The Making of a Legend – Legendary MV Clothing Line – Martha’s Vineyard

I’m sure by now you’ve seen people wearing Legendary MV or Legendary Oak Bluffs t-shirts around the Island. If so, I am guessing that you, like me, was curious as to the shirts’ origin.

Legendary Oak Bluffs Martha's Vineyard Clothing Legendary MV

Legendary was created by Jon Suber and his partner James Jennings. Jon’s wife, Miesha, handles a lot of the day to day operations of the biz.

Luckily, I was able to meet with Jon and Miesha to find out about Legendary MV. Jon has been coming to Martha’s Vineyard since he was in his mother’s womb. His grandparents bought a house in the late 50’s in Oak Bluffs across from Farm Pond.

The Jon And Miesha Suber Legendary MV Clothing On Martha's Vineyard

He and James have been friends since the early 90’s, when they played hoops together at Niantic Park. Jon had moved around a lot as a child, but the one consistent thing in his childhood was summer on Martha’s Vineyard with his grandparents and spending time with his summer friends, especially James.

Jon & James Founders of Legendary MV Clothing

Every year, he would look forward to coming to the Vineyard. It always felt like coming home. Jon even has had summer jobs here – including Subway when it was open and the iconic Cronigs (James worked there with Jon too).

Now he works full time in Washington DC, but the Vineyard is where his heart belongs. He and his wife continue to come several times a year, and hope to someday make it their home.

The Making Of A Legend

Jon texted a picture of the “Entering Oak Bluffs” sign on State Beach,  suggesting they make it into a t-shirt. James Agreed!

In 2012, they did just that. People were in love with the t-shirt. No matter where Jon went on the Island wearing it, people wanted one. So, they started printing them, selling them out of backpacks in and around town.

Legendary MV resort wear Martha's Vineyard

2013 brought around a change. They were no longer doing sign t-shirts, but had a new idea that was, well, legendary. They began printing their Legendary Oak Bluffs t-shirts. They brought them to the annual Soul Patrol Beach Party on the 4th of July and would sell on the Inkwell and out of our trunk as well.

Why legendary? Jon shared that it’s about a place that is special to you, where memories are made, a place you love, a place that becomes part of your life’s legend.

In the middle of the Legendary MV seal, you’ll find a man. “It’s the likeness of James’ great grandfather Rufus M. Peterson, affectionately known as Bear Paw and/or Buffalo. He arrived in Martha’s Vineyard in the early 1950’s, and became a well-known figure in the Oak Bluffs community.” He is an  example of what it’s like to live a legendary life. You can find the full story here.

Legendary Vineyard Having such a response, the brand was expand to include the Vineyard, Edgartown, Cottage City, Inkwell and more. You can even find the Legendary brand in a number of major airports! Keep an eye out in Atlanta and Washington DC especially!
Legendary MV Hats Martha's Vineyard Clothing

The t-shirt is really meant to reflect what’s legendary to the wearer. What is your story? It’s not just a brand — it’s a representation of what’s special to the wearer. It’s a conversation piece, something that makes you give pause, a moment of inflection, a moment to celebrate what you love at the place, which is so much more than a t-shirt.

Each article of clothing made by Legendary MV has been thoughtfully designed, and the best quality product is used. The t-shirts are soft and long lasting and the sweatshirts are so cozy – perfect for summer (well every season) evenings.

Expanding The Legend

Currently, you can find Legendary clothes at MV Alston in Oak Bluffs (next to Slip 77). You can also get a full-line of their products on their website, click here.

MV Alston Carries Legendary MV Clothing Oak Bluffs

Coming soon, you will be able to add Legendary socks, rucksacks and more to your collection. Over the next couple of years, as the brand continues to grow, the brand will continue to focus on keeping the brand and new merchandise special and relevant, and most importantly personal to the founders. Their love of the Island runs deep.

They’re so proud that others can share their love of special places with their t’s, that they can bring that to life with a t-shirt. It’s an amazing gift.

LegendaryAs the company continues to grow, there will be an emphasis on items that represent and embody Martha’s Vineyard. Yes, there are many other places that feature Legendary, but it is here that it started, and here that is most important.

Know when you are wearing Legendary items, it’s because you are sharing with the world, something that is special, legendary. Think about the life-long friendship that the company is born from. It’s legendary and so are the clothes.

Authors Note: If you have a city, town, school, party, etc that is legendary – Legendary MV can make custom items for you!!!!

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