Laughter And Good Food Fast On Martha’s Vineyard At The Black Sheep Luncheonette In Edgartown

Black Sheep Luncheonette Martha's Vineyard Restaurants

From 11:00 a.m. t0 3:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday, the Black Sheep is serving up fresh, creative, delicious lunches. During the Fall and Winter months, Black Sheep is transformed into a great little luncheonette in Edgartown.

Here, you’ll find scrumptious specials and great sammies (sandwiches). Mondays feature Mexican-inspired food. Wednesdays are Asian-themed, and the other three days feature daily specials, such as soups, crackle bread pizzas, and more.

Black Sheep Luncheonette Edgartown Dining Martha's Vineyard

With seating for 15 inside and great outdoor space for these Indian Summer days, you can grab a bite there with a friend or to-go, depending on your schedule. You can even call ahead and have it waiting for you if you’re pressed on time.

Time For A Torta 

I happened to stop by on Monday. So, I had to try something from the Mexican Monday menu. The gentleman who was having lunch told me to get the torta. It was the best thing ever.

Black Sheep Restaurant Mexican Monday Lunch SpecialsWhen I asked the chef, Judy Klumick, what a torta is, she said it’s a traditional Mexican sandwich. Usually made with pork, but Judy did one with a grilled flatiron steak, a smear of refried black beans, avocado crema, queso fresco, pickled onions, radishes, and all on an amazing, warm crusty roll.

On the side came some beautiful house made slaw and avocado. And all together, it made a beautiful presentation.

Mexican Torta Sandwich At Black Sheep Restaurant Martha's Vineyard

OK. I will tell you it did smell like heaven and it was huge. However, after first bite of the sandwich, I knew it would all be consumed. It tasted so fresh and was such an interesting combination of flavors. It just disappeared. It was really good.

I’m thinking I need to come back on a Wednesday. If a sandwich can be that good, what can Judy do with a noodle bowl?????? I am curious. Let’s not forget to mention how amazing the crackle bread pizzas look (and taste), like this Nacho Pizza!

Crackle bread pizza At Black Sheep Luncheonette Edgartown

To accompany my sandwich, I got a DRY Sparkling Water. I chose the Lavender because you can’t always get a drink with lavender in it. It was as it says, floral and balanced. I had not heard of this beverage line before but I really enjoyed it.

Black Sheep LuncheonetteDRY Sparkling Water At Black Sheep Restaurant Edgartown

Chef Judy Klumick has a lot of fun with the menu. She is thoughtful with her flavor combinations and hits the mark. She likes to make food that’s a bit different.

It’s just her in the kitchen, Patti Canha on the floor, and Michael Lacek for house made pastries. However, this dynamic trio produces a great lunch and a great atmosphere.

Chef Judy Klumick Black Sheep Restaurant Luncheonette Specials Martha's Vineyard DiningI enjoyed my torta inside, enjoying a little conversation with everyone there, and loved watching people walking up and down the street too. It is such a little gem for lunch.

Pastry Chef Michael Lacek baking away At Black Sheep Martha's Vineyard

A word of warning. Many days, the lunch specials are gone well before 2:00 p.m. The food is so fresh, and what is made in the morning, is it for the day. Not that the sammies aren’t amazing I’m sure, but I feel like Black Sheep’s daily specials are where it’s at.

Black Sheep Luncheonette Serving Up Gourmet Lunch Specials On Martha's Vineyard

The luncheonette is open for lunch during the week until Christmas in Edgartown. So, that Monday, December 14th, you will no longer be able to enjoy Black Sheep’s creations. You’ll have to wait until April, when it reopens for the season.

Good thing there’s another month to eat up! In the Summer, it will return to the Black Sheep that many of you know and love.

Black Sheep Restaurant Edgartown Martha's Vineyard

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  1. Thanks so much for the sweet story about Black Sheep & my sister Judy. So glad I got to be there last Thanksgiving to experience it myself.

  2. Black Sheep is a great little place for a deliciously different lunch. That Judy is one crazy-good chef. Super yummy eats!

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