A New Chapter For Farm Field Sea: Weekly Farm And Food Tours All Summer On Martha’s Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard Farm Field Sea Culinary Adventure Eco Tours Summer 2017 Weekly Events

The next chapter of Farm Field Sea has been four years in the making on Martha’s Vineyard. Founder, Nevette Previd, has been busy creating and cultivating relationships with island farmers, land and sea, creating unique Martha’s Vineyard culinary adventures.

Farm Field Sea Founder Nevette Previd Culinary Eco Tours Adventures On Martha's Vineyard

For Nevette, the “face-to-face” connection is compromised in today’s world, and there’s even more of a disconnect between people and their food. She has a love of people, and a love of food. Good food is fresh, colorful, and brings joy to her day-to-day life. And she is bringing her joy and the experience with Farm Field Sea.

Martha's Vineyard Farm Tours Morning Glory Farm Culinary Adventure Farm Field Sea

Working with island farmers, she is now sort of a Martha’s Vineyard farm expert, and is amazed with what she learns on a daily basis through the process of creating events for Farm Field Sea.

Learning at North Tabor Farm Martha's Vineyard Farm Field Sea Eco Food Tours

The enthusiasm of the next generation of farmers, is contagious for her, making her giddy with the joy over fresh, hand picked shittake mushrooms, or the local cheese that has finally reached the age to be consumed. The flavors and colors of the food produced on Island are the foundation for meals and food experiences that are truly memorable.

Award Wining Farmstead Cheese From The Grey Barn And Farm Martha's VineyardFarm Field Sea offers events that let you be a part of the experience. Starting this summer, they will now be offering weekly food and eco tours of the some of the most amazing food makers and farms on the Martha’s Vineyard. Here’s

Point B recognized that Nevette and her team are breaking new ground for how to truly experience Martha’s Vineyard, whether you’re a first time visitor, a Vineyard veteran, or a year-round resident. And for that reason, we signed up as one of three sponsors for this year’s one-day, weekly eco tour adventures.

There is an event for everyone. Whether you’re a foodie, an artist, a lover of flowers, you can have the chance for a complete behind-the-scenes experience, an opportunity to be immersed in the process.

Culinary Adventures & Eco Tours

Did you know that the this small 20 by 9-mile island has 42 farms open to the public? The Vineyard may be small but it’s a force in agriculture. With this, the Vineyard is the perfect place for Farm.Field.Sea’s intimate food tours. Bringing true local food, to the farm-to-table setting.

Martha's Vineyard Farm Field Sea Culinary Tour Grey Barn Farm Chilmark En Plein Air Painting Workshop - Photo by Elizabeth Cecil

But it’s a lot than just farm-to-table. Guests are involved in every step of the process. For example, if you choose the Farm And Chef For A Day at North Tabor Farm, you will learn about the farm from owners, Rebecca Miller and Matthew Dix.

You will help harvest food, and create a meal in the meadow with local chef Gavin Smith from Food Minded Fellow, and share that three course lunch with everyone involved in the event. Talk about fork-to-table!

North Tabor Farm

It’s a chance to be a part of the process, to understand the love that goes into every step of gathering your food. To see the work that goes into it, snipping by hand, washing the earth off the plant, absorbing the all the colors and scents, cooking with it, creating your nourishment from start to finish, creating a deeper relationship with your food.

North Tabor Farm Sweet Potato Harvest Martha's Vineyard Farm Field Sea Culinary Adventure Tours

Imagine going through all the steps and then savoring it all with people who have just gone through the same.

Beach Plum Ale From Martha's Vineyard Beer Brewer Bad Martha's Farm Brewery Beverages For Farm Field Sea Martha's Vineyard Eco Tours

Wines served are from local New England vintners. Beers will be from Bad Martha’s Farm Brewery, and crafted with local ingredients, like beach plums, oysters (oyster stout), and honey.

Martha's Vineyard Farm Field Sea Culinary Food Tour Lunch North Tabor Farm Chilmark -Photo-by-Kristen-Conklin

This is just one example of how Farm Field Sea is creating one-of-a-kind experiences to change how people think about their food. Enabling a deeper understanding into eating fresh and local, and an appreciation of just what it takes to make the food we eat. Each event gives people the opportunity to form a connection.

Earlier this week, we took an On Point Blog look at the entire summer program.

Martha's Vineyard Oysters - Cottage City Oyster Farm Tour Oak Bluffs Farm Field Sea Martha's Vineyard

Let’s not forget to mention that Farm Field Sea also allows people to tap into their fantasies a bit. So many people dream of becoming a farmer, or a fisherman, working off the land. Here, you can do just that for a day or every week, on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Beyond Food

A big farm crop on Martha’s Vineyard is flowers, and Farm.Field.Sea can help you experience the fields of fresh flowers on local farms, learn about the plants, pick your flowers, and make your own flower creation.

Morrice Florist Floral Designer Emily Coulter Joins Farm Field Sea Eco Tours Martha's Vineyard

Nevette has partnered with the super talented owner of Morrice Florist, Emily Coulter. Her flower arrangements have become the new standard for flowers on the Island. With the Bloomin Fantastic Flower Workshop, you get the chance to work side by side with Emily, and other leading floral designers, from start to finish.

Flower Workshop Morning Glory Farms Martha's Vineyard Farm Field Sea Adventure Tours - Photo by Alison Shaw

Select your flowers from the fields and let your creative side go crazy. Of course the workshop includes a carefully curated selection of snacks and beverages to nourish your stomach, while the flowers nourish your soul. All adventures have both a hands-on experience and local food.

The colors and smells from the fields of flowers are sure to stay on you mind for months to come. Have you ever been completely lost for a moment in a field of flowers? If not, you need to experience it.

Martha's Vineyard Farm Field Sea Food & Eco Tours: En Plein Air Painting Workshop Local Farms

In addition to Farmer And A Chef For A Day and Bloomin’ Fantastic Flower Workshop, the group offers En Plein Air Painting Adventure on island farms. Let’s Shellibrate! Oyster Farm Tour and, Wampanoag Culture Tour with Juli Vanderhoop.

Martha's Vineyard Cottage City Oysters Farm Field Sea Culinary Tours

Each event offers a unique immersion experience into the life of farms and culture of Martha’s Vineyard. Each event will leave you with a different connection to things in your life, and a deeper appreciation for true, farm-to-table, whether its flowers, oysters, arugula or cheese. Your connection and understanding to food will change.

Strawberries from Morning Glory FarmAlso, keep an eye out for Farm Field Sea’s farm map, which highlights all of the Martha’s Vineyard farms open to the public.


Ticket prices range from $135 to $210 per person. Events are generally about three hours long, and are offered midday or late afternoon. All tours are during the midweek. Reservations are required, and events will sell out. We recommend you buy tickets online ahead of time. Check Calendar of Events or purchase tickets.

Author’s Note: Over the years, I have attended earlier Farm Field Sea events, and have always left feeling more connected to my food. Last year’s Gather Food & Oceans really changed the way I buy fish for my family. If you missed this amazing event, you can check out So Much More Than Dinner – Gather, The Pop-Up Dinner Series from Farm.Field.Sea On Martha’s Vineyard.

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Special thanks to following photographers and farms for sharing Farm Field Sea pictures: Elizabeth Cecil, Kristen Conklin, Lisa Vanderhoop, Alison Shaw, She Of The Woods, Cottage City Oysters, and Grey Barn and Farm.

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