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Seven years ago, Natalie Grewal came to Martha’s Vineyard for a summer to work. The British Columbia native fell in love with the Island — and a man too.

She came back between breaks from college and worked at Back Alley’s (Garcia’s) for a number of summers.

She loved the daily interaction with the locals and visitors. She made a number of friendships and felt connected to the community, and felt at home — a big deal, since her home is on the other side of the country.

These days, Natalie calls the Island her home year-round. She and Andrew are engaged, and getting married this September on the Island. They’ve decided to put down roots here, and open a business together.

Nat’s Nook

Owner Natalie in Nat's Nook

Since moving here, Natalie fondly thinks back to her days of working at Back Alley’s, and the idea of opening a coffee shop has always been on her radar, and now it’s going to become a realty.

On June 9th, Natalie will be opening Nat’s Nook, which will be a coffee house and creperie. Yes, I said creperie, and let’s explore that a bit before we talk about the coffee house, because it’s such a different concept.

Crepes & Coffee

Nat’s Nook will have a menu full of wonderful crepe combinations for breakfast and lunch.

For breakfast there will be a number of options, some of which are pretty healthy. Craving savory? You could try the Egg & Spinach which has mushroom and goat cheese (yum).

Feeling sweet? You might want Yogurt & Fruit with vanilla yogurt, honey and fresh blueberries or strawberries.

Lunch has a lot of options, and if you’re starving you can have your crepe on bread – not just any bread but Pain D’Avignon (the same at Quick’s Hole Tavern).

You can have a shrimp crepe with cilantro, mushroom, goat cheese, green onion, and a spicy Thai peanut sauce. Maybe the Greek Crepe sounds better which is arugula, red onion, kalamata olives, cucumber, feta, and dressing.

There are sweet options too, like the S’more with a rich chocolate sauce, melted marshmallows and crumbled graham crackers. I think my kids would love this one. You’ll be surprised and delighted by all the options!

There will also be pastries, bagels, and other goodies to tempt you when you’re there, including Natalie’s homemade muffins.

Rao's Coffee RoastersNat’s Nook will be serving Rao’s Coffee Roasting Company, which is based in Amherst, MA. I am not familiar with it, but after reading the company’s website, it looks like we might be in for some good coffee. I hope Natalie brings in Rao’s Sicilian Roast which is described as a dream for any dark coffee drinker, and I like the sound of that!

In additon to Rao’s, Nat’s Nook will have Chilmark Coffee, and you’ll be able to buy both brands of coffee there. It’s always nice to see people using local goods too. We’re big fans of Chilmark Coffee!

At Nat’s Nook, there will be a selection of hot teas, and Natalie is creating an iced tea bar, where you can enjoy a couple different, refreshing options. And you know we like options.

A Coffee House In Vineyard Haven

Nat's Nook

What makes Nat’s Nook a coffee house rather than a coffee shop?

Well, I think it’s because it’s an intimate space. The warm tan walls are soothing, there’s wifi, and it’s cozy, almost homey. It’s a cozy nook of a coffee spot. Aptly named.

You can see Natalie’s influence in the design. Some of her favorite quotes from  famous people adorn the walls, and more soft, homey touches.

She laughs about some of things, saying that she’s a corny, romantic. I think she’s adorable and light and fun and it shows.

Nat's Nook

You can also see her fiancee, Andrew’s design. He is more modern. For example, the chalk board menus that hang on the awesome exposed rock wall behind the counter. They’re pretty cool.

Nat’s Nook is merging of Natalie and Andrew’s style, which is kind of sweet to say, because in a couple of months, they’re be merging their lives together.

Nat's Nook

Let’s talk location. It’s where Che’s Lounge used to be. Yikes, you might say, but not to worry.

Part of the charm of the space is that it’s smaller and tucked away. Natalie wants a place that’s off Main Street, a place that feels homey and welcoming, where you can sit and get lost in your own world.

Nat's Nook

There will also be outdoor seating on the patio. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy your coffee and crepes in a quiet setting and watch the world pass by, a short distance away.

Nat's Nook

I think the outside space is going to be great. The tables they’re using are nice. The fabric they’re hanging to provide shade is nice, and the landscaping that Natalie plans to do will really set it apart from other places.

They’re even redoing the brick pathway from Main Street.

Book exchange Nat's Nook

To encourage the space to be welcoming and have people stay, there’s even a book exchange. You’re welcomed to exchange a book you’ve read with another one. I think this is so cool, and once again quite different for the Island.

I like that Natalie wants people to stay and hang out and be comfortable in Nat’s Nook. I think it’s a good concept on for the Vineyard.

As someone who frequents coffee shops to write my blog, I am looking forward to adding Nat’s Nook to one of my favorite places to write and be inspired at.

Nat’s Nook will be open year-round. As of now, the hours will be from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I am hoping for some evening hours too, but we’ll see.

Once it’s open, we’ll follow-up so you can see the full transformation of the space, inside and outside, and of course how delicious the crepes are. I am looking forward to visiting Nat’s Nook again, and wish Natalie and Andrew much success.

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5 thoughts on “Nat’s Nook – Vineyard Haven’s Newest Creperie & Coffee House”

  1. What a terrific addition to Vineyard Haven. The coffee house is a cozy and welcoming place to relax with friends and enjoy great coffee and scrumptious crepes. Congratulations Natalie and Andrew on all your hard work and creative thinking. The new venue is certainly going to be a success and a treat for us all. Love, Mom Robin

  2. Congratulations! Having seen Natalie grow up from 5 years old to the amazing woman she is today, I am so thrilled for her. To have the courage to travel so far from home, to have the ambition and dreams, to follow through on them, and to find a wonderful partner to share and encourage her is all amazing. Who will not fall in love with this talented friendly warm woman and all her creations. I am so proud to read these articles and follow her success. I only met Andrew once briefly but am impressed with how he is helping Natalie succeed. I always wanted to visit the famous Martha’s Vineyard and now I have an even bigger reason to go there. Congratulations and wishing you success Natalie and Andrew. Love from BC, Maureen Macdonald

  3. Hey there!!!! Have been coming to the Vineyard every July for 20 some years….walked into Nat’s Nook (aka natalie’s place?) and felt a surge of soft, gentle energy surround me. The girl who helped me(just coffee and a cookie that surpassed any I have tasted in a very long time)was so sweet and real. When I asked about a piece of artwork I liked I think it was Natalie who laughed a bit and said Walmart on sale for 5 dollars!!!!! Talk about natural and unpretentious! Of course went in again for another cookie, another day… outlandish as this favor may seem would you consider giving me the recipe for the chocolate chip cookie? I would only bake it for me and my kids who live in Jackson , Wyoming, to whom I send cookies as a way of sending my love……would you consider it?????

    1. Dear Deb,
      So glad you had such an amazing experience at Nat’s Nook! It’s a great spot! Also, thank you for reading On Point. Enjoy the Summer!


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