A Dining Experience To Celebrate — With A Frugal Foodie Twist At The Terrace Restaurant Martha’s Vineyard

I think that people sometimes forget about The Terrace Restaurant at The Charlotte Inn as a dining option. Perhaps because it can be perceived as too fancy or too expensive.

Martha's Vineyard Dining The Terrace Restaurant At The Charlotte Inn Edgartown

However, that is not necessarily the case. The Terrace at The Charlotte Inn is open almost for the whole year, and has really created some inspiring, foodie menus. An added bonus you can take advantage of during the off-season is The Terrace’s prix fixe menu, a Frugal Foodie delight!

From early winter thru the end of April, The Terrace offers an artisanal prix fixe menu. For $59 you get an unforgettable three course meal. The menu changes often, so you can go often.

At The Terrace, everything is made from scratch. Every sauce, the pasta, it’s all made with such attention to detail and care. Which you can tell with every bite.

Chef Justin Melnick The Terrace Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie Special

Chef Justin Melnick and his wife, pastry chef, Emily Melnick moved to the Island in 2012 to work at The Terrace. This dynamic husband and wife team have been creating elevated dishes ever since.

The Green Room

Walking through The Charlotte Inn is magical on its own. There is so much to see and take in. This Edwardian era inn is defiantly a jewel in Edgartown.

The Terrace Restaurant Charlotte Inn Edgartown Frugal Foodie

One of the great things about dining off-season at The Terrace is that you get to enjoy your meal in The Green Room. This room is quite cozy and full of great antiques and bits of history to admire. The fire on chilly nights really makes for an intimate dining location.

The Green Room At The Terrace Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

This is a place to go when you have time and want to really savor a meal, celebrate the day or an accomplishment, or just to spend time with someone you love. Food crafted in this kitchen, is just that, crafted. Each dish is so carefully executed, and the flavor combinations are perfection.

I don’t want to say it’s as if you’d stepped back in time, but rather I think The Green Room enables people to have a more dignified experience. You don’t feel rushed. There’s no boisterous crowd. It’s you, your company, and beautiful food.

Martha's Vineyard Craft Cocktails: Dirty Martini At The Terrace Restaurant EdgartownOf course The Terrace has great cocktails too, and an amazing wine list. I actually got to take a peek in the wine cellar, and it was quite inspiring. I had a classic fav, a Dirty Martini, and they even manage to elevate it. Theirs has Chopin Vodka, dry vermouth, Sicilian olive brine, and this olive brine makes a difference!

Beet Soup Starter At The Terrace Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie Prix Fixe Dinner

As mentioned, there are three courses, and sometimes choosing can be challenging. When we went,  we started with a beautiful, light beet soup. I don’t even like beets, yet enjoyed the sweet creaminess of this pink goodness. Justin told us that this particular soup is a customer favorite and requested often.

Homemade Bread & Butter The Terrace Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

Off to a good start for certain, but I forgot to mention the fresh, warm bread sever with a house made honey butter. It’s the touches like scrumptious butter that transform even the most ordinary of dishes in a restaurant like this.

The Terrace Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie lamb chop with a beurre blanc

Then it was on to the second course. An amazing lamb chop with a beurre blanc that would leave you speechless. It was a course to be savored. Each bite providing a new taste discovery. I feel as though Justin’s beurre blanc should be bottled up and shared with the world. It could make a lot of people happy.

The TerraceAnd for the third course, Emily worked her magic. I chose warm brownies with her peanut butter mousse. This mouse is the stuff dreams are made of. I often dream of having it on hand, maybe adding it to my favorite salted caramel ice cream or dipping my brownies, that I make from a box and don’t even come close, into it.

She’s quite gifted. To have a dessert that I reference often while day dreaming is something else. I am hooked.

Food crafted in this Edgartown kitchen, is just that, crafted. Each dish is so carefully executed, and the flavor combinations are perfection. A truly memorable dining experience.

Frugal Foodie & More

The Terrace at the Charlotte Inn is open Wednesday through Sunday from 5:30. Of course the Terrace is a great option for Brunch on Easter, available from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. And don’t forget about Mom as well. The Terrace will be open the same time for brunch on Mother’s Day.

Make a reservation soon and experience dining at The Terrace. In May, the a la carte menu returns. It is still an amazing place to go, but you know I admire a Frugal Foodie deal.

Also, The Terrace is available for private luncheons for groups of 10 to 35, email info@theterracemv.com for menus and pricing.

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