Martha’s Vineyard New Restaurant: Sea Smoke BBQ New Sister Restaurant From 7a To Open In Oak Bluffs

Things are about to be quite different on Oakland Avenue in Oak Bluffs. 7a owners, Dan Sauer and Wenonah Madison, have purchased the old Smoke N’ Bones.

Sea Smoke BBQ Restaurant Martha's Vineyard Oak Bluffs Dining

Though it is going to remain BBQ, I think it’s going to be dramatically different BBQ. Hello, it’s food created by Dan. The rotation of seasons for me is partially determined by when the Roasted Veggie Melt is on the menu (Fall) and the Asparagus Brie Melt (Spring).

No but seriously, the food at 7a is delicious – so fresh, so simple, and yet so memorable.

Sea Smoke BBQ

Dan has been looking at this building for a while now because he has always wanted to do BBQ, and it’s been in his mind as a potential project. What makes this space so perfect? Well, the size, parking, and there is a smoker right outside the kitchen door, just waiting to be fired up again.

Sea Smoke BBQ Oak Bluffs Restaurant From 7a Martha's Vineyard

Outside, the building will get a fresh, new trim color. Inside, there will be a new color palette as well. It will feel lighter and brighter. There will be some changes, but the focus for this Summer is the BBQ!

Sea Smoke BBQ Oak Bluffs Restaurants

Dan is a big fan of Texas BBQ joints, many of which have more of a cafeteria set-up for getting food. This style lends itself well to BBQ food and makes the space really relaxed and interactive.

Think of cool trays, a beautiful BBQ displayed for your choosing. Create your own BBQ feast, ribs, chicken, pulled pork and more. Bask in the joy of messy, good BBQ prepared with careful attention and quality meat. I can’t even fathom how good it is going to be.

Sea Smoke BBQ

There will be beer, some good beer, and wine to add to the experience if you so choose.

Of course there will be kid friendly stuff, since Dan and Wenonah are parents, and let’s face it, many of  our kids would be mad if they missed out on BBQ.

If you were wondering where the name came from, it’s an homage to being surrounded by water, living on an Island. A great name to capture the essence of BBQ on an Island, and Smoke Bluffs, though fun, sounded a little more like a pipe shop. I think Sea Smoke BBQ is creative and makes you think of something beautiful and even a little mysterious.


A great new addition you’ll find is the takeout window. So many people have said they just want a place with easy takeout. How’s this for easy? It’s own designated window, and an app you can use to pay for it before you arrive. Just give them your name and you’re outta there. I love the sound of it. Technology is grand.

Sea Smoke BBQ Takeout Window

Also, just go across the street to Tony’s for your adult and kid beverage needs. Almost one stop shopping nestled in that little corner. How lucky am I that I live right around the corner.

The addition of Sea Smoke BBQ is a great bookend to the dining scene of Oak Bluffs. Right off of the Circuit Ave Extension, it’s a pretty walk from town, close to the beach, and there’s plenty of parking. I think this going to be a great addition to not only OB but the Island. We can’t wait Dan and Wenonah!

PS – I am not going to miss the red and yellow!

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4 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard New Restaurant: Sea Smoke BBQ New Sister Restaurant From 7a To Open In Oak Bluffs”

  1. Glad to see the old Smoke N Bones location back in operation. Went for dinner at Sea Smoke last night. Nice start to what I hope will be a forever restaurant. Suggestions:
    1. Presentation leaves much to be desired. Pulled pork is
    a delicious dish but just thrown on a tray looks like it was already chewed up and spit back up. Not a good look.
    2.Mac & Cheese was dry. Don’t skimp on the cheese. Its a major component in the dish.
    3.But, I will be back! Meat & chicken were moist & tasty. However, while waiting on line I was worried that I would not have a place to sit. Won’t be long before there’s a confrontation between someone who’s been waiting on line, has his food on a tray, is looking for a seat -VS-someone who’s saving a table while waiting for someone placing an order. A brawl just waiting to happen. 7a is a fantastic place. I’m certain that Sea Smoke will be the same.

    1. Hi Molly!
      So glad you went, and I think there are things they are working out. Opening a restaurant in July on MV is an adventure to say the least.
      I agre about the chicken – AMAZING! The pulled pork was so good too – maybe serve it with a brioche??

      It’s going to be such a great OB BBQ spot!

      1. Agreed! I chalked things up to it being the 1st week. If the owners are the 7a folks, I’m certain Sea Smoke will ultimately be one of the best restaurants on the island.

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