Going Green with Martha’s Food Cooperative (MVY Co-op)

Are you trying to reduce your footprint this new year? Trying to figure out how to lessen your dependence on plastics? Well the Martha’s Vineyard Food Cooperative can help you with your goals.

You have to be a member of the MVY Co-op to take advantage of its benefits. What are the benefits? Affordable, high quality food items and almost zero waste. Baffled? Let me walk you through the experience.

First, you sign up to become a member, click here. Memberships are individual/1-Adult Family ($49/6 months), 2-Adult Family ($69/6 months). However, you an offset some of the expense by volunteering to help with member item pick-up.

Then, you fill out what you want from an order form that is emailed to you. Pick-ups are four to five times a month. The food is offered at COST to members. MVY Co-Op has partnered with Vineyard Grocery to help make this pricing available.

BYO Containers

The food arrives and is placed in Mason jars. When members come to pick-up, they then transfer the food items into their own reusable containers. Orders are ready and waiting. If there are excess items available, members can purchase in addition to their order.

For me, it was fun to see people transferring their goods and marveling at the wonderful products they got. People of all ages were stopping by for pick-up. There are even some schools getting in on the discount – the Charter School and the Chilmark School have joined.

Member Selections

What kinds of foods are offered at MVY Co-op? Well, first I should mention that the products are 95% organic. This is important since it is adds a significant amount of value.

There are baking products like organic flour and cane sugar. There are dried fruits like dates and cranberries. There is a big grain selection (including Maine Grains), oats, pasta, rice barley and more, including things I have never had, like amaranth. I should mention that the organic popcorn kernels are a huge hit and typically sell out!

You can get whole grains and organic spices, loose leaf tea. There is a large assortment of legumes is available – lots of organic beans, lentils and peas! There are nuts and seeds like chia, flax, pumpkin, and walnuts.

Sometimes there are super cool additions like fresh produce from IGI, Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee or because it was close to Valentine’s Day, organic chocolate chips! Often, you will also find eco friendly products like bar shampoo, deodorant and more.

So, we’ve talked about the product. What’s the big reason to join in addition to reducing your carbon foot print? It’s the PRICES! They are incredible! Organic sushi rice is $2.86 lb. Organic rolled oats are $1.75 lb. Organic Quinoa is $2.90 lb. Organic cranberries are $4.00 lb. Amazing right? And it all looks so beautiful in its glass Mason jars.

The MVY Co-op can’t fill all you grocery needs at this point, but could you imagine if it could? It’s a great concept!

Creating MVY Co-Op

The co-op opened its doors to the public in September of 2019. Founder, Éva Raposa, had been ordering in bulk at Vineyard Grocer since 2010. She would often share the dry goods with friends and family. She thought about the co-op idea for a long time, and finally made it happen with Elio from Vineyard Grocer’s help.

Thank you photographer Anthony Esposito for this lovely photo of Éva Raposa

I remember when Éva started talking about this on Facebook. I love that she followed through on making it happen. People like her have the commitment and dedication to make a real change on the Island, and hopefully inspire others to do so. Thank you for sharing this dream with our community!

Where To Find MVY Co-op

Currently, you can find MVY Co-Op in Vineyard Haven, 15 Merchant’s Court #25. It is the same building as Rymes Propane’s office. Once you walk through the shared lobby of the offices there, it’s pretty easy to find.The exact address is 15 Merchant’s Ct. #25, in Vineyard Haven.

There are plans for a larger, new location next year. However, in the meantime you can become a member today to begin enjoying the benefits of MVY Co-op.

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