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Quick's Hole Tavern Woods Hole Cape Cod Restaurant FalmouthAlmost everyone traveling to Martha’s Vineyard has had to wait for the ferry in Woods Hole for an extended period of time. Some people stay in their cars but a number of people used to head to the Leeside to pass the time with a beverage, maybe a bite to eat, and most likely with some popcorn.

The Leeside was something of a convenience, not necessarily a hot spot that you were excited to visit. However, that is no longer the case.

The Leeside closed its doors a while ago, then sat empty for a while, and finally, late last year, new owners re-opened the restaurant (after a lot of renovations) as Quick’s Hole Tavern.

Cod Tacos From Quick's Hole Taqueria Cape Cod Dining Woods HoleName sound familiar? Well, it should. A couple doors down, you’ll find Quicks Hole Taqueria. These sister restaurants are making dining in Woods Hole fun.

Quicks Hole Taqueria is open during the Summer months and is perfect for grabbing fresh delicious lobster tacos or my favorite, the fried cod tacos.

The menu is chocked full of options. You can take it to go or eat outside on the picnic tables. The taqueria opens May 21st.

Party of Four & Woods Hole

Now let’s talk about Quicks Hole Tavern, a place that will excite you and possibly become a destination for you.

Owners Beth Colt and P.K. Simonds bought the Woods Hole Inn seven years ago, and moved to Woods Hole five years ago. Before that, they and their two boys were living in L.A.

The family fell in love with the quaint, small town atmosphere of Woods Hole, and Beth admits that they are Hollywood refugees. Life in Woods Hole is a lot different, and the whole family could not be happier.

http://woodsholeinn.comBoth Beth and P.K. worked in the entertainment world. With the move, Beth is currently focusing on the two restaurants and the Woods Hole Inn. P.K. is still producing and writing.

Currently he is working on a series on The C.W. called Reign. If Reign is not on your DVR, you might know him from such hit series as Party of Five or the Ghost Whisper.

Say what? Yes, there is a Hollywood genius residing in Woods Hole. How cool is that! Luckily technology makes it super easy for him to be here on the East Coast, working away.

Tacos with a New England Twist

Quicks Hole Taqueria was inspired by the awesome taco stands the family used to frequent in L.A. There was something about those amazing tacos that were unique and made with fresh ingredients.

So simple, but so delicious, and now you have Quicks Hole Taqueria. The tacos there are outstanding. Inspired by L.A. but with a New England seafood spin.

The food is light and fresh and worth getting again and again.

Celebrating Woods Hole

O.K. finally I can talk about Quicks Hole Tavern. It’s hard to believe that this is the same space that housed the Leeside. First of all, it’s bright inside.

The walls are white and full of nautical decor. Not cheesy typical stuff, but images and artifacts from Woods Hole. There is a bit of history almost everywhere you look.

Beth and P.K. recognize and love the rich maritime history of this town.

There’s even a piece from the mast of the Atlantis, the first research vessel from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute which set sail in 1930.

P.K. is a history buff and bought the piece from an auction a couple of years ago. Beth said she needed to buy a restaurant to put it in jokingly, and low and behold, they bought the Leeside in November, 2013.

Being in Quicks Hole Tavern, you almost feel as though you’re in a ship. From the metal seats to the black chain foot rest by the bars (which actually existed at the downstairs bar and was replicated for upstairs), the feel is just light and cool.

I love everything about it. It’s nautical chic done with perfection.

A Dining Destination

So, the atmosphere is modern and welcoming, and the food is even better. Who knew the second floor had such amazing views (I couldn’t capture the true beauty). When it was the Leeside, I was somewhat scared to venture upstairs.

I had no desire to have dinner there. Apps, beer and popcorn were the extent of my dining at the Leeside. But whoa let me tell you — the second floor is amazing. It’s my new favorite spot, sorry Anejo. The view is priceless.

The kitchen which is located upstairs is open and beautiful. You can interact with Chef John Wilson. He actually wants you to talk with him and be involved in the cooking process. What a novel idea.

John and Beth are passionate about the food Quicks Hole makes. It’s fresh and creative “farm and sea to table” with an L.A. influence.

They have a close relationship with the farmers from the Falmouth Farmer’s Market and their specials are usually dictated by what the farmers have, and of course the local fish play a big role too, which comes from the Clam Man in Falmouth, the Lobster Trap in Bourne and Ipswich Clams in Boston.

Also, during the Summer months, the tomatoes they use come from none other than our own Morning Glory Farm.

So let’s discuss the food. I stopped by for lunch. I ordered from their Gourmet Grilled Cheese list. I had the Jonah Crab with roasted pepper aioli and dill havarti with a side of truffle fries of course. Go big or go home! So delicious, seasoned well and even the bread was amazing, locally made at Pain D’Avignon in Hyannis.

The salads looked amazing, especially the Tavern House Salad, which a guest had ordered with lobster salad – yum.

The sandwich menu is extensive and the dinner menu will definitely get your tummy rumbling, especially the New Bedford Sea Scallops. Don’t forget to begin with a starter.

The Chef highly recommends — and I agree — the Pig Candy. I am not going to tell you exactly what it is but will give a couple of hints, think local smoked pig belly, maple syrup and brown sugar – a bacon lovers dream.

The tavern is open from 11 a.m. to the last boat. Currently the downstairs is closed but the upstairs is where it’s at.

With seats by the kitchen and a bar full of great beers and cocktails, there are several reasons to be early for your ferry boat now. While there, I had a glass of Southern Tier’s Creme Brulee Stout. It was so yummy. Perfect for after a meal, better than dessert!

Quicks Hole Tavern – it’s an all-around hit. It makes me excited to have to go home on the boat.

Why the Horseshoe Crab?

The horseshoe logo for Quicks Hole is a nod to the discovery of something very cool about horseshoe blood. Beth told me that horseshoe crab blood is used at blood banks all over the world to test for impurities in human blood. This discovery happened in Woods Hole, and had a major impact on the medical world. I didn’t know that about those beautiful, ancient creatures did you?

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