MOKE Madness Comes To Martha’s Vineyard

Perhaps you have seen these fun little vehicles about town… as MOKE madness comes to Martha’s Vineyard and they are turning heads!

When I first saw a MOKE, I was smitten. They look like part dune buggy and part golf cart, the perfect Island electric vehicle. They just look like F-U-N! You can’t help but feel a twinge of envy when you see people in them driving by.

MOKE Madness Comes To Martha’s Vineyard – Renting A MOKE

Good news, you can now rent or buy a MOKE when on the Island. Martha’s Vineyard Auto Rental, with offices in Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, and Vineyard Haven, can rent you a MOKE today! Well, from late Spring to early Fall, it could get chilly driving those at other times of the year! An added bonus is that the top comes off!

MOKE madness comes to Martha's Vineyard Rent A Moke On Martha's Vineyard
Renting A MOKE On Martha’s Vineyard

I was excited to meet the owner of Martha’s Vineyard Auto Rental, Bryan Nelson. We met at one of his Oak Bluffs locations, 31 Circuit Avenue Ext. Bryan has been in the car rental business since 1994. At one point, he was doing car rentals as a side job, but loved it so much, he went full time, buying the business from his father.

He really enjoys meeting all the people that come to visit the Island, and most of the time, you’ll find him at the office behind Fishbones, meeting and greeting people. Now he’s adding to his clients’ experiences by offering MOKE rentals. Just like me, he finds them to be an excellent Island vehicle, and you’ll often see him driving one from his house in Edgartown to his Oak Bluffs location.

Martha's Vineyard Auto Rental Owner Bryan Nelson Rents MOKE vehicles the perfect Island car for getting around

MOKE Madness Comes To Martha’s Vineyard – A Fun Electric Vehicle

The MOKE is a great alternative to golf carts or mopeds. They are fun and safer for the streets. And like golf carts, they are a “low speed” vehicle. They are not meant for speed. The one I drove went about 30 miles per hour.

Electric Vehicle MOKE Madness Comes To Marthas Vineyard

They can travel for roughly 30 miles per charge and are really meant for village driving. They can travel from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown via Beach Road and to Vineyard Haven, via Beach Road. However, they are not able to go up-Island or on more major roads like Edgartown – Vineyard Haven Road. For someone who has a little bit of a lead foot, I didn’t care about speed, driving it was just so cool.

Island Driving In MOKE Electric Vehicle On Martha's Vineyard
Cruising In MOKE style On Martha’s Vineyard

The MOKE is soooooo quiet since it’s electric. When I started it, I didn’t even realize it was running. They are equipped with Bluetooth so you can cruise with your favorite tunes and even the steering wheel is awesome! Just beware, they are not that fast, but they are that FUN! I felt a little like a rockstar cruising in one. And don’t be surprised at all the looks and smiles you’ll get while being in them.

The Driving Cockpit Of The MOKE

MOKE Madness Comes To Martha’s Vineyard – Cruising Around The Island

Each one has a charger in a compartment in the back, so it can be charged when you’re not using it. One of the most commonly used charging stations for electric vehicles is at the Winnetu Oceanside Resort. So convenient because you can grab lunch there too or a cocktail overlooking South Beach while enjoying your MOKE outing.

During peak season, you can rent a MOKE for $179 a day. Offseason, they are $159 a day. I have to admit that these things are a blast to be in. There is something so fun about being in one. It truly makes you feel like you are on vacation, experiencing the same roads in a special way.

To rent your MOKE with Martha’s Vineyard Car Rental today, call 1-800-627-6333. There are white ones and blue ones available with more colors and more MOKE coming for 2020.

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*If you would like to have your very own MOKE, check out MV MOKE. MV MOKE is the official retailer for MOKE on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

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