Martha’s Vineyard Restaurants: Where To Get The Best Breakfast

Every Sunday I look forward to going out to breakfast with my family.  It’s been a tradition that started in 2009 when I was pregnant with my first child.  I had to have pancakes on Sunday no matter what, and it’s been a tradition that we’ve carried on.  During the Winter months, I have some favorites that are on rotation.  I especially love a nice big, hot breakfast on chilly mornings, and because it’s the off-season there’s no wait!  I even try to sneak in a breakfast at one of these places during the week by myself.

Slice of Life

Slice of Life Restaurant

I love Slice of Life,on Circuit Ave, Oak Bluffs, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  However, it is their homemade biscuits that bring me back again and again.  Just today, I had the Cottage City, a fried egg sandwich with applewood smoked bacon and Cheddar on

Homemade Slice Biscuits

a fresh baked buttermilk biscuit – yummy!  It comes out piping hot, and the combination of ingredients is just perfect.  All this goodness for only $5.25.  Of course everything I have sampled from the breakfast menu is delish.  I should also give mention to their homemade scallion garlic potato pancake which accompanies many of their scrambles or you can order one on its own to add to you selection.  If you’re planning on stopping by, do so Tuesday through Saturday.  They are closed Sundays and Mondays.  Also, I have to congratulate owners, Jennifer and Chef Peter Smyth, on the birth of their baby  daughter, Jocelyn, who joins big sister Shealyn!

Artcliff Diner

Artcliff Breakfast

I think everyone likes to go to the Artcliff Diner in Vineyard Haven for breakfast, especially now that the wait isn’t too bad (though I still try to get there well before 9 am).  The menu really has something for everyone.  I like to check out the daily specials which are always inventive.  Another place known for its homeade goodies, their scones are to die for, and my husband loves their corned beef hash (not from a can no way).

I have a particular addiction here, raspberry brown sugar pancakes.  Just typing those words makes me hungry for them.  Though not on the regular menu, they are sometimes a special and are sooooo good.  To make me feel better about the mound of pancakes I consume, I get a side of their delicious chicken sausage.   Once again, everything I have ever had from the Artcliff menu has been fantastic, and don’t forget to check it out for lunch.  The meatloaf sandwich can feed at lease two people!  Come hungry but make sure you come Thursdays thru Sundays since those are the days they are open.  Don’t worry if you have to park outside of the parking lot, it’s worth the walk!

Edgartown Meat and Fish Market

Edgartown Meat & Fish Fresh Baked Bagels
Edgartown Meat & Fish Fresh Baked Bagels

Perhaps a surprsise to some as a favorite for breakfast, this new gem added to the island last  year in Edgartown (where Hollywood Video used to be), has the most fantastic bagels.  They are made fresh daily!  Pair a bagel with some of their homemade cream cheese, and some of the freshest salmon around, and you will be hooked.  An added bonus is the fact that they carry Starbuck’s coffee!  You can get that Caramel Macchiato you’ve been hankering for.  Grab a baker’s dozen of bagels for brunch or for yourself.  You can also stop by for lunch and try one of their gigantic, delicious sandwiches featuring Boars Head meats, and grab some amazing marinated chicken and a six pack of beer for dinner.  It’s one-stop shopping.  Just keep in mind that they are closed on Tuesdays.

Linda Jean’s

Linda Jean's Restaurant

Linda Jean’s, in Oak Bluffs, is a favorite among the breakfast crowd and has been since 1976.  It’s big, bright, and airy, and really has “diner food.”  Lots to choose from for breakfast, like one of my favs, the Sampson, two eggs, two pancakes, two sausage links (or bacon), and their signature orange wedge.  Also, I really like LJ’s homefries – always cooked just right!  When you walk in, you’re sure to know at least half the restaurant.  It’s very kid friendly too, as are all the other places I mentioned, but here, you have a lot of space and seating options including jumbo sized booths which kids seem to enjoy.  They’re open seven-days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You can go everyday if you like!!

As a woman who loves her breakfast, these are four of my favorites.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired to head out this weekend and sample some of the delicious breakfast creations these places have to offer.  I’d love to know your favorite breakfast spots on the Island, and your favorite meals there too!


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