Lighthouse Grill Opens its Doors Tonight – Harbor View Hotel, Edgartown

The Harbor View is at it again, and we are indeed the lucky ones. You might have heard that there is a new Executive Chef there, Caleb Lara, and with this new addition comes a whole new restaurant name and menu.

The Lighthouse Grill Restaurant Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard

Water Street is no more. Welcome Lighthouse Grill, named in honor of the amazing view the restaurant has of the Edgartown Lighthouse.  I know the name Water Street seemed fitting but this new name just feels right.

Dining At The Lighthouse Grill

Lighthouse Grill has a whole new food concept. The menu has been designed to offer delicious, fresh, approachable New England food. The word approachable might make you laugh a bit but it is the right description.

Brooke & Amandine checking out the new menu At Lighthouse Grill Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard

The new menu has a lower price point, a focus on fresh, local ingredients, is simply plated and just interesting enough. It’s not full of fancy things that you might not know what they are. People had good things to say about the Lighthouse menu.

Katama Bay Oysters At Lighthouse Grill Restaurant Harbor View Hotel Edgartown

Caleb enjoys cooking as local as possible. So, be on the lookout for the fresh market catch, local oysters, including Katama Bay (like the ones pictured here from the preview party), bluefish pate, lots of local veggie dishes, and more.

New Harbor View Hotel Chef Caleb Lara At Lighthouse Grill Restaurant Edgartown

When I asked him what his favorites were, he didn’t even need a second to think. He said the Lighthouse Bouillabaisse and the Banana Foster dessert.

Indeed the Lighthouse Bouillabaisse does sound amazing, a rich broth, the market catch, crab and mussels with saffron pepper “rouille” – yummy, especially on a chilly New England Summer night.

Steak Tartare At Martha's Vineyard Restaurant Lighthouse Grill EdgartownI sampled Black Angus Steak Tartare, the Smoked Bluefish Pate, both really good – simple and fresh. I also have to mention the Maple Profiteroles which were so decadent and good, melting in your mouth. What I tried so far from the new chef was really good. I look forward to having dinner at Lighthouse Grill.

Dessert please At Lighthouse Grill Harbor View Hotel Edgartown

Beyond Food

In addition to the new name, chef, and menu, there is a mixologist, the talented Greg Fournier, on hand for cocktails. The new signature cocktail, Lighthouse Lemonade, is a must to try this Summer.

Made with Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka, St. Germaine (elderflower liqueur), a splash of soda water, and the Lighthouse Grill’s house made sour mix, it’s both tasty and refreshing. I may try to replicate this creation at home!

Lighthouse Lemonade At Edgartown Restaurant Lighthosue Grill Harbor View Hotel

Also, there will be a number of new drinks featured throughout the season — keeping you guessing what your new favorite might be.

With great drinks and great food at Lighthouse Grill, there is also a focus on great service. The restaurant wants people to come visit again and again throughout the Summer months and of course year round.

Enjoying Lighthouse Grill

I have been a fan of Henry’s for a long time now. My little Edgartown hideaway. Perhaps I need to come out more often now with all new Lighthouse Grill.

If you’re wondering about Sunday brunch, it is still available and there’s breakfast still as well.

David Welch's Harbor View Hotel Lighthouse Grill Event Pictures

On Tuesday night, there was a little party for the launch of Lighthouse Grill, and what a fun event it was. Photographer David Welch was there with a step and repeat for photos (the one above and below are his), making us guests feel a little swanky. Drinks and apps were a plenty, passed by smiling faces, and it was nice to see so many familiar friends before Memorial Day weekend!

The Harbor View team seemed really excited about the changes and having the chance to meet chef Caleb Lara was an added bonus!

David Welch's HVH pic

Lighthouse Grill officially opens Thursday, May 21st, for dinner. Don’t be surprised if you see Caleb walking around the restaurant. He likes to know that guests are enjoying his inspiring creations.

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