Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard

Tis’ the season for Outdoor dining on Martha’s Vineyard! The Island is renowned not only for its stunning coastal views and charming New England character but also for its vibrant and diverse food scene. Dining here isn’t just about the cuisine—it’s about the entire experience. Imagine savoring delicious meals while basking in the fresh sea breeze, surrounded by some of the Island’s most breathtaking landscapes, while savoring the freshest seafood and local perfectly prepared local produce. The ambiance of outdoor dining on Martha’s Vineyard truly elevates the culinary delights, making each meal memorable. We’ve curated a list of ten of our favorite restaurants for outdoor dining, based on the favorite spots of our local team who know the Island best. Get ready to discover where exceptional food meets the Island’s finest views and vibes with our Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha's Vineyard 19 Raw Edgartown
19 Raw in Edgartown. Photo credit 19 Raw.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard – 19 Raw

Located right in the heart of downtown Edgartown, 19 Raw is a culinary gem that offers some of the best food on Martha’s Vineyard. As a steakhouse and raw bar, it boasts an impressive menu featuring fresh seafood, raw crudos, and succulent oysters, alongside incredible cuts of meat. The unique sides complement the main dishes perfectly, making for a well-rounded dining experience. The outdoor patio at 19 Raw provides a beautiful setting to enjoy the bustling streets of Edgartown, combining the charm of the town with the restaurant’s exceptional cuisine. It’s a perfect spot for those seeking high-quality food in a lively atmosphere. Check out their other restaurants 19 Prime Steakhouse and 9 Craft Kitchen and Bar opening later this season. 

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard – Atlantic Fish and Chop House

The Atlantic is a standout dining destination on the Edgartown harbor, offering an unparalleled waterfront experience. With its beautiful covered porch and outdoor patio, diners can enjoy their meals right beside the water’s edge. The picturesque setting features sailboats and yachts gliding by, providing a constantly changing view that enhances the dining experience. As one of the few spots directly on the harbor, The Atlantic boasts the best views of the harbor, boats, and stunning sunsets over the water. It’s an idyllic location for savoring a cocktail or meal while soaking in the serene maritime atmosphere.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard – Atria

Atria, located just on the outskirts of downtown Edgartown, offers an enchanting outdoor dining experience that exudes classic New England charm. The vibrant, seafood-focused menu relies heavily on exceptional locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the bounty of local farmers and fishermen. The tented patio is adorned with beautiful lights and flowers, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for diners. Atria’s commitment to quality and freshness is evident in every dish, making it a standout choice for those seeking an authentic taste of Martha’s Vineyard in a picturesque setting.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha's Vineyard  Lookout Tavern Oak Bluffs Seafood
Lookout Tavern, Oak Bluffs. Photo credit Lookout Tavern.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard – Lookout Tavern

The Lookout in Oak Bluffs offers a fantastic vantage point with its large covered porch overlooking the ocean and the bustling ferry terminal. Its outdoor patio provides an ideal spot to enjoy the Island’s beautiful weather, whether you’re watching a dramatic storm roll in or basking in the sun on a clear day. The Lookout features a casual bar setting with a tasty menu that highlights many New England classics and an abundance of fresh seafood, and sushi. It’s the perfect place for a relaxed meal or drink, combining great food with some of the best ocean views on Martha’s Vineyard, just steps from the Steamship Authority ferry terminal. 

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard – Sweet Life Cafe

Chef-owned Sweet Life Cafe, situated on Circuit Ave in Oak Bluffs, stands out amidst the casual dining scene in town with its slightly more formal atmosphere. Despite its location on the main road, the patio offers a secluded retreat, adorned with lush plants and enchanting lights, providing an intimate dining experience. Known for its creative cocktail list and for using locally sourced ingredients, the menu changes according to what’s fresh, showcasing the best of Martha’s Vineyard’s culinary offerings in a refined yet inviting setting.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha's Vineyard  Coop deVillage Oak Bluffs Harbor
Coop de Ville, Oak Bluffs Harbor. Photo credit Coop de Ville.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard – Coop de Ville

Coop de Ville in Oak Bluffs is the epitome of a classic New England seaside bar, offering a casual and lively environment right on the Oak Bluffs harbor. This spot is known for its wings, beer selection, raw bar, and vibrant atmosphere, with people frequently coming and going from their boats to drink, dine, and shop. The covered patio sits directly on the harbor, providing a perfect spot to soak in the harbor views and beautiful boats. The bar-style menu features a variety of seafood, and of course, fresh oysters, making it an ideal destination for those looking to enjoy delicious, casual fare in a bustling and fun setting.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard – The Outermost Inn

The Outermost Inn in Aquinnah offers a truly unique dining experience, perched atop a cliff with breathtaking views of the open ocean and the iconic Aquinnah clay cliffs. As one of the few dining options in Aquinnah, it provides an unparalleled setting for enjoying some of the island’s best sunset views while dining. This upscale restaurant features a raw bar menu and a meticulously crafted prix fixe dinner menu with multiple courses. The Outermost Inn is perfect for those seeking a luxurious and memorable dining experience with some of the most stunning vistas on Martha’s Vineyard.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha's Vineyard Covington Restaurants Edgartown
The Covington in downtown Edgartown. Photo credit The Covington.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard – The Covington

The Covington, nestled in the heart of Edgartown, offers an intimate dining experience with its wraparound patio that captures the town’s beautiful character. Despite the bustling surroundings, the atmosphere remains pleasantly lively without being overwhelming, creating a fun and enjoyable environment. The Covington’s farm-to-table menu highlights the freshest local ingredients, ensuring a delicious and thoughtfully crafted meal. Given the limited seating both on the patio and inside, reservations are a must most nights.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard – Little House Cafe

Little House Café in Vineyard Haven offers a charming outdoor dining experience with casual picnic table seating outside. Diners can conveniently order ahead for easy takeout and enjoy their meals outside in a relaxed setting. This delightful café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with a selection of freshly baked goods from their bakery. Known for its delicious food and cozy atmosphere, Little House Café is a perfect spot for any meal of the day, providing a welcoming and casual place to enjoy the culinary offerings of Martha’s Vineyard, plus it’s great for families!

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha's Vineyard Fish MV Vineyard Haven
Fish MV on Main Street, Vineyard Haven.

Top Outdoor Dining Spots on Martha’s Vineyard – Fish MV

Fish MV, located on Main Street in Vineyard Haven, beckons diners with its expansive outdoor deck, perfect for soaking up the Island sunshine and harbor views. A unique fusion of flavors awaits, where patrons can order from a combination of poke bowls and Mexican-inspired dishes. The restaurant’s lively atmosphere is enhanced by a selection of cocktails including margaritas, perfect for sipping on warm days. Fish MV also boasts a raw bar, adding a touch of indulgence to its casual and fun dining experience. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely meal or fuel for exploring Vineyard Haven, Fish MV promises a delightful culinary adventure.

From quaint seaside cafes to upscale waterfront eateries, each dining establishment offers a unique blend of flavors, ambiance, and hospitality that reflects the essence of this beautiful Island. Whether indulging in fresh seafood while watching sailboats glide by or savoring innovative cocktails on a lively patio, dining on Martha’s Vineyard is an experience to be cherished. As locals and visitors alike gather around tables to share delicious meals and create lasting memories, it becomes clear that the island’s food scene is not just about sustenance—it’s a celebration of community, culture, and the simple joys of island life. We hope this post adds new outdoor dining destinations to your summer list! 

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