Blackwater Farm, A Martha’s Vineyard Foodie Find In West Tisbury

Blackwater Farm

With the cooler weather, the beach is no longer a daily temptation.

Don’t get me wrong if it’s 68 degrees or above, it’s top priority for the day, but that’s not the case daily. That means that there is more time to explore different places on Martha’s Vineyard.

Since Fall is the harvest season, I’ve decided it’s time to explore some of the farms on the Island that are not a part of my usually repertoire, starting with Blackwater Farm in West Tisbury.

Blackwater farm

Blackwater Farm, owned by Debby Farber and Alan Cottle, is nestled behind Cottle’s Lumber off Lambert’s Cove Road. The windy road takes you past a pretty little pond.

The farm itself is very simple. There’s the pasture with the animals, the chicken coop, and of course the building where you can get your fresh-from-the-farm finds.

Blackwater Farm

Blackwater Farm

My kids loved the chickens and were completely occupied by them while I was able to check out the day’s selection.

Each day is different. You don’t know what you’ll be able to choose from.

Everything at the stand was so vibrant and fresh — one of the best things about going to the local farms

Kids & Chickens

I was in luck. I needed eggs — which I happen to go through in vast quantities these days with kids — lettuce, and tomatoes.

Sadly I had the worst tomato crop from my garden this year. They had everything I needed.

signageOne Stop Shopping

Chicken at Blackwater Farm

There was an amazing meat selection. Hot dogs, short ribs, rib-eye steaks, all sorts of different cuts of fresh meat to choose from.  You could get some really great meat for a variety of different meals.

I am glad to know this for my menu planning. I am that person who creates her menu for the week on Sundays and rarely deviates. It helps me keep my sanity.

ShortribsThe lettuce mix I got had butter lettuce and edible flowers in it, so it was very colorful and tasty. We had to sample immediately of course, since my daughter was dying to try one of the flowers.

photo 5The prices of the produce and meat are pretty good, and since the drive down Lambert’s Cove Road is especially beautiful this time of year, I think we’ll be coming back often.

Blackwater Farm

The farm stand operates on the honor system. Everything is priced, and you can make your own change.

It was super easy and such a Vineyard experience. It’s these little unexpected places that make you really appreciate being here year round.

The Fall is such a beautiful time on Martha’s Vineyard, and it’s great to have a reason to go on little excursions to new places. I would love any suggestions on what farm I should visit next. Perhaps one you’re curious about?

Edible flowers

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2 thoughts on “Blackwater Farm, A Martha’s Vineyard Foodie Find In West Tisbury”

  1. I am looking immediately for two bales of wheat/oat/rye straw big enough to bed a 350# Pony with Laminitis? Can you , please call me 502.759.1060 if you have any or know who does? Thank you so much! 6/3/15

    1. HI – Blackwater might be able to help – you’d have to call the farm. Try Cottles Lumber Yard – they can help too. Good luck!

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