A League Of Their Own: Restaurant Leagues At The Barn, Bowl & Bistro On Martha’s Vineyard

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that we were all saying how great it would be to have a place to bowl on Martha’s Vineyard, something to do, get us out of the house.

Restaurant leagues At The Barn Bowl Bistro Oak Bluffs

Well, since The Barn, Bowl & Bistro opened its doors late last Spring, we were given a great way to have fun year round. One of the things that has been so successful at The Barn are leagues. Islanders have really taken a fancy to  these fun filled groups. From the novice to the expert, from best friends to neighborhood associations, there is a league for you.

The Barn Bowling Bistro Martha's Vineyard Off Season Fun

Even I am in on the action, well sort of. I am an alternate on one of the teams that is part of the restaurant league, which meets on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. I am one of the Offshore Ale “Growlers” (the large glass jugs for beer to go at breweries).

The Growlers consist of Freddie (from the pizza station), Liam (the restaurant manager), Tom (a bartender), Cody  (from the kitchen line), and Jasmine (a server). I am Tom for a couple of weeks.

He’s in Serbia filming a documentary on the refugees, and I am his replacement. Luckily, we’re comparable in our skill set, which is not that great.

The Growlers Bowling Team Offshore Ale Martha's Vineyard What is great, is bowling with your co-workers! I was surprised at how much fun it is. First of all, when you walk in, you forget what time of day it is. All you know is that there are a lot of people getting ready to bowl, and that a lot of them are friends or people you at least know to say hi to.

There is an impressive and diverse list that play. There’s Rockfish, The Black Dog, Alchemy, The Ritz, The Barn (not so fair because they’re very good), Wharf Pub, Offshore, and State/Beach Road.

Bowling with co-workers At The Barn Oak Bluffs Dining Bowling Martha's Vineyard

It’s a fun way to bond and keep spirits high while things are a little quieter on the Island. Co-workers are laughing together, high-fiving, enjoying a bevy, having a bite, and all while bowling. There’s a lot of cheering and fun that’s had. Also, there’s a lot of camaraderie among the different restaurants which adds to the fun.

We are not that serious of a team. Well, Freddie, Cody, and Jasmine are serious, and get strike after strike. I and another alternate, Ally, are a little less talented in the realm of bowling. Also, I was really sad to see that we didn’t have special t-shirts for our team

Rollers Bowling Team From State Road / Beach Road Restaurants At The Barn Bowling Leagues Martha's Vineyard

Not that everyone does, but State/Beach Road does, they’re the Rollers, and they have custom t’s that are very cool. I think every team should do it. This session is ending in a couple of weeks, but a new session starts the first week of February and goes until May.

Spring Rolls At The Barn Bistro Oak Bluffs Dining & BowlingAlso, the Bowling menu at The Barn is pretty good for keeping you fueled for your game. We are particularly fond of the Vegetable spring rolls. We order those weekly. Also, Ani, the bartender extraordinaire, serves up great drinks and fun.

Ani The Bartender at The Barn Bistro Oak Bluffs Restaurant

I think I’ll need to stop in for dinner soon, chef Albert Lattanzi has taken over The Barn’s kitchen. I was a fan when he had his own place in Edgartown. I imagine the food and the new menu has improved, since it first opened.

Starters at The Barn Bowling Menu Oak BluffsThe Barn has really been an amazing addition to the Island. It has given people a great activity during the day or at night, though much busier at night and on the weekends. Also, it’s a great activity for the whole family. Kids love bowling, and The Barn accommodates.

Dart Leagues At The Barn Bistro Bowl Oak BluffsIn addition to bowling, you can also play darts and ping pong on the second floor. With a little variety, you can have even more fun.

See you at the lanes!

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