Martha’s Vineyard Mexican Food: Dilly’s Taqueria Opens In Oak Bluffs On Circuit Avenue

Martha’s Vineyard is getting a new Mexican Food Taco place! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Dilly’s Taqueria with owner Adam Rebllo before the opening day, Saturday, June 16th. Located on Circuit Avenue, next to Mad Martha’s, Dilly’s will fill your taco fix.

Martha's Vineyard Mexican Food Tacos Dilly's Taqueria Opens In Oak Bluffs

Adam, born and raised in Oak Bluffs, has been involved in the restaurant world for as long as he can remember. He’s tried to get away, but keeps on coming back. Over the last several year’s he’s been managing Coop de Ville restaurant in Oak Bluffs.

Along the way, he has always wanted his own Oak Bluffs restaurant. On May 1st of this year, that dream could become a reality. Another sandwich shop was slated to occupy the space next to Mad Martha’s but pulled out last minute. Adam found out, called building owner Patti Roberts, and just like that, he had a restaurant.

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Named for his and wife Guinevere’s (yes there’s another) daughter, Dillon, whose nickname is Dilly, this taqueria is going to be a great addition to town. With a menu full of taco, burrito and rice bowl options, all affordable, Adam wants to provide fresh, FAST, good food. He knows the customers’ wants after all these years.

Many of the ingredients are freshly made in house and there are even gluten free and takeaway options. The thing I am most excited for are the seasoned tortilla chips. There are going to be a couple different flavors to choose from, chile lime, salt & vinegar, tomato cilantro, plain and more. I like this idea, especially since flavored things are a big trend right now.

For Adam, he wants Dilly’s to appeal to everyone, from the day tripper, to the kid who just left basketball camp down the street and has $10 in his pocket, to Summer people — but especially the locals. He knows that if he can get them to be fans of Dilly’s, we’re talking tacos year round in Oak Bluffs.

He doesn’t want to provide gigantic tacos and burritos that are hard to eat. He wants his items to be a good size and easy to eat. He wants you to feel good about what you’ve gotten from Dilly’s, that the flavors and quality of product shine, not size. Also, be on the lookout for Dilly’s signature Street Corn, that you can grab and eat on the go.

While there a lot of great places to sit and eat on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs, there’s definitely a shortage of sandwich shops. I think Dilly’s will shine. I look forward to trying traditional bites and some signature eats as well.

Congrats Adam on making your Island dream come true! You’ve got chops! Pulling together a restaurant in less then two months, I look forward to the evolution of this family fun taqueria.

Dilly’s will be open for lunch and dinner, and late night (starting in July). You can take Dilly’s to go or stay and enjoy. Stay tuned for a follow-up with food pics!

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