Causing A Wave In Edgartown – The Wave Pool Bar

The Wave Bar Edgartown - New Poolside Bar Opens On Martha's Vineyard

Ok, how silly do I feel? I’ve lived here for over a decade and I had no idea there was a pool at the Kelley House.

But now that I do, watch out, because I have found another favorite place to hang out in Edagrtown.

What? The Kelley House pool? No — the Wave Pool Bar at the Kelley House.

Wave Pool Bar On The Waterfront Edgartown Harbor

Facing Dock Street, looking out to the Quarter Deck and the street itself, this tucked away little gem is just that, a gem. Now open for two weeks, the Wave Pool Bar is just plain fun.

Great lounge furniture, comfy chic bar chairs — this is the place to get lost in, break away from the crazyiness of downtown.

Lounge furniture at Wave Bar Edgartown

When I stopped by, 1:30 p.m.-ish on a Wednesday afternoon, the pool was a buzz with Kelley House guests, and a great mix of classic 80’s music was playing at the Wave Bar.

Wave Pool Bar Kelly House Hotel Martha's Vineyard

I was greeted by Lucas, who grew up on the Island. He’s worked at the Newes Pub for a couple of years, the Wharf before that, and other fun places.

Lucas was entertaining, quick with a joke and a story. He is really excited about working at the Wave. Being outside, by the pool, it hardly feels like work.

Cocktails By the Pool

Bartender Lucas at Wave Pool Bar EdgartownI was curious about the cocktail menu, which had several drinks that caught my eye. Lucas’ favorite cocktail is the Magoo Punch, named after the Newes bartender, Chris Magoo.

Chris’ creation consists of  vodka, Triple Sec, Cranberry, and pineapple  juice. He also likes the Naragansett Tall Boys.

Kelley's Garden From Wave Bar Cocktail Menu

Though tempted by his suggestion, I tried the Kelley’s Garden which had Bombay Gin, St. Germaine Liquor,  and a spring of rosemary.

It sounded too delicious to pass up, and the rosemary made it sound healthy. The drink was refreshing and perfect for a hot afternoon.

I also tried the Dirty Rascal  (love the name) which has Pearl Blueberry Vodka and pink lemonade —  summer in a pool approved plastic cup. Delish and could totally lead to trouble town.

I had planned to have one drink and write, since there’s WI-FI at the bar. But it’s the Vineyard, and I ran into friends at the Wave Bar, so I stayed a little longer than expected.

Wave Pool Bar Martha's Vineyard

The furniture at the Wave Bar is chic and modern. With great loungy wicker couches and chairs, making it the perfect spot to relax and even people watch, since it borders Dock Street.

There are umbrellas for a little shade if you need to escape the sun. The space feels private and a bit special.

Kelley House Pool Edgartown

Aside from cocktails, there’s beer and wine too of course. You can also grab a bite to eat.

There’s an abbreviated menu from the Newes, including a lobster roll, garlic hummus, watermelon salad and more, just to name a couple tasty morsels. It all makes this a prime spot for a quiet drink and a bite to eat.

Poolside Service At Wave Bar - Bartender Lucas At Work

The Wave Bar is open from noon to 8 p.m. with times a little later on Friday and Saturday when there’s live music.

Imagine, a little music, a cocktail, a little touch of exclusivity, and a breeze, since we’re so close to the water? Sounds like the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Though I did not dine here, I give the Wave Bar two big thumbs up. It’s a great, low key addition to Edagrtown. I guarantee I will be back again, soon.

Wave Pool Bar

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