A Look At The Future Home Of Copper Wok – Vineyard Haven’s Newest Restaurant

Will This Become Restaurant Copper Wok's Main Entrance In Vineyard HavenAs of March 32013, Zephrus Restaurant at the Mansion House will be no more.  JB Blau, Chef Alex Nagi and their  team will be taking over the space and doing a complete renovation.  We’re talking a totally new configuration of the Copper Wok Restaurant Logo Vineyard Haven's Newest Restaurantspace, new floors, table, service counters – you name it, it’s being changed.

I can’t wait to see what’s done inside, and I’m even more excited for the outdoor patio area.  I love outdoor dining and people watching in the warmer weather.

Walking Tour Of Zephrus - New Entrance For Copper Wok Restaurant Vineyard Haven?Knowing all this, I had to take a last look in Zephrus.  It’s been years since I’ve last eaten there, and have somewhat forgotten what it looked like.  Today’s post is a little reminder, that this Main Street restaurant that has been around for quite a while.

Walking through the space, I realized that JB and crew have a lot of work ahead of them.  At the same time, I see the potential of the space, and like the intimacy of it.  I’m glad it’s not so open and vast.

Zephrus Open Kitchen When will we see Copper Wok open its doors?  Well, the plan is for April 1st, and that’s not an April fool’s joke.  So mark your calendars.  I have complete faith in JB and Alex – if they have a goal, it’s going to happen.  And when we walk through those doors this Spring, we’ll be wowed.

Looking forward to a new lounge area In Vineyard Haven's Copper Wok RestaurantCopper Wok is going to change the restaurant scene in Vineyard Haven dramatically. If it’s anything like Martha’s Vineyard Chowder Company and Sharky’s, it’s going to be must-try for locals and visitors.

Vineyard Haven is definitely stepping up in the restaurant scene – with the addition of Café Moxie, an expanded and renovated Black Dog Tavern, more people might be crossing over the bridge to grab dinner.  With that in mind, I hope they make a move on adding parking where the old fire station used to be ASAP.

Outdoor Dining Space For Copper Wok Restaurant Vineyard HavenBut seriously, there is so much buzz about Copper Wok, it’s popular even before it opens its doors.  The concept is brilliant and something we’re lacking here on the Vineyard.  Yes we have a Thai restaurant, but Copper Wok is going to give us a better, more creative menu and something else very important – atmosphere, that cool factor.

Also, the name is fun – Copper Wok, perhaps a little play on Capawok (thank you Erik Pekar for pointing that out), which many may not know, is another Wampanoag name for Martha’s Vineyard, along with Nope.  Very clever may I say.

So, it seems as though 2013 is shaping up to be another interesting year for the restaurant scene on Martha’s Vineyard.  I am looking forward to other changes that may come.

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