Martha’s Vineyard Winter Tradition: Frugal Foodie Enjoys 2-For-1 Dining Out At Offshore Ale Oak Bluffs

Martha's Vineyard Restaurants: 2 For 1 Dining Out At Offshore Ale In Oak BluffsThe holidays are behind us. The days are still short. And sometimes you crave good pub food and a crowd, and that’s exactly what Offshore Ale’s 2-for-1 delivers. A Frugal Foodie off-season delight!

Monday nights on the Island are some of the best nights this time of year in Oak Bluffs. As you walk through the door, you’re greeted by the hostess, usually the lovely Renata and Helen, and welcomed to 2-for-1. If you’re lucky (before 7:00 p.m.) you’ll be brought right to your seat.

Offshore Ale Hostesses Renata & Helen Oak Bluffs Dining OutHowever, there usually is a short wait, but it’s worth it. With the fire going, good Pandora music in the background, and a sea of familiar faces, it’s where you want to be. The atmosphere is always good in this iconic Martha’s Vineyard restaurant.

Offshore Ale Oak Bluffs Restaurant 2 For 1 Dining Out Martha's Vineyard

Perhaps it’s the joy of getting something really good for free, because there is something special that seems to happen on this night. There’s a little extra sparkle, a buzz in the air. The staff feels it and so do the patrons, making for a fun night.

What To Get?

Ah decisions, decisions. Remember years ago when there were so many items on the menu that were not part of the 2-for 1-promo? Like salads or apps? Well, that ended awhile ago luckily.

Now, go crazy, get that beloved Pub Salad, a favorite of so many, add rare ahi-tuna or grilled chicken. Perhaps the Winter Salad is more your speed, loaded with roasted butternut squash. I like to add goat cheese to this one.

Winter Salad At Offshore Ale Martha's Vineyard Dining Out Specials

Did you know there are now three types of wings? There’s Salted Caramel, Teriyaki and Buffalo (hot). The Salted Caramel are a little different, but worth a try. I am also a sucker for the Grilled Brie, served with a baguette and roasted garlic, but my husband has vetoed this from my Offshore dining repertoire because of the garlic.

Hungry? The classics are always good. The Offshore Fish & Chips are some of the best on the Island, lightly breaded and fried. It doesn’t disappoint.

Perhaps you’re craving a little steak action? The Steak Kabobs are another personal favorite, but I get rid of the rice (easy to make at home) and sub mashed potatoes. Chances are you’ll have a little kabob or two for steak and eggs for the morning. If you’re hungry hungry, go for the Fried Chicken!

Offshore Ale 2 For 1 Monday Night Dining Special: Fried Chicken If You're Really Hungry

Don’t forget to check out the special, Mark, the chef, often runs a delicious filet special with his amazing Maytag blue cheese sauce. I want to put that sauce on almost everything. The Fish of the Day is usually an interesting option too, and tends to be prepared a bit more healthy than other options.

Lobster Mac At Offshore Ale Restaurant Oak Bluffs 2 For 1 Winter Special

The Lobster Mac & Cheese is definitely a crowd favorite, ooey and gooey, filled with lots of lobster and cheese. If you want to really go for something good and hearty, the Portuguese Stew is one of the house specialties that is not to be missed.

It’s loaded with littlenecks, mussels, cod, turnip puree, chorizo, kalamata olives, and a beautiful tomato fennel broth. It looks huge but it’s packed with good stuff that warms you up without weighing you down.

Of course there’s the pizza too. Fresh dough and the brick oven and the incredible pizza makers produce some of the best pizza on the Island. Everyone has their favorite, but every once in a while, it’s fun when people deviate from their usual.

As with the fish of the day, be sure to check out the Chef’s Choice — the pizza man’s nightly creation. From Hawaiian to the chicken broccoli alfredo sauce. or the occasional calzone, it might just be what you’re looking for.

Offshore Ale Cooking Chef Team Martha's Vineyard Dining Out Specials

There’s a great crew in the Offshore kitchen. They have fun and make great food.

Whatever you choose, know that the entree selected, that is least expensive, is the one that is free. If there’s six of you, then it’s the three least expensive. There is a strategy to getting the most of this twofer.

Beer Makes It Better

The other great thing about Offshore is the beer. I love the beer brewed here, and over the last couple of years, there have been some signature craft beers that have stolen my heart.

I love the Lazy Frog IPA, a beautiful, hoppy smooth IPA, and I am super psyched to have the Fog Cutter Porter back on tap which is made with Mocha Motts coffee. This dark, fragrant, medium malty beer is just a delight to have on these chillier days.

Great Beers Offshore Ale Restaurant Oak BluffsBrewer Neil Atkins and assistant brewer, Jay Bergantim, are a great team, and the dynamic duo just put Offshore’s winter warmer, the Mis Behavin’ on tap for the season. They are also busy bottling beer on site, so you can take 22 ounce bottles to go.

Assistant Beer Brewer Jay Bergantim At Offshore Ale Martha's Vineyard

This dining out promo lasts until the early Spring but it seems to fly by, so grab your friends or family, go often, hope for leftovers and enjoy.

Staff & Servers Offshore Ale Restaurant & Bar Oaks Bluffs Winter Dining Out Deals Martha's Vineyard

Stay tuned for more delicious Winter food deals as we are now in the Frugal Foodie season on the Island. The deals are out there and make dining out often a little more affordable as an option to keep busy.

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