New Travel Rule For Visiting Martha’s Vineyard And The Rest Of Massachusetts

We wanted to let you know about the Travel Rule for visiting Martha’s Vineyard — and the rest of Massachusetts — in effect since late last summer. In an effort to combat the spread of Covid-19, any visitor whose coming from a “higher risk” state is now required to file a Massachusetts Travel Form. Click here for the form.

If you’re arriving from a higher risk state, you will need to have either a negative COVID-19 test result that has been administered up to 72-hours prior to your arrival in Massachusetts or to quarantine for 14 days, or some combination of the two. More details.

New Travel Rule For Visiting Martha's Vineyard - States That Are Exempt
Enjoying Martha’s Vineyard At Inkwell Beach Oak Bluffs

New Travel Rule For Visiting Martha’s Vineyard – States That Are Exempt

The list of states exempt from the rule continues to update and change, as pandemic conditions continue to change across the country. As of March 3rd, the lower-risk states only include Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, Missouri, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. If you’ve been in any of those states or territories for 14 days or longer prior to arrival, the travel rule does not apply to you. The list changes frequently. Check for any “low risk” state updates.

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The Travel Rule For Visiting Martha’s Vineyard Is Not A Travel Ban

This is not considered a travel ban, as the Travel Rule gives you four options that still enable you to come to the Vineyard, including getting tested here. Drive-up testing for anyone who calls ahead or makes an online appointment is available Monday thru Friday. To make an appointment call TestMV at 877-336-9855 or apply online. No doctor’s referral required.

As in many locations across the country, test result times will vary, and may get backed up. Ranges on Martha’s Vineyard have been two to five days.

Point B will not be checking or collecting the Travel Forms (or test results). You submit the form directly to the state. As the traveler, it is your responsibility to be in charge of your actions.

Statewide Mask Requirement For Going Out In Public

Massachusetts also requires masks/face-coverings any time you are out in public (outdoors or indoors). In addition to all stores, restaurants, and attractions, that of course, also includes the Steamship Authority Ferries.

If you have any questions, you can always check in with the Point B Rental + Guest Service Team by email or call us at 508-627-4567 ext 1. Looking For A Vacation Rental On Martha’s Vineyard – Try Our Most Popular Searches For Vacation Rentals.

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