sight to behold, and the Tabernacle is still used for worship, concerts, community sing-alongs, and more.
  • Constructed in 1876, the Flying Horses Carousel is the oldest platform carousel in the United States and designated as a national landmark. Its horses feature real horsehair manes and tales and unique objects in their glass eyes.
Ocean Park
The Campground
Flying Horses Carousel