Breakfast Island-Style On Martha’s Vineyard: An Eating Adventure In Vineyard Haven By Boat!

So, many of you may know that I have been on “stay-cation.” Don’t get too excited, I do still work a bit daily, but I do make sure to sprinkle something special in daily.

Island Life

Saturday mornings are great for going out to breakfast right? How about adding a little Island twist to this. I got my hubby on board for a little boat trip to Vineyard Haven for breakfast.

Breakfast On Martha's Vineyard By Boat

We have a small 15-foot Boston Whaler that we love, named Bucky (after the pirate ship in Jake & the Neverland Pirates). Bucky may be small, but she is a good Island boat, and enables us to really take advantage of Island life.

Breakfast At The Black Dog Tavern By Boat On Martha's Vineyard

Last weekend, we surprised the kiddos with this little excursion. Bucky and Black Dog Tavern — a breakfast adventure.

Island life

We geared up, and got ready to go. Now, we live in Oak Bluffs, but decided because we were starving, to put the boat in at the lagoon in Vineyard Haven to make the ride a little shorter (still avoiding Five Corners and parking).

island life

For years, I have wanted to do this. Sail into the harbor, dock on the beach with all the visitors, and have breakfast. I was delighted, the kids were excited, and the trip was wonderful.

island lifeA gorgeous sunny morning, fellow boats on the water, light wind, just glorious. There was space on the beach for us to anchor, not sure what the rules for this are, but it was happening.

The kids jumped out, searched for sea glass and other ocean treasures, while I went to put our name in at Black Dog. There were people milling around, and I was hopeful that the wait wasn’t long. However, not all things go your way. There was over an hour wait.

Island Life

My spirits dampened a little, but I was not letting this setback define my morning, no matter how much I was craving the Black Dog’s Back to the Capital egg dish. My biggest fear was that I promised my kids pancakes.

Island Life

Waterside Market To The Rescue

I remembered that Waterside Market served pancakes. Add that fact, plus outdoor seating,  and problem solved. Up to Main Street we went.

Martha's Vineyard Breakfast Waterside Market Vineyard Haven Restaurants

We were able to get a table outside, and the kiddos were able to get HUGE delicious pancakes and sausage. The morning was saved for them.

Pancakes For Breakfast Waterside Market Vineyard Haven

I survived as well, getting the Avocado Toast with Salmon. A large plate, piled high with salmon and capers and avocado. A healthy, tasty option, one that is so big, I  think I’ll share it next time.

Avocado Toast With Salmon At Waterside Market Top Places For Breakfast On Martha's Vineyard

My husband got a breakfast burrito and he too was happy with his breakfast. Having breakfast together on the porch, watching people, soaking in the morning sun, was a great way to start the day.

Island Life

Even though the morning may not have fit into my perfect plan, it ended up being perfect just the same. It also gives me reason to try again, but leave the house a little earlier.

It’s moments, experiences like these, that cause me to take pause, and really appreciate the beauty of my home, Martha’s Vineyard. It makes you understand why so many people come visit, and why it is so special whether here for a day, a month, or forever.

Island Life

There’s magic in these water and on these shores. You sometimes just need to make a plan a take the time to enjoy it.

It’s fun to challenge yourself to do something special or wonderful, daily. If you can, give it a try. Whether it’s getting ice cream, going for a quick unexpected swim, stopping at a farm, getting a facial, buying a book, try it. Might give you a different perspective.

Author’s Note: Waterside also serves mimosas if you want something a little fun to add to your breakfast.

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