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Martha's Vineyard Bucket List

Martha's Vineyard is a magical place. You'll hear people say that a lot here. Martha's Vineyard is an inspiring destination full of unique discoveries and adventures, natural beauty and rich history. It's a magical place to enjoy and experience with family and friends -- making memories that last far beyond the shores of the Vineyard.


The Martha's Vineyard Bucket List is our ongoing curated collection of the best Martha's Vineyard vacation experiences and first-hand travel adventures. From exploring the island by tall ship or biplane to touring its African American Heritage Trail and historic lighthouses to discovering the best beach walks, sunsets, and farm to table adventures, the Martha's Vineyard Bucket List is your ultimate insider guide.

MV Bucket List: Discovering The Campground

It's one of the most colorful living history experiences on the island. The Campground in Oak Bluffs is full of fun discoveries ...

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Experience MV: Pop-Up Picnics

Your guide to the perfect Pop-Up Picnic pairings of food and places across the Vineyard from our Rentals + Vacation Experiences Team

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MV Bucket List: Discovering The Island By Kayak

For the ultimate hands-on Vineyard experience, there's nothing quite like exploring the island by kayak. It's magical ...

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MV Bucket List: Martha's Vineyard Museum

A number of years in the works, the new Martha's Vineyard Museum has made a dramatic debut onto the island ...

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MV Bucket List: Lighthouse Tour

They stand as welcoming beacons to Martha’s Vineyard — representing both the island’s maritime past, and today, a favored ...

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MV Bucket List: Exploring The Island By Tall Ship

They are one of the great sights of Summer on Martha’s Vineyard. The Black Dog Tall Ships sailing in and out of Vineyard Haven ...

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MV Bucket List: African American Heritage Trail

Many locals and visitors alike, are only just beginning to discover the African American Heritage Trail. But discover it, they are ...

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MV Bucket List: Menemsha Picnic and Sunset

Menemsha is one of those magic places on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a quaint fishing village in the northwest end of Chilmark ...

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MV Bucket List: Cottage City Oyster Farm Tour

Ocean-to-table doesn't get any fresher than this. The Cottage City Oyster brothers give us a first-hand tour and tasting at the farm ...

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MV Bucket List: Farmers' Market West Tisbury

The West Tisbury Farmers’ Market on Martha’s Vineyard is classic Vineyard all the way. Every Wednesday and Saturday ...


MV Bucket List: Biplane Rides Over The Vineyard

Looking for the ultimate overview of Martha’s Vineyard? There’s really nothing quite like seeing and experiencing the Vineyard ...

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MV Bucket List: Flying Horses Carousel Oak Bluffs

In an era of virtual reality and high tech theme and adventure parks, The Flying Horses Carousel is a throwback ...

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MV Bucket List: Off-Season Beach Walks

The beaches of Martha’s Vineyard are easily one of the island’s top attractions and biggest draws for visitors and locals alike ...

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MV Bucket List: Fresh Bay Scallops

Fresh Bay Scallops enjoyed ocean to table belong on everyone’s Vineyard Bucket List. They are only available each year ...

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MV Bucket List: Exploring Cape Poge

You’re on a barrier beach on Chappaquiddick that stretches out across hundreds of acres on the eastern shore of Chappy ...

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MV Bucket List: The Farm Institute

You may know it for its Summer camp program but the Farm Institute is a year-round destination that is a real working farm ...

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