Martha’s Vineyard Chef Ben DeForest Brings His Talent & Amazing Food To The Masses – The Red Cat Kitchen Hits The Ritz

The Red Cat Kitchen Hits The Ritz. That’s a hashtag you’ll see on Instagram and Facebook. What does this mean for all of us you might wonder?

Well, it means that we can all access the amazing food by chef Ben DeForest. By accessible, I mean meals that are $12 and under, and a daily “Blue Plate Special” that’s $10.

Red Cat Kitchen At The Ritz Martha's Vineyard Chef Ben DeForest Opens Pop Up Restaurant Oak Bluffs

Ben has been sneaking into The Ritz since he was 16, and since had an affection for “dive” bars. With this affection, also comes a love of its patrons. Add good food to the mix, and there’s the trifecta. And don’t forget that Ben enjoys jamming out every now and then with band, an added bonus.

Ben’s restaurant, Red Cat, has won a number of awards and has become one of the best places to dine on Martha’s Vineyard. In that tiny kitchen, he creates food that leaves people speechless. He never gets tired of bringing people joy with his food. However, not everyone can enjoy the Red Cat experience.

The Ritz Menu Chef Ben DeForest Martha's Vineyard Dining Out Off SeasonEveryone can now at The Ritz. Here, Ben still uses great ingredients, like pickles from Rock Pond and Island eggs (without the $2 up-charge) and creates food that is still amazing but is affordable too.

The menu is easy to understand, nothing exotic or hard to pronounce. It’s back to basics, basics done well. It’s like diner food that’s been elevated to a gourmet status, but at a dive bar.

In this other tiny kitchen, Ben makes food that feeds hungry people, for a good price. Crossing the alley from Red Cat to The Ritz seems crazy to some, but here he makes delicious food for everyone. The plan is to be year-round and that this will continue for several years.

Chef Ben DeForest At The Ritz Oak Bluffs RestaurantFor Ben, it’s the perfect triad. He’s got Red Cat, creates the menu for The Ritz, and works with the Tiny Baker (Erica McCaron) who is the pastry chef at Red Cat, Mocha Motts, and now The Ritz. It’s three iconic Oak Bluffs places all working together, elevating the food scene.

Food For Thought

Ok, so I know many of you might be thinking, “You want me to eat at the Ritz?” I am telling you that and yes you should eat at The Ritz.

First of all, I don’t think I could ever convey how good the food is there now. Yes the Tex-Mex introduced last year was good, but the food now is stupid good. Also, the bar has evolved over the last year and a half. It’s become one of the hottest night spots for a lot of people on the Island.

Dining at the Ritz Oak Bluffs Restaurant Martha's VineyardAlso, the space is going to continue to evolve, and before the music comes on. It is more conducive to dining. There are family style tables upstairs and plenty of room by the bar. I particularly like the little nook by the front window.

Now that I’ve gotten that out, it’s time to talk food. When I met with Ben, he offered to whip up a couple of things for me to try. Being a lover of food, how could I not? He started with Stewart’s Littleneck Chowder. Chowder is not my favorite thing these days. I’ve eaten too much in the past.

Chef Ben DeForest Clam Chowder Red Cat Kitchen At The Rtiz Martha's VineyardHowever, this masterpiece makes me eat my words. Ben’s chowder has no butter or flour in, gluten free my friends. It is light and fragrant, and tastes unbelievably fresh.

I consumed the whole bowl, missing valuable note taking, because I was so committed to this soup. Dip the buttered bread it’s served with, and you are at peace in the world. I can’t stop thinking about it. It is $9 but it’s a meal, and worth every penny.

Short ribs Blue Plate Special The Ritz Dive Bar Restaurant Martha's VineyardThen he served up the “Blue Plate Special” which happened to be short ribs, served with mashed and green beans. No surprise, the meat was fall apart tender and absolutely amazing and only $10. For real, no joke, $10. Patrons at The Ritz were loving this dish.

short ribs Special Chef Ben deForest Red Cat Kitchen AT The Ritz Restautrant Oak BluffsThere was talk about more food for me to try but I had to decline. I had just eaten two meals for lunch. Gluttony took over and I was under the spelll of well seasoned, beautifully presented food.

However, I would like to try the Fishcakes and Tarter Sauce with Lloyd’s Organic Pea Shoots and Some Other Stuff, The Reliable Burger on the Square (it’s square like Wendy’s), perhaps the Linguini and Balls or Ben’s current favorite the “White Boy” Enchiladas (homage to Larkin and Jackie’s Texas roots).

Martha's Vineyard New Restaurant Red Cat Kitchen At The Ritz Fish Cakes By Chef Ben deForestSome Other Stuff

When you look at the menu, you’ll see “Some Other Stuff” as sides. This is the perfect way for Ben to mix up the sides, sometimes daily or sometimes with the next dish.

There’s some of his humor sprinkled throughout the menu. They’ll catch your eye and perhaps make you grin. It’s actually quite perfect for The Ritz.

Also, note that the menu is an evolution. It’s currently menu number 5, so be prepared for changes the next time you visit. Ben likes to keep busy.

Things Get Sweet At The Ritz

In addition to chatting with Ben, the Tiny Baker herself, Erica, joined us. Not only can you satisfy your savory side but your sweet tooth can be indulged as well.

Erica is baking desserts for The Ritz, “Dive Desserts.” She has become one of the most talented dessert makers on the Island, and how great is it that she is bringing this talent to The Ritz.

Think amazing vanilla creme brûlée, her famous cheesecakes and more. Erica is super creative and fun with her sweets. She’s even brought back  “Dunkeroo’s,”  a spin on a classic but with homemade frosting.

Erica's desserts At Red Cat Kitchen At The Ritz Oak Bluffs New MenuWhen I was there, one of the specials was Rocky Road Rice Krispy Treats. I had to have one. With little marshmallows and mini chocolate chips and peanuts, it looked scrumptious. I had to take it to go. I could’t eat another bite.

Erica's Dive Dessert Rocky Road Rice Krispy Treat Red Cat AT The Ritz New Menu Martha's VineyardMy husband and kids were very grateful for this amazing after-dinner treat. It got four thumbs up. What a funny pair these make in the kitchen. He’s, well, he’s big Ben and she is this petite fierce baker. I love this pic by Tim Johnson (below).

Chef Ben deForest & Baker Erica McCaron Red Cat Kitchen At The Ritz Oak Bluffs - Photo by Tim Johnson

You can dine at The Ritz everyday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Don’t forget to checkout the “Blue Plate Special.” You can find it on the specials board or ask your server. During the holidays, look out for some specials, larger meals with a slightly higher price tag.

The Ritz Dive Bar Red Cat Winter Dining DealsI look forward to hearing about your experience with lunch or dinner at The Ritz. Also, don’t forget that The Ritz has live music almost every night #bestlivediveontherock.

Be on the lookout for Red Cat Kitchen at Ken ‘n’ Beck opening again in Spring 2016.

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