A Decade In The Making, Skinny’s @ The Post — Two Local Icons Create A New Oak Bluffs Dining Option

Skinny's At The Post Oak Bluffs - The Lampost & Skinny's Fat Sandwiches Offer New Martha's Vineyard Dining ExperienceStarting next week, you will be able to dine at the Lampost.  Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches and the Lampost are getting together after being neighbors for almost a decade.  Surprised?  No reason to be, after all,  for the last three years, you could have Skinny Fat Sandwiches delivered to you at the Lampost, a convenient take-out situation.  I learn something new with every blog.

Al King from Skinny’s and Jaime Hayes from the Lampost have been talking about a partnership for years. Al would stop by after a long day of work around 5 p.m. to have a drink, and unfortunately, he’d have to leave to grab dinner.  The Lampost, an Island staple was missing that food component.  It has the space, is open during the day, but not having food left people looking elsewhere.

With the closing of Seasons, they decided this was the year.  Skinny’s @ the Post, aptly named, will make loyal fans of the Lampost even happier and fill the gap Seasons has left.  Think about it, the Post is a casual place.  You can head there right off the beach or just stroll in while walking through town.  You don’t have to worry about the weather, there’s a full bar, and even pool tables, and don’t forget the fabulous staff!  The Lampost has it all.

Al King From Skinny's Fat Sandwiches Loves His Work!The menu they’re starting with will be simple.  There will be burgers, homemade veggie burgers, wings, and a fry menu (I love a choice when it comes to fries!).  Since it’s Skinny’s, the ingredients will be fresh and everything will be made from scratch.

New Desserts At Skinny At The Post Oak Bluffs DiningTo pique your interest even more, Chef Jeff Wingo, formerly of Sidecar Restaurant, has joined the Skinny’s family along with baker Polly Conway, from the Black Dog.  So, think delicious food and amazing baked goods, including fresh baked bread.  All this at the Lampost?  Yes it’s true and should prove to be pretty amazing.

Also, if there’s something you want from the Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches menu, it can be made for you at Skinny’s @ the Post.  In May, they’ll be expanding the menu, and there will be even more to choose from.  And because it is Skinny’s and they love different food, it will be a “rolling menu” meaning that there will be new items added to the staples every couple of weeks.

You may be wondering where the kitchen is for this at the Lampost.  Well, there is a cold kitchen at the Lampost but most of the food will be made at Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches two doors down.  It’s door to door service.  Inside the Lampost, more tables are being added for dining, and more big screen TV’s are being added.  So, now you’ll be able to grab a bite, grab a beer and watch the game at the Lampost.

Also, since the Lampost is open from April 1 to October 31, it’s not just a Summer place.  Of cousre, Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches is now open year round, so once you’re hooked on the food – you can have it all the time.

Mad Martha's on Circuit Ave Joins The Lampost Martha's VineyardI almost forgot to mention that Mad Martha’s Ice Cream will also be available from Skinny’s @ the Post.  After a hot day, a little ice cream and a cocktail could just be the perfect combination.

Not to worry all you dance fans.  Food is served until 10 p.m., and then the tables are cleared out for the DJ’s and bands that the Lampost is known for.

Skinny’s @ the Post – another great addition to the dining scene on Martha’s Vineyard.

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3 thoughts on “A Decade In The Making, Skinny’s @ The Post — Two Local Icons Create A New Oak Bluffs Dining Option”

  1. Just for the record Polly Conway just was hired at the black dog , the way the story reads it makes it sound like she is responsible for our favorite treats … It’s kinda like stealing excecutive pastry chef Laura Beckmans credibility to hype skinnys , get the facts straight or at least check them

    1. Thank you for that info Kyle.  I was not aware how new Polly was to the
      Black Dog staff.  Unfortunately, Al and I did not discuss her and the
      desserts at length since they are not on the initial menu.  I did not mean
      to misrepresent the situation, but I thought it important to mention that
      she works at both establishments especially since the Black Dog has such
      amazing desserts.


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