Frugal Foodie Dines At Henry’s – Comfort Food Without Breaking The Bank On Martha’s Vineyard

Henry's Restaurant Fried Chicken Night Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard Dining

These cold nights provide an excellent reason to indulge in a little comfort food here on Martha’s Vineyard.

That’s why, when I heard about the amazing fried chicken at Henry’s at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown, I thought it it was time for a little Frugal Foodie dining out research.

I really enjoy Henry’s but especially during this time of year. The dining room is so cozy, and it’s easy to get lost in the moment. Also, the food is really good and the cocktails are too.

Fried Chicken Night 

Tuesday is Fried Chicken Night at Henry’s. Why Tuesday you may ask? Well, this girl loves a dining deal, and the fried chicken is only $10! Yes only ten bucks. How can you not go.

Being a fried chicken fan, I even secretly crave KFC now and then, I could not wait to get Henry’s chicken.

Fried Chicken Night at Henry's Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Dining Out Deal Frugal Foodie

When the meal arrives, it looks beautiful, crispy brown and practically calling my name. There were four pieces, the drumstick is my favorite, corn bread (which I slathered in butter), and wonderfully sautéed green beans, and I should mention that the chicken is organic.

Yes my friends, it was delicious. The buttermilk batter made for a light, crispy fried chicken that was nicely seasoned. Definitely about 12 steps up from KFC! I will be back again for this special for sure.

Henry's dining room Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard Restaurants Frugal Foodie

Clearly, I was not alone in enjoying my feast. Henry’s was quite busy and there were a lot of people talking about how good and how affordable the meal was. Seriously, $10? You can’t even get a pizza on Martha’s Vineyard for that.

Cocktails at Henry's Bar & Restaurant Harbor View Hotel Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

In addition, the cocktail list for the Winter months at Henry’s is fabulous, full of clever new cocktails and spins on old favorites. I happen to like the Room 237, a twist on a Manhattan.

Henry's Winter Specials Dining Out Martha's Vineyard Frugal Foodie

Henry’s Other Special Nights

If fried chicken is not your favorite, there are a number of other seasonal specials offered at Henry’s. Perhaps you might enjoy Peel N’ Eat on Thursday night which is peel and eat shrimp that’s been poached in Bad Martha beer. That sounds like a nice start to me, and once again it’s the magical $10.

Also, Wednesday night is Make Your Own Pasta night. Handmade pasta with topped/tossed with your own personal favorites. A sauce, a garnish and a cheese. Your choice, $10 and you can add on more for only a $1 per topping.

How about extra virgin olive oil with pancetta, baby Brussel sprouts, grilled chicken and Great Hill blue cheese – so many combos. I love this type of hearty food!

Make Your Own Pasta Night At Henry's Restaurant Edgartown Frugal FoodieDecisions, decisions!

As someone who likes to dine out, I really appreciate what Henry’s and the Harbor View Hotel team are doing to help make Winter a little more bearable for people. These affordable, delicious options can possibly help or encourage you to go out to eat at least once a week, maybe twice.

Henry’s does offer a kid’s menu. My kiddos love the pasta here, apparently it’s better than what I make at home. So, this is another spot you can go with the whole family.

Thanks for reading the On Point Blog. If you have other Frugal Foodie finds for us, let us know.

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