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Serrelle Baker

Associate | REALTOR®
(508) 939-9423(office)

Serrelle comes to Martha’s Vineyard via Tampa, Florida and New England. Although she spent many of her formative years growing up in Tampa, it was some unforgettable summers spent on the Vineyard that stayed with her.


Serrelle says her spirit flourished amidst the island's unique blend of tranquility and inclusivity. Those cherished moments in this idyllic setting instilled in her a strong sense of community and a desire to create a nurturing environment for her own future family.


Though schooled in public health, Serrelle comes from a family with a strong real estate and hospitality history. After finding her soulmate in Florida, and giving birth to a beautiful daughter, she and her family decided to open a new chapter and make Martha's Vineyard their forever home.


Today they live in Edgartown with their dog Marvin, who adds endless joy to their lives. As they walk the sun-kissed shores of the Vineyard, Serrelle embraces the legacy of her past and the promise of her future, embracing each new day with boundless gratitude and a determination to spread positivity wherever she goes.