A Savory Pie Company, Fast Food Martha’s Vineyard-Style

You Know The Savory Pie Company Sign Chilmark's Own Savory Pie MakerI bet many people like me have seen A Savory Pie Company’s boxed pies at Cronigs, Reliable or Stop and Shop in Edgartown.  The packaging is eye-catching, and the pies look delicious, but I have never bought one before. Curiosity piqued, I was on a mission to find out more regarding A Savory Pie Company.

To Chilmark for Take-Out

Luckily, my friend, Raleigh is the office manager of Tea Lane Caterers, which also runs A Savory Pie Company.  She worked a little magic and set me up with Owner/Chef of both businesses, Dee Smith.  Even though it’s April, catering companies are amazingly busy, and A Savory Pie Company keeps the kitchen busy all year long.

A Savory Pie Company Off Clambelly Road ChilmarkBeing a down-Island girl, it’s always an adventure to go up Island, and I think A Savory Pie Company is definitely worth the trip.  Tea Lane Caterers and A Savory Pie Company are off of Middle Road on Clambelly Road (yes, that is the best name ever for a road).

When you pull up, you see the A Savory Pie Company “pie box.”  It’s a cute little building dedicated to the pies.  Walk in and you’ll find a large freezer labeled with the types of pies available and prices.  Don’t forget, there are two sizes, regular and petite.

An interesting fact — the large pie weighs in over 3 pounds and the petite are about a one pound.  That is some serious pie, and can really feed some hungry people.  There are Seafood Pies, Beef Burgundy (would make Julia Child proud), Mac & Cheese, Eggplant Parm Pies, Vegetarian pies, quiche and more.

So simply select your pie and pay for it, the honor system is used.  There’s a receipt to fill out and a place for the payment and you’re off.  It’s that simple.  I should mention that all these pies are frozen and the big ones take about an hour and a half to cook.

No time?  Need it when you pick up?  Give a call, pick your pie and it will be baked and ready for you to pick-up.  Just bring it home and gently reheat it.  Pretty convenient I’d say.

Think about it.  Coming back from a day at the beach in Menemsha, the kids are starving, and who really wants to cook at this point?  Make a call, order the pie, pick it up.  Bring it home,  add a little salad, and even your most picky of eaters will most likely be happy.

You can grab a Seafood Pie for yourself while you’re at it.  Heck, grab a couple to bring for house parties instead of making something.  They keep for three months if kept frozen.

How ever did Dee come up with the idea to make and sell these fabulous pies?  Why savory and not sweet?

Well, that answer can be found in her childhood.  Her mother used to take all sorts of leftovers, and put them in a crust, a pie.  There would be different types of meats and veggies, whatever was available , and they would be delicious.  A clever way to minimize waste and maintain a yum factor.

How Did It All Start?

So, back in 2008 Dee started A Savory Pie Company as a source for healty, delicious savory pies made with the best ingredients.  Think Vermont Cabot Cheese, organic eggs, AA butter (the highest grade butter) and more.

For the tomato sauce based pies, the tomatoes are from Thimble Farm.  Dee and her team buy the tomatoes during peak season and make sauce to be used during the  year.  The same is true with the corn for the Corn Chowder Pie – all local corn picked at peak season and used throughout the year.

Once you can go clamming, the Quahog Pie will be back which is made with all local clams.  Think of hearty homemade clam chowder, thick and rich with a crust and the use of a fork.

Aren’t you hungry now?  Should I even tell you that there’s a Lobster Mac & Cheese pie? Well, there is.

The pies run from $20 – $40.  For example, the Lobster Mac & Cheese is $35 and the Mushroom Risotto (with truffle oil) is $25. Considering the size of the pies, the types of ingredients you’re getting, and the convenience factor, the prices really aren’t bad.  It’s like a pizza night.

Remember, the big pies weigh more than 3 pounds and they’re chockfull of goodness — no filler with gravy or sauce like generic pies, just the chef-crafted ingredients from the Savory Pie team.

If you ask Dee what her favorite is, she loves the Turkey Dinner Pie.  For Dee, it has all the makings of Thanksgiving without the fuss.  There’s turkey and stuffing and cranberries and potatoes, and the smell that fills the house when it’s cooking is to die for.

With each one Dee makes, she knows she is making her mom proud.  After all, it was this pie that started the line.  It’s popularity gave Dee the idea.

Yes, these savory pies are quite the meal.  They are filling and hearty.  When I say healthy, I mean that they are made with the right things.  I’m guessing they’re not low fat, but who wants that in a savory pie?  If I am going to have mac & cheese, I’m going big.  The salad that I would accompany it would help out a a bit.

What’s new for 2013 for A Savory Pie Company?

Well, the big goal is a gluten free savory pie selection.  It’s tough coming up with a really tasty crust that gets Dee’s approval for A Savory Pie.  But, Dee is confident about creating the right reciepe.  Keep an eye out for the Spaghetti Pie that will be available soon.  I can only imagine how good that will be.

Also, A Savory Pie Company will be selling pies at the Chilmark Flea Market on Wednesdays.  Just look for the cute pie truck. Grab a pair of earrings for yourself, an antique vase for a gift and dinner all in one place.  I love it!

So, next time you’re at the grocery store or driving through Chilmark, it might be time to grab A Savory Pie Company pie for dinner tonight.  Oh and don’t forget, that Friday is “Pie Day” – take $2 off your pie from the pie box.

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