Amity Candy Co. Small Batch, Hand Crafted Sweet Treats – Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

During the Summer months, Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs is packed with people, especially children. So, it seemed to make sense to use the outside space on the back of Down Island for something family friendly.

Amity Candy Co Oak Bluffs Sweets Martha's Vineyard

Introducing Amity Candy Co. where you will find small batch, handcrafted sweet treats. It’s not a candy store in the usual sense, but a spot to enjoy a few, well made summer goodies.

Amity CandyThe sign grabs your eye, the obvious nod to Jaws, unlike any other on the street, made by Island Lure Fish artist, Abe Pieciak, and it gives you an idea that you’re in for something different.

Martha's Vineyard Candy Sweets Amity Candy Co. Oak Bluffs

The menu is simple. There are snow cones, popcorn, cotton candy, Rice Krispie treats, ice tea, and lemonade. However simple these items are not.

Snow cones

The snow cones are made with real fruit juices, not red #9 dye etc. The strawberry is made with strawberries, the cherry with cherries, and the taste is more sophisticated. These frozen treats are perfect for a hot day. Icey and fruity, and downright refreshing.

Amity Candy Co Snow Cones Cotton Candy Sweet Treats Oak Bluffs

The popcorn is not just any popcorn. It’s NITRO popcorn. It’s dipped in liquid nitrogen, creating “dragon breath” popcorn. It’s literally smoking. I took my little ones and their cousins to Amity, and this popcorn was the big hit. The smoke mesmerized them, and they could not get enough. It was so fun to watch their excitement.

Nitro PopcornAmity was out of the fresh lemonade and iced tea because I bet they’re delicious so I decided to try the  nitro strawberry Rice Krispie treat which happens to be one of my favorite treats. I have to say that it was good, different, but I am more of a traditionalist with my Rice Krispie treats – no bells and whistles for me, but it was interesting to try.

Amity Candy CoAmity Candy Co. wants to bring something fun and different to Circuit Avenue, and one of it’s main goals is to make adults feel like kids again. I know that I loved snow cones as a kid, and how fun to have  sophisticated versions in town. Nitro popcorn?  Kind of awesome for kids big and small, and after all how much fudge and ice cream can one consume during the Summer months?

Amity Candy CoThe shop is the brain child of Down Island sous chef, Hannah Flora. She, the chef from Down Island, Scott Cummings, and Dominick Giardini, also from the kitchen, are the ones behind the small batch, housemade treats Amity Candy Co. has to offer.

Amity Candy Co.Amity Candy Co. is open daily during the Summer from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and is CASH only.

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