Shop Local: Martha’s Vineyard Artisans Abound

Martha’s Vineyard is home to a vibrant community of artisans who bring their unique talents to the Island, creating handmade goods that reflect its distinctive character and spirit. From intricate jewelry to handcrafted pottery, these artisans offer diverse products that capture this beloved destination’s essence. In this post, we shine a spotlight on ten remarkable Martha’s Vineyard artisans whose crafts are as unique and enchanting as the Island itself. Additionally, we’ll guide you to some of the best local markets and festivals where you can discover and purchase these exceptional handmade items. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, exploring the craftsmanship of Martha’s Vineyard’s artisans is an authentic Island experience not to be missed — Shop Local: Martha’s Vineyard Artisans Abound

Shop Local: Martha's Vineyard Artisans Abound Bent Wing Pottery Vineyard Haven
Bent Wing Pottery cups and bowls. Photo credit Bent Wing Pottery.

Shop Local: Martha’s Vineyard Artisans Abound – Bent Wing Pottery

One artisan whose work truly stands out is Bent Wing Pottery, renowned for their one-of-a-kind mugs and bowls crafted right here on Martha’s Vineyard. Their mugs, distinguished by unique and artistic handles, are a testament to both functionality and creativity. Each piece is carefully crafted and unique, making them perfect for those who appreciate individuality in their everyday objects.

Bent Wing Pottery has a charming storefront located on Beach Street in Vineyard Haven, where visitors can explore their beautiful collection in person. Beyond their storefront, Bent Wing Pottery’s creations can also be found at various markets around the Island, allowing their distinctive pieces to reach a wider audience. Whether you’re looking for a special gift or a unique addition to your own kitchen, Bent Wing Pottery offers pieces that are both practical and visually stunning.

Shop Local: Martha’s Vineyard Artisans Abound – Chappaquiddick Wood Company

Chappaquiddick Wood Company specializes in crafting exquisite bowls and hardwood products made entirely on Chappaquiddick, or “Chappy.” Using trees sourced from all corners of Martha’s Vineyard, each piece is milled, dried, and finished on Chappaquiddick through a deliberately slow and careful process. Starting with whole trees as raw materials, the artisans at Chappaquiddick Wood Company transform them over several months into finely crafted local wood products.

Every product is finished with food-safe, allergy-friendly walnut oil, ensuring they are perfect for daily use and sharing. The dedication to a meticulous crafting process results in unique and durable items that bring a piece of the island’s natural beauty into your home. You can shop their finely crafted bowls and hardwood products online or find them at various markets around the Island, making it easy to experience their craftsmanship firsthand. As realtors, we know firsthand that they make great housewarming gifts! 

Shop Local: Martha's Vineyard Artisans Abound Althea Designs Block Print Whimsical Folk Art Vineyard Haven Shop
One of Althea Designs colorful block prints. Photo credit Althea Designs.

Shop Local: Martha’s Vineyard Artisans Abound – Althea Designs

Althea Freeman-Miller was born on Martha’s Vineyard, and is known for her vibrant block-printed designs and whimsical folk art. As a printmaker and creative wellness facilitator, Althea’s work is infused with color and a playful spirit. Growing up with artist parents in a nurturing community of creatives, Althea launched her career in 2014, and since then her work has become a fixture at art shows and in local businesses across the Island.

In 2019, Althea opened the Althea Designs Printshop Gallery at 34 Beach Road in Vineyard Haven. This gallery showcases her captivating prints and serves as a hub for creativity, offering open studio shopping, printmaking workshops, and creative wellness sessions. Althea’s vibrant and joyful creations are a true reflection of her artistic journey and the supportive community that surrounds her.

Shop Local: Martha’s Vineyard Artisans Abound – Tara Reynolds Art

Tara Reynolds Art brings a splash of color and creativity to Martha’s Vineyard with original art that appeals to people of all ages. Tara’s work includes children’s books, Martha’s Vineyard-inspired collage art, stickers, magnets, and cards, all imbued with the spirit of the Island. Her pieces are perfect for residents looking to celebrate their home or visitors wanting to take a fun and unique piece of the island back with them.

Tara’s vibrant and imaginative artwork is available for purchase on Etsy and at local markets around the Island. Whether you’re looking for a charming gift or a whimsical addition to your own collection, Tara Reynolds Art offers something special for everyone, capturing the playful and enchanting essence of Martha’s Vineyard.

Shop Local: Martha's Vineyard Artisans Abound Merry Farm Pottery Studio West Tisbury
The Merry Farm Pottery studio in West Tisbury. Photo credit Merry Farm Pottery.

Shop Local: Martha’s Vineyard Artisans Abound – Merry Farm Pottery

Micah Thanhauser, the artisan behind Merry Farm Pottery, grew up on Martha’s Vineyard, just a couple of miles from Merry Farm Road in West Tisbury, where he now lives and works. After honing his craft through extensive studies and apprenticeships in Rhode Island, Maine, North Carolina, and Japan—including a three-year apprenticeship with renowned potter Akira Satake — Micah returned to his roots to build his kiln and workshop.

Using minimally processed natural materials, Micah creates functional, lively, and engaging pottery. His work is particularly noted for its ability to beautifully complement food, making it a favorite among both home cooks and professional chefs. Visitors can explore his creations by visiting his studio at 79 Merry Farm Road in West Tisbury, shopping online through his website, or finding his pieces at local markets.

Shop Local: Martha’s Vineyard Artisans Abound – Jack Yuen Art

Jack Yuen, a talented 27-year-old artist born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard, captures the wild landscapes and native biodiversity of Martha’s Vineyard and New England through his art. Specializing primarily in acrylic painting, Jack brings a vibrant and dynamic quality to his work, making each piece a testament to his skill and vision. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, Jack continues to explore the creative process, finding purpose and expression in his artistic endeavors.

His captivating works are featured in local galleries, the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, and the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, offering a glimpse into the Island’s natural beauty through his skilled and inspired perspective. Additionally, Jack sells prints of his work and original paintings on his website, allowing admirers to bring a piece of his art into their homes.

Shop Local: Martha's Vineyard Artisans Abound Taylor Stone Cut Paper Illustrations
A cut-paper illustration of the Edgartown Lighthouse by Taylor Stone. Photo credit Taylor Stone Illustration.

Martha’s Vineyard Artisans – Taylor Stone Illustration

For Taylor Stone, Martha’s Vineyard is more than just home—it’s a boundless source of inspiration for Taylor Stone Illustration. Her highly detailed cut-paper illustrations celebrate the Island’s beautiful beaches, iconic architecture, and various local landmarks and landscapes. Each piece is a meticulous tribute to the charm and character of Martha’s Vineyard, capturing its essence in stunning detail.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Taylor plays a vital role in the local art community. She organizes the First Friday Artist Markets in Vineyard Haven and serves on the boards of the Vineyard Haven Cultural District and the Vineyard Haven Business Association. You can find and purchase her enchanting illustrations on her website, and at local markets and storefronts, where her work continues to delight both residents and visitors alike.

Shop Local: Martha’s Vineyard Artisans Abound – Sara Barrington Artisan Jewelry

Sara Barrington is the creative force behind Barrington Bangles & Baubles, where she handcrafts wire and beaded jewelry with love on Martha’s Vineyard. Her designs are renowned for their colorful and fun aesthetics, often inspired by the beauty of the Island and its beaches. Each piece of jewelry reflects Sara’s passion for crafting unique accessories that evoke the spirit of Martha’s Vineyard.

Starting as a hobby in 2013, Sara’s jewelry-making blossomed into a business. What began with wire-wrapped accessories for herself soon garnered attention from friends, coworkers, and strangers alike. Today, Barrington Bangles & Baubles offers a delightful range of jewelry that can be found at local markets on Martha’s Vineyard, allowing customers to discover and adorn themselves with Sara’s fun creations.

Shop Local: Martha's Vineyard Artisans Abound Leather Treasures MV
Embossed Leather Zipper Pouch by Leather Treasures MV. Photo Credit Leather Treasures MV.

Martha’s Vineyard Artisans – Leather Treasures MV

Discover Leather Treasures MV, where unique leather goods are designed and handcrafted in a home workshop on the Vineyard. Using locally sourced deerskin and other fine leathers, each piece—whether it’s baby moccasins, purses, pouches, backpacks, wallets, or leather jewelry—is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Some items are even adorned with Native American-made waumpum buttons and beads, adding a distinctive touch to the craftsmanship.

Since establishing herself as a leathersmith in 1975, artist Marie Meyer-Barton continues to honor her heritage and passion through her beautifully crafted leather goods. You can explore and purchase Leather Treasures MV’s creations online through her website or find her offerings at local markets across Martha’s Vineyard, making it convenient for both residents and visitors to discover and enjoy these exquisite pieces.

Martha’s Vineyard Artisans – Martha’s Vineyard Fine Art

Martha’s Vineyard Fine Art is the collaborative efforts of Warren and Debra Gaines, showcasing the professional original paintings and fine art photography of the award-winning artists. Specializing in nautically themed coastal landscapes, seascapes, and street scenes, their artwork is both inspired by and created on the picturesque island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Their studio, fondly named “Studio-in-the-Rough,” is nestled just half a mile from Main Street Edgartown. This intimate setting serves as the creative hub where much of their acclaimed art is born. In addition to their online presence, you can discover Debra and Warren’s original artwork at various local art shows, including the Vineyard Artisan’s Festivals and the Chilmark Flea Market. Their artwork not only captures the natural beauty and unique charm of Martha’s Vineyard but also invites viewers to experience the island through the lens of two talented and passionate artists.

Shop Local: Martha's Vineyard Artisans Abound Chilmark Flea Market
Shop local Martha’s Vineyard artisans at the seasonal Chilmark Flea Market. Photo credit Chilmark Flea Market.

Where You Can Shop Local Martha’s Vineyard Artisans

To discover and shop these local artist’s treasures firsthand, there are many Island markets and stores to explore. Visit the Vineyard Artisans Festival in West Tisbury, held every Thursday and Sunday during the summer, and the Chilmark Flea Market in Chilmark, operating every Wednesday and Saturday, weather permitting. Martha’s Vineyard Made in Vineyard Haven offers a storefront dedicated to local artists’ products, while First Friday VH brings an art market to Beach Street Extension on the first Friday of each month from 10 am to 2 pm. Additionally, don’t miss the seasonal Edgartown Village Market on Tuesdays from 10 am to 2 pm at Daniel Fisher House in downtown Edgartown.

Supporting Martha’s Vineyard artisans means not only acquiring a piece of their creativity but also connecting with the Island’s vibrant community and culture. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these markets offer a delightful opportunity to explore and appreciate the craftsmanship that makes Martha’s Vineyard truly special.

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