Eating Sustainably On Martha’s Vineyard With Island Eats MV

Martha’s Vineyard has long been admired and appreciated for its natural beauty, which is a result of the way we treat our land and sea. For generations, visitors and residents alike have respected our island, maintaining the pristine quality that makes it such a unique treasure. The sustainability of our home and home away from home, and the cleanliness of our beloved rock depend on the choices we make as consumers. Here on Martha’s Vineyard, breathtaking landscapes meet a commitment to sustainability, and a recent program is helping to ensure it stays that way. Eating Sustainably On Martha’s Vineyard With Island Eats MV

What if we told you that you could help preserve the island you’ve come to know and love simply by making one small choice when you ordered takeout? Well, you can thanks to Island Eats! Island Eats is a local initiative that is revolutionizing the way we enjoy take-out while minimizing waste. This innovative program allows visitors and residents alike to indulge in delicious meals at 18 local Martha’s Vineyard restaurants while embracing environmental responsibility. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the Island Eats reusable and returnable stainless steel container program, explaining how it works and why it’s a helpful step towards a greener future.

Eating Sustainably On Martha’s Vineyard With Island Eats MV

Eating Sustainably On Martha’s Vineyard With Island Eats MV – The Issue with Single-Use Takeout Containers

Before we explore the Island Eats program, it’s important to understand the overall environmental impact of single-use takeout containers. Traditional disposable containers, such as plastic and Styrofoam, generate an alarming amount of waste that ends up in landfills, pollutes our local oceans, and harms wildlife. Even so-called compostable containers are a problem because we don’t have the necessary commercial composting facilities to process them here on island and they just end up in landfill, where just like plastics and styrofoam they won’t break down. Martha’s Vineyard, known for its pristine environment and commitment to conservation, recognizes the need for sustainable solutions, and Island Eats was warmly embraced upon its launch in summer of 2022.

Eating Sustainably On Martha’s Vineyard With Island Eats MV – Island Eats’ Reusable Stainless Steel Bowl Program 

Spearheaded by founder Jessica Mason, Island Eats took a bold step towards reducing single-use waste on Martha’s Vineyard by launching its reusable and returnable stainless steel container program. This program allows customers to order their favorite meals from participating restaurants and food vendors in a reusable bowl or (newly launched!) cup, rather than a disposable container. When finished, customers can return the bowls to any participating restaurants or food vendor and the bowls will be commercially washed and sanitized prior to the next use. Not only does this program help protect the environment, but it also enhances the dining experience for visitors to Martha’s Vineyard.

Eating Sustainably On Martha’s Vineyard With Island Eats MV How The Program Works

Eating Sustainably On Martha’s Vineyard With Island Eats MV – How the Island Eats Program Works

Choose Your Meal: Visit the Island Eats website at to explore the participating restaurants and their menus. Decide on the meal you’d like to enjoy. Some of our favorite Martha’s Vineyard restaurants are currently enrolled in the program including Aalia’s Coffee, Among the Flowers, Bobby B’s, Bombay MV, Catboat Coffee Co., Chilmark Tavern, Goldie’s Food Truck, Juice by the Sea, Katama General Store, Larsen’s Fish Market, Little House Cafe, Menemsha Fish Market, MV Salads, Pawnee House, Scottish Bakehouse, Rosewater, and Waterside Market.

Download the App: Download the Island Eats digital membership app USEFULL™, available for iOS and Android. You can choose from either free or paid access to their network of reusable and returnable takeout containers. Their free membership entitles you to borrow unlimited number of bowls with a 24-hour return window. Island Eats also offers 1-month, summer, and annual paid memberships that entitle you to borrow an unlimited number of bowls with a 7-day return window. 

Place your order online with the restaurant, by phone, or in person, just like you normally would do at any of their participating restaurants, and request to receive it in an Island Eats container. When ordering online, please make sure to either check the “Island Eats” box or indicate this in the “additional notes” section of your order.

Pick Up Your Meal & Scan the Bowl: Head to the chosen restaurant or food vendor to collect your meal. When you pick up your order, make sure to use the USEFULL™ app to scan the bowl’s unique QR code to check it out. Don’t forget to bring your own reusable bag for transportation.

Enjoy Your Meal: Relish your delicious food in the reusable stainless steel bowl. The bowls are double-walled so they keep cold things cold and hot things hot. And they are oven-safe, ensuring that you can easily reheat your leftovers too.

Take A Photo of Your Meal and Share it: Getting the Island Eats message out to the masses takes work and the Island Eats team is small but mighty! We know they’d appreciate you using their bowls and sharing your experience on social media by tagging them at @islandeatsMV and telling all of your Martha’s Vineyard-based friends about it.

Return the Bowl: Once you’ve finished your meal, simply rinse the stainless steel bowl and return it to any participating restaurant or food vendor with a quick QR scan. Island Eats’ staff stop by on a regular basis to pick up the used bowls and transport them to a commercial washing facility where they are cleaned according to local food safety regulations. 

Eating Sustainably On Martha’s Vineyard With Island Eats MV

Eating Sustainably On Martha’s Vineyard With Island Eats MVBenefits of the Island Eats Program

The Island Eats reusable and returnable stainless steel bowl and cup program offers numerous benefits for both visitors and the environment:

Environmental Impact: By eliminating single-use containers, the program significantly reduces waste production on Martha’s Vineyard. It helps conserve resources, minimizes pollution, and protects the Island’s unique ecosystem. You can even watch your personal impact stats rack up in the app where you can see firsthand just how much trash and emissions you’ve saved! 

Elevated Dining Experience: The stainless steel bowls provide a more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing dining experience. Not only are they sturdy and leak-proof, but they also maintain better temperatures, retain heat, and keep cold things cold (like Acai bowls!) ensuring that your meal remains fresh and delicious. And the newly launched stainless steel cups are the ideal way to grab your favorite hot or cold beverage while doing good for the island and the planet at large!

Convenience and Accessibility: Island Eats’ user-friendly website and app make it convenient for islanders and visitors alike to feel good about ordering their meals while enjoying a variety of culinary options. Additionally, the program is accessible to everyone, with drop-off locations at all 18 restaurants and food vendors across Martha’s Vineyard.

Cost Savings: As an Island Eats member you can save $1 on every item ordered in an Island Eats bowl at all Island Eats’ partner restaurants and food vendors. 

As the program gains popularity, more restaurants are likely to participate, meaning more restaurants will be rewarding members for making eco-friendly choices, while expanding the range of cuisines available for this sustainable dining experience.

Martha’s Vineyard’s commitment to sustainability shines through initiatives like Island Eats’ reusable and returnable stainless steel container program. By embracing this innovative approach to take-out dining, visitors can enjoy delicious meals while actively contributing to the preservation of the island’s natural beauty. With every bowl returned, we take one step closer to a greener and more sustainable future. So, the next time you visit Martha’s Vineyard, be sure to download the USEFULL™ app and participate in Island Eats and savor your meal guilt-free, knowing you’ve made a positive impact on our environment.

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