A Look At The New Lampost And Dive Bar – Outdoor Dining And More In Oak Bluffs

It’s been almost two weeks since the Lampost in Oak Bluffs opened its doors on April first as usual. However, there is nothing usual about this 2014 season.

The Lampost has undergone some serious changes, and people are pretty excited about it. You may remember, we took a mid-renovation On Point Blog peek about a month ago.

From the new doors at the entrance to the new bathrooms (mirrors to come), to the new muted paint color, a lot has changed on the inside.

There are more tables for dining and even the second floor has been refreshed and has a new satellite bar by the DJ booth  which will be completed in the next few weeks (co-owner Jaime Hayes stands by it proudly).

The addition of a front porch has totally changed the outside look, and let’s talk about the great, modern new paint scheme. It’s crisp, neutral and modern throughout, except for a splash of pink in the women’s bathrooms upstairs.

The Lampost has gone from a building you might typically have hurried past, to a building that you want to look at. It’s amazing.

Though you can see so many changes, there are more to come. The Lampost’s kitchen is being completed and will be ready to serve food come Memorial Day weekend. The kitchen will be a whole new space on the back of the building.

There is food available now at the Lampost but it’s prepared at Skinny’s next door. Once the kitchen is open at the Lampost, Al King from Skinny’s will still be making the food, but in house.

The menu will be even bigger and more enticing come the Summer. Right now, you can get food at the Lampost from 4  – 10 p.m., Monday – Friday, and from noon – 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Since opening this year, there has been a significant jump in food sales. The fish tacos and the Buffalo Chicken Boats (a potato skin stuffed with buffalo chicken tenders) and the burgers are the top sellers.

Once Memorial Day comes, you’ll be able to eat lunch and dinner at the Lampost and enjoy the awesome new porch. New high top tables and chairs are coming soon.

Also coming soon is a kids menu. Doesn’t that seem funny? When I was in the staff area, I saw kid menus and kid cups on the list of things needed.

Would you ever have imagined that? Now it’s totally happening.

Also, Jaime said that there are a lot of new faces coming to the Lampost. People are stopping by for a bite to eat and check out the space, many haven’t been inside the place for years.

This is pretty exciting for the owners, and has made their 10 year anniversary of owning the Lampost even more special. I can only imagine what the Summer will be like, and a number of your favorite bartenders like Ani, Gillian, and Kelley will be there serving up fun.

I almost forgot to mention this, the staff is working on a new drink menu. So, keep an eye out for some signature Lampost cocktails.

Not to worry, I’ll be happy to take one for the team and try some and report back to you. Along with an order of fish tacos too.

Dive Into Fun

Another thing that will be done by Memorial Day is the Dive Bar. This basement level bar is going to be quite different this year.

The windows that were added give the space a whole new feel, and you can actually see the bar itself.

Jaime took me for a peek and I was shocked. I had no idea that the Dive Bar was so cool inside. The wooden bar itself is beautiful. It’s wood and has great detail.

Also, you’ll find cool, old ship memorabilia throughout the bar, like signs from old wooden ships and even a female figurehead from a ship. Of course these days she’s rocking a Dive Bar t-shirt.

What else is really cool about this space is the fact that there is now outside seating. It has a bit of an exclusive feel to it since it’s at a lower level and you feel a little hidden.

I found out an interesting fact about the Dive Bar. There is a Beer Club. Every Monday, there is a new beer or selection of beers offered to sample.

There might be a rep from the company, a brewer, or the manager and beer enthusiast, Lizzie Andrews, there to introduce you to a new beer. How fun. There’s a card you get and you can get t-shirts and other great things as you try new beers.

The Dive Bar has 105 different beers to choose from, nine on tap and the rest in bottle. That’s a serious selection and perhaps the largest on the Island.

Jaime told me that last year Lizzie offered a watermelon I.P.A. Interesting, I would be interested in trying it.

Anyhow, there’s a craft beer selection there that would delight any beer enthusiast, and I had no idea. Learn something new everyday about something on Martha’s Vineyard.

I am looking forward to the Dive Bar opening, and sampling a craft beer outside, a whole new Dive Bar experience.

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