Gone Fishing – Gone To The Oak Bluffs Fish Market That Is On Martha’s Vineyard

Memorial Day weekend something wonderful happened for the town and people of Oak Bluffs. We got a fish market. Our very own place to grab fresh local fish, lobsters, oysters, and more.

A long time dream of owner, Sandy Fisher, came true — with the help of his friend and now manager, Shaun Fitzpatrick.

Oak Bluffs Fish Market Opens On The Harbor Martha's Vineyard

Located next to the Sand Bar & Grille and Jim’s Package store, you’ll find this great new addition to the Island. And may I just say I like the idea of one stop shopping – fish from the Oak Bluffs Fish Market and other necessary provisions from Jim’s and boom done. Ready for a Summer night on Martha’s Vineyard.

No longer do Oak Bluffs residents need to travel for their seafood. Not that Edgartown and Vineyard Haven are that far away, but avoiding 5 Corners and the Triangle does have its advantages this time of year.

Oak Bluffs Fish Market

I met with Shaun on a sunny Tuesday morning, and it was fun to see people stop by the market, their excitement at the thought of grabbing fresh fish for dinner.

It was also fun to be there for orders from chefs for tonight’s dinner menu. Shaun told me that chefs often walk down early in the day to place their order, see what’s available.

Oak Bluffs Fish Market Manager Shaun Fitzpatrick

Though the Oak Bluffs Fish Market just got it’s wholesale license, there are several local restaurants that carry their fish already. Here are just a couple: Jimmy Seas, Chowder Company, Lobsterville, Coop deVille, 20 By Nine, Garde East (blog to come soon), and Down Island.

Not only is it an easy location for chefs, but also for boaters on the harbor, people getting off the ferry, and of course people close to town. You can hop on your bike, and  in a couple of minutes you “caught” dinner.

Plenty Of Fish At Oak Bluffs Market

There was beautiful tuna available, and local cod, Chappy Oysters (from Sandy’s family) oysters, mussels, halibut, live lobsters, and so much more

Chappy Oysters At Oak Bluffs Fish MarketThey just purchased a steamer, so soon there will be prepared foods to go, like lobster rolls, and even get this, clambakes to go! You don’t necessarily need Menemsha. You can get takeout from here and head to Ocean Park or right to Pay Beach without the drive.

Fresh Tuna Steaks At Oak Bluffs Fish Market Martha's VineyardAlso, once Summer is here, the Oak Bluffs Fish Market will deliver. If you live in the Campground, around Ocean Park, or on East Chop, you can call your order and have it delivered to your door or should I say porch! Talk about amazing – this truly is.

Oak Bluffs Fish Market Food To Go Delivery Service Oak BluffsOak Bluffs Fish Market is open daily 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with extended hours in the Summer. When you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and find out what’s for dinner or even lunch!

This market is committed to freshness and supporting the local fisherman. Let’s support them by buying their fish and perhaps make it a year round business (which it hopes to be). It also offer shoppers affordable pricing!

ob fish marketTo find out more about owner Sandy Fisher, please read Oak Bluffs Fish Market – Bringing Fresh Fish to the Oak Bluffs On Martha’s Vineyard. I wrote this blog last year, however, the opening for the Oak Bluffs Fish Market was delayed a bit, but now IT’S OPEN!

You can learn more about the Oak Bluffs Fish Market on Facebook soon. In the meantime, just drive on up to be delighted! And don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

Also, you can give the market a call and see what’s just come in!

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