Anyway You “Frame It” – The Barn Bowling & Bistro Is A Great Addition To Martha’s Vineyard

The Barn - Bowling on Martha's Vineyard

The wait is almost over my friends! This week, The Barn, the Island’s first bowling alley (public) in years, opens its doors.

Barn Balls New Bowling Alley In Oak Bluffs

On Sunday, we were able to get a sneak peek at this new, highly — and I mean highly — anticipated addition to Martha’s Vineyard. And………we were not disappointed.

We went bowling! It was crazy and so fun and my kids loved it. They didn’t want to leave, nor did I.

The Barn

Named The Barn because it sort of resembles a modern barn, you’ll find more than bowling. There’s also food, games and event space (think birthday parities for kids big and small and more).

The Barn's bowling balls Oak BluffsWhen you walk in, you will be amazed at the size of the space, the lanes, and just the fact that you are in a bowling alley with 10 glorious lanes.

The Bar At The Barn Oak Bluffs Bowling Alley Bistro Martha's Vineyard

The lanes are amazing! The wall space behind them is a gorgeous mural painted by the talented Dana Gaines. Also neat is the fact that the background can actually change, so make sure you take note of what’s there your first time.

The mural by Dana Gaines At The Barn Bowling Alley Oak Bluffs

To add to the fun,be sure to check out the walls by the area you sit and relax while playing. There are pictures of United States presidents bowling. I found this really clever.

Grabbing a drink At The Barn Restaurant Bar Martha's Vineyard

After you take it all in, you realize that you can get drinks and dine at The Barn too. You can play, eat, drink and be merry. In addition, the game room on the second floor will be added fun, opening this Summer.

However, I am just excited to bowl. Everything else is icing on the cake!

After sampling bites to eat, everyone loved the shredded pork nachos, and my kids loved the fries, I got a cocktail and was ready bowl.

Family Fun At The Barn Oak Bluffs Bowling Alley Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

However, I need to go into dining at The Barn more. The chef is Peter Martin, who worked at Season’s. He’s developed quite a sizable menu – with lots of apps, some delicious sounding sandwiches.

How about this burger for when you are working up an appetite bowling, the Farmer — applewood bacon, portobello mushrooms, swiss cheese and haystack onion rings for $10.50…..yum. Add a side of fries, regular, BBQ, crab boil bayou or white truffle oil parm, perfection.

Fries At The Barn RestaurantOak Bluffs Bowling Alley

That burger is just one thing to tempt you. With almost 20 apps, spring rolls, salads, pizza, entrees, their soon to become famous fried chicken and more, The Barn has something for even your pickiest eaters.

The drink menu at The Barn Martha's Vineyard Bar Bowling AlleyFor drinks, there is an assortment of soft drinks, a good wine and beer list, and some fun bowling inspired cocktails like the Gutterball which has Cruzan light and dark rum, Grand Marnier, and pineapple, orange and lemon….sounds like a fun drink to me.

Bowling On Martha’s Vineyard

We were ready to roll. My kids have only bowled once before and that was at The Lanes in Mashpee Commons a long time ago. I almost forgot to get our official bowling shoes.

Bowling Shoes At The Barn Oak Bluffs

Even getting our first pairs of bowling shoes to rent on the Island felt like a big deal. The shoes were perfectly lined up, brand spanking new. The toddler sizes were especially adorable.

Bowling shoes For TheEntire Family At The Barn Martha's VineyardThe best thing about bowling here is that everything is state of the art. No need to keep track of anything. The computers do it all. No math required! Also, there is alley service, so a server will be able to assist you with any food or beverage needs.

Getting Ready To Bowl At The Barn Oak Bluffs

Speaking of assistance, if you have children there are bumpers that can up go and a metal rack that the kids put the bowling ball on to help them. How great to let them do their own thing.

The Barn Team

In addition to the fact that you can bowl now on Martha’s Vineyard, the staff when we were there, was really friendly. The Front of House Manager, Stacey Trevino and Mike Sawer, the General Manager made you feel so welcomed at The Barn.

Bowl Like a Pro

At The Barn, chances are you’ll meet Islander, Jeffery Corr who was in the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association).

Bowling Pro Jeffery Corr At The Barn Oak Bluffs Bowling Alley

Jeff plans to bring tournaments to the Island, help start leagues, provide lessons for kids (5 and up), and more. He’s dusted off his bowling shoes and is out of retirement. He is beyond happy to have the chance to bowl at home.

Make sure you say hi if you see him. He’s good for a pointer or two to help your game. Another reason to love The Barn.

Witnessing History

There are three partners that really made The Barn come to life — Sam Dunn, Barry Reeves, and Bob Sawyer. And when we were there, we got to see the first public bowl.

Barry sent it right down the lanes beautifully, followed by Sam and then Bob. Their since of pride and joy was obvious. They were jubilant. So great to witness this event.

The first bowl At The Barn Oak Bluffs

I was able to catch Sam for a couple of words and boy is he thrilled that The Barn is almost done. It was truly a labor of love.

Co-Owner Sam Dunn The Barn Martha's Vineyard

The Barn, located on Uncas Avenue in Oak Bluffs, is planning to be open later this week but the grand opening will most likely happen the week after Memorial Day. Speaking of which, can you believe it’s here already? Yikes, it seems like I was just wondering when all the snow was going to melt.

Having Fun At The Barn Oak Bluffs Bowling Restaurant Bar

Bowling back on Martha’s Vineyard. What a great thing for not only Oak Bluffs but for the entire Island! Now to get my skills honed and roll a perfect set, well maybe near perfect.

Bowling shoes

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  1. Are gift certificates available? Wonderful place for family! Jeff was so helpful to family members. Thank you Jeff. Hope I am able to get a gift for other family members vacationing on the Island in July
    Thanks , Jane Miller

    1. Hi Jane,
      Thanks for reading On Point – I am guessing that The Barn has gift certificates. It’s really fun and a great addition to MV! Be sure to check it out next month!


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