A Seafood Bounty – Vineyard Feasts At Among The Flowers On Martha’s Vineyard

For 43 years, Among the Flowers has been delighting diners in Edgartown. There is something special about sitting literally “among the flowers” while enjoying really good food. From memorable breakfasts to some of the best salads in-town, Among the Flowers is well known as a great spot to to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and people watch).

Among the Flowers

Currently, Among the Flowers does not have servers per say. You order at the window, and they bring you your food and beverages. It works really well for the staff and guests, and it may stay this way. Speaking of staff, Among the Flowers has some of the best! People who work there really enjoy it. They are so wonderful. Owners Polly and Patrick Toomey have created a family with their staff and it shows!

Owner Polly Toomey with coworker Jane L

Vineyard Feasts Among the Flowers

How could they make it even better you wonder? Well, by adding their new Vineyard Feasts. Vineyard Feasts are serious foodie feasts that you can enjoy at Among the Flowers or for takeaway,

Dinner magic among the flowers, under the lights

Vineyard Feasts are these incredible feasts that come in a big blue pot. Each feast has corn-on-the-cob, potatoes, linguica, fresh seafood and housemade seasoning all in one pot! The pot is brought to your table (if you dine in), and poured into a big pan for you to enjoy! These are definitely meant to be shared!

Jennifer at Among the Flowers – she was Charly’s 3rd grade teacher at OB

There are a couple different Vineyard Feasts to choose from – the New England Clambake with lobster, mussels, corn, potatoes, steamers, and linguica, lemon, butter and herbs (market price), the Island Shrimp boil – shrimp, mussels, corn, potatoes, steamers, and linguica ($38.00), the Cleveland Clambake – 1/2 roasted chicken, mussels, corn, potatoes, steamers, and linguica, lemon, butter and herbs ($38.00), and the Cast Net- shrimp corn, potatoes, and linguica, lemon, butter and herbs ($34.00).

Jane with our New England Clambake

We ordered the New England Clambake with shrimp added – in addition to a couple of first courses – the garlic bread – which is beyond delicious, a well seasoned stuffed clam and our family favorite, a Caesar salad. The kiddos are somehow not big lobster fans so they ordered the housemade Mac & Cheese – their favorite at ATF.

Among the Flowers Mac & Cheese

When the meal came, it was a full on foodie experience. Jane was all smiles while bringing us the steaming, overflowing pot of goodness. We watched in delight as she “dumped’ it into our tray. There were lots of oh’s and ah’s during the whole thing, along with some good laughs too.

Vineyard Feast at Among the Flowers

But all kidding aside, what a meal! This is definitely made to share. This Vineyard Feast was bursting with flavor and seafood to enjoy. We put-on our bibs and dove in, being complete gluttons and loving every minute of it. It really was a feast. The bibs make it more fun too! This was a great family experience!

The Caesar salad at Among the Flowers

In addition to the delicious food, you can get beer and wine at Among the Flowers. They just so happen to carry my favorite Cabernet – Freakshow. So good with my feast.

Freakshow Cabernet at Among the Flowers

Even though we were so full, we all shared ATF’s housemade Strawberry Shortcake. If you like this dish, you have to try this one. Everything was so fresh and delicious. I have to admit that I ate the leftovers for breakfast the next day.

Strawberry Shortcake at Among the Flowers

Vineyard Feasts are served daily from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., dine in or takeaway. This is a great thing to take friends and family to. I think guests would be delighted by this experience! Don’t forget about breakfast and lunch too of course at Among the Flowers.

*Polly and her team really wanted to bring something fun to the menu for dinner and they have done just that. What she loves is that sometimes people get their Vineyard Feasts to go, and she gives them a table cloth and the fixings and people take the meal to the beach or Memorial Wharf.

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