Made MV – Artist Co-Op Opens its Doors – Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

Before I am in full swing with food and restaurant blogs, I am loving the chance to find new Island artists. Not long ago, Made MV opened its doors. Made MV, located on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs, is an Island artist cooperative.

Made On MV Artisan Coop Featuring Martha's Vineyard Artists Oak Bluffs

So many artists don’t have a space to call their own, and doing the flea market circuit, though fun, can be hard for some. The solution? Made MV – where owner, Holly Lawyer, an artist herself, provides a place for artists to showcase their work.

Holly Lawyer Made MV Artist Cooperative Martha's Vineyard

Holly found it challenging not having a permanent space for the season for her art. Being an artist herself, she was not in the position to open a store just for her work. One day her friend suggested she open a store, but make it a co-op. This would help her and help a number of other Island artists who were in a similar position.

Made MV

Currently, Made MV features almost 25 Island artists, with more to come. The location is really great. Circuit Avenue gets some serious foot traffic during the Summer months, so you have a captive audience. Plus, it’s close to the beginning of the street which is an added bonus.

Martha's Vineyard Candles At Made MV Martha's Vineyard

There are range of things that might catch your eye, from Island edibles to candles to earrings to art. All make great souvenirs for visitors or great to have for yourself.

Holly loves art, she has forever, and has gone through different phases of what medium she focuses on. Currently, she is working on her jewelry line, a couple other fun things for the store, and of course her signature Scarf Dress.

Fashion Artist Holly Lawyer Scarf Dress At Made MV Oak Bluffs

You probably have seen these dresses at the Ag Fair. Holly, as a mom of three girls, wanted to design a dress that could grow with her children. Originally, the dresses were made from recycled scarfs, but evolved into fun cotton fabrics. First, it’s a dress, then can be worn as a tunic, and some are even reversible. How clever!

There are other Island jewelers featured as well. Something that really caught my eye, M.V. Fishskin Jewelry. The jewelry is actually made with fish skin, obviously treated. No one wants to smell like striped bass when heading out.

EarringsBut seriously, Dexter Nerney makes really cute earrings. I wasn’t sure what they were made of at first, but once you figure it out, it’s really cool. He marks what the fish was and in some cases when it was caught, like the 2015 Derby. What a fun find, and the price point isn’t high. Earrings run about $25.

Perhaps wearable art is not what you’re looking for. How about coffee? You’ll be able to get Chilmark Coffee at Made MV, finally an Oak Bluffs location. This coffee is great for you, a hostess, gift, souvenir and more.

So Focused Photography At Made MV Oak Bluffs Artisan CoopOf course there’s artwork for your walls, including So Focused Photography, which features Island themed photography. I really like these pics from under the pier in Oak Bluffs – so simple, yet so beautiful.

Island Rock Lamp Made MV Martha's Vineyard Artisan Store CoopSomething else that was really simple, but quite the piece was the Island rock lamp, by Lisa Leonard. The lamp base is made with a collection of rocks from the Island, an interesting way to have a little bit of the Vineyard in you home.

Bluewave Body Co

There are a lot of options at Made MV, and the bonus is that everything is made on Island, and most items are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, which makes each purchase a little more special.

Sea Glass ArtMade MV is currently open Thursday – Saturday, but will be open 7 days a week during the Summer months.

Made MV Artisans Coop Martha's Vineyard

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3 thoughts on “Made MV – Artist Co-Op Opens its Doors – Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Hi Holly,

    My sister and I were in your store on Tivoli days this year and we both bought items. You might remember she bought that silver map with the cut out heart necklace. We were in right around when you were closing. One of the items that I bought was a birthday gift for my mother-in-law. I just went wrap her gifts and the jar containing the scrub and oil leaked all over. It is the brown sugar body scrub with lavender. It is so odd because the plastic seal is still in tack around the jar.

    I am reaching out to see if I can get this replaced?

    Many thanks,
    Jackie Post

  2. Holly – I’ve misplaced info to contact you. Stopped by and found the shop locked, so my question is are you going to be open or planning to close for the winter? Whatever, I am happy to keep my items with you, but if you need me to pick up please call 7745499088 – Phyllis Dunn

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