Try Beekeeping on Martha’s Vineyard with Ginny Bee Honey Farm Tours

“The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.” 
― Henry David Thoreau

Are you curious about beekeeping? I love bees, but beekeeping was not on my personal bucket list. However, I am always up for a new Martha’s Vineyard experience.

Brent Brown has been working with bees for about 5 years. For him, it is a way to relax (it makes me nervous). It’s his version of yoga.

His farm, Ginny Bee Honey Farms is named after his grandma Ginny, who made the most delicious honey cookies. It’s a way to honor her and it’s also a seemingly perfect name. Also, the logo, designed by his wife Lisa, is on point.

The Farm

Brent is lucky enough to be friends with the owners of Norton Farm on Edgartown – Vineyard Have Road in Oak Bluffs. Make sure you stop in before or after Ginny Bee. There is a great selection of local produce, flowers, and other provisions.

Martha's Vineyard Ginny Bee Honey farms beekeeping Oak Bluffs

I did a Saturday morning tour. Brent is really into bees and what they do. He has so much fun talking about his farm, you can’t help but get excited. He has a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and before the hive visit we learned a little history and a bunch of bee facts.

Martha's Vineyard Ginny Bee Honey Farms Oak Bluffs

For example, did you know that, the male honey bees are called drones, they have no stingers and do no work.. All they do is fly around looking to mate with a queen bee. Yes, a number of jokes came to mind for me as well.

Bee on MV

It was time to suit up. Brent has really awesome beekeeper jackets for you to wear. They’re light and you feel super protected. If you’re a nervous Nelly around bees like I am, I highly recommend wearing long pants and close-toed shoes just to be safe.

Martha's Vineyard Ginny Bee Honey Farms Oak Bluffs Beekeeping

We walked over to Norton Farm’s flower field where Brent’s bees were hard at work. It was fascinating to be around so many honey bees collecting pollen, and they were busy. Talk about a symbiotic relationship – the bees pollinate the farm’s flowers and veggies, and the bees have a pretty awesome home.

Marthas Vineyard Ginny Bee Honey Farms Oak Bluffs

Then it was off to the hive where there were lots of bees. I have to admit that all those bees made me a little skittish. The sound of them buzzing all around my head — yikes! But I was committed to the experience, and everyone else was so excited.

Ginny Bee Honey Farms Marthas Vineyard Oak Bluffs

Brent began taking out frames from the hive. We were able to really see what the bees were up to. They were busy – there was honey production and lots of baby bees incubating. I understand now why Brent finds the bees relaxing. Watching them was mesmerizing.

Ginny Bee Honey Farms Martha's Vineyard Oak Bluffs Beekeeping

We then took turns holding frames from the hive. Then we really got up close and personal with them! I even held one. It was very cool, and I felt pretty brave.

Martha's Vineyard Ginny Bee Honey Farms Oak Bluffs Beekeeping

We headed back to the farm, and it was time to learn about the honey making process and taste some local honey. Brent’s bees produce really delicious, sweet honey. We also learned about the different color honeys which the season and surrounding plants heavily influence.

Martha's Vineyard beekeeping Oak Bluffs Ginny Bee Honey Farms

When the tour was over, it was time to buy some honey! Ginny Bee Honey is available upon request at Norton Farm. Brent doesn’t produce a ton, but if you happen to be there, definitely ask.

Ginny Bee Honey Farms Beekeeping Marthas Vineyard Oak bluffs

You can experience beekeeping for yourself – from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday. E-mail Brent to schedule your Ginny Bee Honey Farm adventure today

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  1. Hi. I have a bees nest on my house, they’re mostly nice but of course they’re some bad apples. :). I don’t want them to sting my visitors. Is there anybody who could move the nest for me?

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