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Spearpoint Oysters

I remember last Summer seeing a man with a Spearpoint Oysters t-shirt and wondering to myself why I was not familiar with them. I have a thing for oysters from the Island – Katama Bay, Sweetneck, West Tis, Honeysuckle, Cottage City, etc. They’re such amazing and tasty bivalves.

Finally, I caught up with the man behind Spearpoint Oysters, Jeremy Larsen Scheffer, on one chilly January morning in Edgartown, and I am glad I did.

Spearpoint Oysters have a great story behind them. Jeremy is from the Island and is a member of the Larsen family. So, as you can imagine, he grew up on the water, fishing, playing, and it’s basically in his blood.

However, after graduating from Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School in 2001, he went to school at UMASS Amherst. When college was over, he travelled a ton, Spain, Central America, saw the world.

After that, he almost went corporate. A friend had a job opportunity at CBS, yes the television network. However, after a little thought, Jeremy said nah, and headed back to Martha’s Vineyard. He had seen the world, and knew that it was home, and there he would begin the next phase of his life.

Jeremy is not one to be inside. Just getting close to the ocean makes him feel alive. He needs to be by the water.

Growing up in family who has prospered on the water, it seemed natural that he would carry on the tradition. For money, he fished for striped bass, but, he realized that he might be following in his dad’s path. His dad, Roy Scheffer has been an oyster farmer for years. It’s hard work, but it’s rewarding and your office is the ocean, well most days.

Spearpoint Oysters

In 2010, Jeremy started Spearpoint Oysters. He has a spot in Katama Bay near his dad, and other Katama Bay oyster farms. So began his own legacy on the water.The name Spearpoint is a nod to one of this favorite hobbies as a kid. He loved going hunting for arrowheads from the Wampanoag tribe that has lived on Martha’s Vineyard for centuries.

Also, Jeremy has done a lot of research about oysters, and he learned that long ago, the Native Americans were taking oysters from brackish water and placing them in the ocean. They knew that the salt water made them tastier.

For Jeremy, working on the water, creating his own success is so rewarding. He believes that Katama Bay produces some of the best oysters in the country. He might be a little biased but I bet many others would agree.

The seed he uses comes from Muscongus Bay in Maine. With a lot of hard work, these little tiny things thrive in our bay. Jeremy is out there several times a week this time of year, cleaning and tumbling his little bivalve babies. It’s every day during the Summer.

By tumbling the oysters, the abductor muscle of the oysters gets bigger and really holds the oyster together. It makes the oyster harder to open but makes for a sweeter meat.

Spearpoint Oysters have a 3% brininess, which means there’s a good balance of saltiness and sweetness in the oysters, which is just how I like them.

Where Can You Get Spearpoint Oysters?

Jeremy’s oyster farm produces about 400,000 to 500,000 Spearpoint Oysters annually. Holy Shuck, right!!! He has a full time employee and a part-time summer employee in addition to himself.

The only place currently you can get Spearpoint Oysters on Martha’s Vineyard is The Lookout Tavern. There might be more places in the future, but sadly that’s it for now.

However, there about 30 places in the Boston area where you can have access to these little Island gems, including B & G Oyster, Rialto, and Aquitaine. These are some seriously amazing restaurants that highlight these beautiful oysters.

Every Wednesday, Jeremy delivers Spearpoint Oysters from the Vineyard to Boston. He loves the experience of connecting with amazing chefs. Seeing them get excited about his oysters and what they can make with them. There is such a sense of pride and connection.

With people really appreciating and wanting the farm-to-table or sea-to-table experience, Spearpoint Oysters, offers that for so many Bostonians. It’s a nice way to have a piece of the Vineyard year round, when Summer seems so far away.


Learning about the different oyster farms and fishermen and farms on the Island is definitely one of my favorite things to do. I have so much respect for the people who make their living on this beautiful Island and the waters that surround it.

Jeremy has a great story, and I love learning about the people behind the businesses on Martha’s Vineyard, and I have to thank Jeremy for a number of the pictures used. It was a little too cold for me to venture out on his oyster boat.

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