New Horizon Hot Air Balloon Art Experience Comes To Long Point Beach On Martha’s Vineyard

Imagine how beautiful Long Point is….the drive down, the perfect stretch of sandy beach, the sounds of osprey flying above. Now, imagine lifting into the sky in a hot air balloon, though tethered, and seeing all of that from above. See the island in a way like no other with the New Horizon hot air balloon experience.

New Horizon Hot Air Balloon Sunrise Experience at Long Point Beach On Martha's Vineyard

It’s not just any ole hot air balloon, it’s a reflective hot air balloon. The Trustees are producing this art meets nature experience on Martha’s Vineyard.

New Horizon Hot Air Balloon – Once In A Lifetime Art Experience

Here’s how The Trustees describe the event: “Come experience artist Doug Aitken’s incomparable vision, the once-in-a-lifetime wonder called New Horizon – a 100-foot-tall hot air balloon floating over our inspiring landscapes reflecting and illuminating the world in new and unexpected ways. Its appearances initiate live events — happenings that are each unique gatherings of brilliant minds and groundbreaking artists. Exhilarating music, intriguing conversations, plus food and drink, mean fun for all ages“.

New Horizon Hot Air Balloon Art Experience Created By Artist Doug Aitken For The Trustees on Martha's Vineyard

New Horizon Hot Air Balloon – Sunrise Experience

Still curious? When on the reflective balloon, you will experience a connection to nature unlike any other. You are completely surrounded, it’s exhilarating and inspiring. An incredible way to start the day. New Horizon Sunrise Experience is a morning event which includes breakfast and beverages and it’s happening this weekend, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., July 12th, 13th & 14th.

New Horizon is more than a reflective hot air balloon. It is a multifaceted art experience that excites all the senses. See all that surrounds you from land to sky, smell the air, feel the wind in your hair, taste the salt in the air, hear the sounds from far above the Long Point shoreline.

New Horizon Hot Air Balloon Fundraiser

This event is not only going to be memorable, it is also a fundraiser for The Trustees. The Trustees is the largest conservation group in Massachusetts, and the group has a large footprint on the Island as well. They have countless properties that they preserve and keep special for not only today’s enjoyment but for future generations.

The new Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Executive Director, Sam Hart, an Islander himself, is in awe of the New Horizon experience. He is happy that The Trustees can offer people on Martha’s Vineyard this incredible chance to experience the beauty of a Trustees property and the Island, in a once-in-a-lifetime way. From talking to him about the event, I feel like there are no words that can explain how magical the New Horizon experience will be.

Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Executive Director, Sam Hart, of The Trustees

In addition to Long Point, The Trustees also manage the FARM Institute, Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, Mytoi, the Brickyard and Norton Point. These are just a couple of the properties that they care for that help make Martha’s Vineyard so special and beautiful. For a full list of the properties The Trustees manage, click here.

New Horizon Hot Air Balloon Event Schedule

If you are not going to be here for this remarkable event, not to worry. New Horizon begins with Long Point Wildlife Refuge in Martha’s Vineyard on July 12, but there are stops in the greater Boston area, and the event ends on July 28, in the Berkshires.

Tickets for New Horizon Sunrise Experience are limited. For tickets and information on other Martha’s Vineyard New Horizon events, click here

A special thanks to Ami Sioux for the photos of New Horizon and to the Trustees for their property images!

The Trustees Conservation Group Martha's Vineyard

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