A Reason To Island Hop In September – Martha’s Vineyard To Nantucket

Hy-Line ferry to Nantucket Special Martha's Vineyard Getaway DealSeptember truly is one of the best months to be on Martha’s Vineyard. However, since many of us have not left in months — whether because of the beautiful weather or work — now is the time for a little fun.

A time to enjoy the beauty of late summer, have a little fun.

Charly & AJ on the Lady MarthaBefore moving to the Vineyard, we used to visit Nantucket at least once a summer, but now it’s a rare treat. When I saw the offer that the Winnetu and its sister hotel,The Nantucket Hotel & Resort, were offering I couldn’t resist.

If you’re an Island resident, you can stay a night for free at The Nantucket Hotel & Resort. You know I am always up for a little adventure.

Of course there are some requirements with this offer. You have to travel via the Hy-Line Fast Ferry, pay a $35 room cleaning fee, and have dinner for two at the hotel’s restaurant Breeze Bar & Cafe.

All of that was fine by me since I have to get there somehow and eat dinner.

Leaving the Vineyard

The Hy-Line ferry, the Lady Martha, that takes you to Nantucket offers a short, easy ride. The trip is a little over an hour.

It’s fun to leave from OB Harbor, and sail away from Falmouth, out to sea. You really feel like your are going on vacation, a good feeling indeed.

We left at 1:25 p.m. and were in our hotel before 3:00 p.m. You dock at Straight Wharf, which is fun because it’s so charming.

The brick lined street, and the small shops with all the boats around, it’s very New England.

Nantucket Hotel BusMeeting you there is a vintage bus from The Nantucket Hotel. It was so fun and once again I really felt like we were heading someplace fun.

The driver gave us a little tour of the Island, pointing out fun facts, while in route to the hotel. It was fun to learn a couple of things, and when he honked the horn — hysterical. A vintage horn that gets attention and a lot of laughs from on-lookers.

The Nantucket Hotel & Resort

The Nantucket Hotel & ResortWe pulled up to the hotel and it was beautiful from the outside. The building, which was built in the 1800’s, has been completely renovated. It looked great.

I had been there years ago when it was the Breeze Point, and I had liked it then. The lobby was nicely designed, truly nautical chic and welcoming.

whaleThe staff was warm and friendly and happy to answer questions. The best part was the “steampunk” whale behind the counter. You pressed a green button and the whale moves. The kids loved it.

Room 43 At The Nantucket Hotel & ResoirtHow about our room? We were in room #43 which was remarkable. It was huge and so well appointed. I didn’t really get any good pictures because my kids were all over everything as soon as we walked in.

Charly's Nook Room With A Water View At The Nantucket Hotel & ResortThe coolest part was this little nook with a day bed that had the most wonderful views of the harbor and the town. We were in the tower of the hotel and with the view and size, we felt super fancy. We were on vacation.

pool at the Nantucket hotel & ResortThe hotel is very kid friendly. There’s a kids room and of course a pool. While my son and husband took a nap, Charly and I headed to the pool.

I was happy to see that there was a lifeguard and a kiddie pool that was 1 1/2 feet deep, in addition to the larger pool.

Also to the delight of both us, there were cookies and lemonade for the kids, and you could order something a little more adult from the bar.

Evenings in Nantucket

Breeze Restaurant At The Nantucket Hotel & ResortWe dined at Breeze which was very nice. I had a wonderful corn and lobster risotto, and the grilled artichokes we had as an app were delicious.

Relaxed and full, it was time to walk down to town.

Lobster Risotto At Breeze Restaurant Nantucket Hotel & Resort DiningIt took us less then 10 minutes to get to Broad Street where some of the action begins (minus Lolas but we had the kids with us).

On Broad Street, you’ll find one of the best places to get ice cream, The Juice Bar. You can also go to Stars which is on Straight Wharf, but we’re sticking with tradition.

moon on NantucketEven in September there was a line out the door. Then on to Straight Wharf. The walk was perfect, September air, a huge moon lighting the sky, and that feeling you have when on vacation.

No emails to check, no dishes to put away, just a carefree night. We did a little shopping along the way.

kids &momWhen we got to the water, we walked out to check out the amazing yachts. We even went where we weren’t supposed to — that’s where the best boats are. The boats that dock on Nantucket are just plain amazing.

Time to head back to the room and relax. The staff had put sheets on the day bed in the nook for Charly and she felt like Rapunzel, sleeping in her tower. It was precious.

Anderson slept in the huge king bed with us of course. At last it was time for us adults to unwind.

A Day on Nantucket

Fog Island Cafe Nantucket RestaurantsWe woke up early, grabbed a great breakfast at Fog Island, though if the kids weren’t with us, I would have gone to Arno’s or Blackeyed Susan’s. However, the Happy Face pancakes were a hit!

happyfacepancakesThen my husband took the kids to the pool while I walked around town for an hour by myself.

I love Nantucket, the brick sidewalks, the rich history, it feels like time has stood still here. I love everything about it, and was totally lost in the joy of it and being away.

Cisco Brewers

Cisco BrewersWe checked out and arranged to have our bags brought to the ferry (how cool).

Then it was off to Cisco Brewers – they have a shuttle that pics you up at the visitor’s center in town. It’s a little trip and worth it. Plus you got to see different parts of the Island.

cisco brewers corn holeAt Cisco, the kids played corn hole, while Matt and I sampled beers. I had an amazing nitro porter – the nitrogen made it smooth and creamy – yummy.

Matt had a session IPA. I think the whole family had fun here, and I wish we could have stayed longer.

The End

We headed back to Straight Wharf, had lunch at The Tavern at Harbor Square. I had the largest steamed mussels ever – which were a little frightening to me, but were good. It was a quiet and easy lunch.

Mussels at the TavernOur bags were dropped off. I grabbed an ice coffee from Provisions. Then a cute little t-shirt for Anderson from the Boat Basin.

The ferry left at 2:50 p.m. and we were back on Martha’s Vineyard before 4:00 p.m.

Brant Point Then in tradition, we tossed our pennies in the water as we passed the Brant Point Lighthouse. This means that you’ll be sure to come back to Nantucket someday.

On our way homeThough it was short, the trip was worth it. The Nantucket Inn & Resort was so great. My daughter said it was the best part of the trip. They think of every possible thing you could want!

I didn’t even get to mention the fire pits at night! This offer is a great way for us Martha’s Vineyard folks to enjoy another beautiful Island during the best part of Summer.

Nantucket HotelThe inter-Island special is available only Sunday nights throughout the month of September. So book now!

There was even more that we did, that I couldn’t even fit. You can do it all or just relax. Nantucket is so special.

CruAuthor’s Note: If traveling without kids, I definitely recommend having a drink and oysters at Cru down on Straight Wharf. Every time I walked by without going in, my heart ached.

It looked like the perfect place to lounge with amazing cocktails! Maybe on my next trip!

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  1. What a great article; you really painted a nice picture of the quick 24 hour trip you took! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Donna – glad you liked it. We had a great time at The Nantucket Hotel & Resort and of course on Nantucket. we hope to see you again soon!

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