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Beetlebung Oak Bluffs New Coffee House Restaurant Bar Lounge Martha's Vineyard

The old A & P building on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs has been many things. In the short time I’ve been here, it’s been Pomodoro’s and then Deon’s.

A new chapter is beginning for the space. It’s now Beetlebung coffee house and lounge.

Beetlebung Lounge Restaurant Bar Oak Bluffs Coffee House Martha's Vineyard

When you step into Beetlebung, you won’t believe the changes they’ve made. The building has a whole new look inside.

Even the bathrooms are fabulous. It’s very cool and very different from anything else on the Island, and I really like that.

There is a long bar that serves as a coffee bar during the day and a bar for cocktails in the evening. There are comfy booths that line the right side wall, and in the back there are banquettes in the lounge area.

Beetlebung At Night Oak Bluffs Bar Restaurant Martha's Vineyard DiningThe colors are modern and cool, and the decor is simple, yet pleasing. The thing that catches your eye the most are the  large Moroccan lights that hang above the bar and tables.

Beetlebung & Dining

During the day from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. you’ll find that this Beetlebung is very similar to the its sister shop up in Menemsha. The menu and the coffee drinks are basically the same which is good because I think Beetlebung is pretty yummy.

If you haven’t tried the curried lobster sliders, this is the time. Their executive chef, Jerry Marano perfected the recipe last year.

The Chef & Sous Chef at Beetlebung

However, at night Beetlebung, is a whole new world. When the door opens at 5 p.m., there is quite the change.

The music is different, a little more hip. The lighting changes (the colored lights on the walls in the lounge area are quite cool), and the menu is completely different.

Beetlebung becomes a totally cottage chic, NYC vibe night spot. The dinner menu is quite extensive featuring small plates with a lot of different influences from around the world.

You’ll find a little Thai, Indian, Moroccan, and American influence. There is something for everyone on this menu. I would have a hard time deciding on just a couple, there are so many good choices.

How about Persian Sliders, Moroccan Lamb Lollipops, Tempura Lobster, or Grilled Pork Belly Sushi. The menu is full of yummy sounding small plates.

Mixology Training At Beetlebung Bar & Lounge Martha's Vineyard Bars Oak Bluffs

Let’s talk cocktails. When I stopped by the day before Beetlebung was opening, the bartenders and servers were being trained mixologists. Beetlebung features an extensive cocktail list unlike any other in town.

The cocktails have a lot of fresh fruit and herbs in them, and special ingredients. Making these is an art almost. They take a lot more effort than a vodka and soda.

When there, you might want to try the owner Renee’s favorite cocktail — the Bittah Bung with Boyd & Blair Vodka, Bitterman’s Boston Bittahs. The cocktail is actually barrel aged in miniature oak barrels that sit on the bar.

Beetlebung is not only using a lot of fresh ingredients but also you’ll find an assortment of craft spirits. For example, I had never even heard of Boyd & Blair vodka before.

Beetlebung Inkwell Bay CocktailI tried the Inkwell Bay. The fresh raspberries sold me. It was delicious and a perfect summer drink. Want to know what’s in it? You’ll have to stop by Beetlebung after 5 p.m. to discover the ingredients for this bevy.

If you’re not into cocktails, not to worry, there’s lots of other things to try, including an extensive list of cocktails. The Thai Basil Blackberry mocktail was just featured in the Providence Journal.

Opening Beetlebung in Oak Bluffs 

Owners Renee and John Molinari have travelled the world. In their travels, they fell in love with certain elements of places, and have brought some of these to Beetlebung in Oak Bluffs. Hence the diverse food menu, the cool Moroccan lights, the hip vibe of the space, and even the music choices.

Beetlebung Cafe Oak Bluffs Restaurants Martha's Vineyard

With this concept of coffeehouse by day and lounge by night, they are creating a full service restaurant. For them, it seemed like creating a night spot was a natural progression for Beetlebung. Now celebrating the ninth year of Beetlebung, it was time. They could not be more excited about this new chapter.

Also, it represents what John and Renee like in the place. The small plates for sharing and starting conversation, fresh drinks, interesting lighting, good music and a good music system. Hello Beetlebung.

For me, I think Beetlebung is a great addition to the town. They plan to be open for most of the year, closing January thru March. During those months, John and Renee work on their designs for the Beetlebung clothing line, which you can also fin at the Oak Bluffs store.

So Beetlebung will be another dining option off season, and an alternative spot to get a cup of coffee in Oak Bluffs. Remember when Mocha Motts closed for a couple of weeks? People were at a loss for coffee in town.

Front Window SeatingAlso, Beetlebung has WIFI which means people can surf the net, and even do a little work there. I think the front table is going to be a perfect spot for blog writing.

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