Not Your Sugar Mamas, A Sweet (& Healthy) Additon to Edagartown – Martha’s Vineyard

Not Your Sugar Mamas Chocolate Comes To EdgartownStarting today, you can satisfy that need for chocolate in both Edgartown and Vineyard Haven.  Not Your Sugar Mamas (NYSM) opens the doors to its new location on Winter Street in Edgartown, next to Humphrey’s (which is open by the way).

Not Your Sugar Mamas Owners Bennett Coffey and Ky Keenan in front of their new store Edgartown StoreBennett Coffey and Kyleen (Ky), Keenan, now in their second years of business, have really expanded the Not Your Sugar Mamas line.  In case you don’t know what NYSM is, it’s raw chocolate.  That means that it is  gluten free, sugar free, and every ingredient used is pronounceable.

They are the only certified organic chocolate company on the Island and even the Cape, and you’ll be pretty amazed at just how good this chocolate makes you feel.  It’s almost guilt free.

Be Local

Be Local Chocolate Bar From Not Your Sugar Mamas - Chocolate Martha's Vineyard Honey, Sea Salt, LavenderLet’s talk about what’s new this year.  The newest chocolate bar is Be Local.  I think Ky and Bennett know my weaknesses.  It’s delicious NYSM chocolate with local honey from Martha’s Vineyard Honey Co., sea salt from Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt, and of course a little locally grown lavender.

Sweet, rich, salty, creamy, yummy – this chocolate bar makes you feel like you’re being Be Local chocolate Bar Not Your Sugar Mamasnaughty, but you’re not.  You’re eating ingredients that will help you feel good, energized.  Last year I raved about the Be Fresh, but Be Local knocked my socks off.  It’s a must try for anyone who likes chocolate and seas salt as a combo.

Superfood Smoothies

NYSM has introduced Superfood Smoothies to their menu.  These are the kind of smoothies that can replace a meal.  Each one is loaded with superfoods, and a little secret – they all have avocado in them.  You won’t be able to tell, but it will help you have one smooth, filling smoothie.

NYSMInterest piqued?  Here are some of the flavors to tempt you: Be Strong- mango, banana, avocado, and Be Strong (protein, mesquite, cacao).  Be Smooth — a creamy blend of cacao with strawberry, banana, avocado, coconut water and Be Happy (cacao, spirulina, maca).  I know you might wonder about some of the ingredients but the cacao and fruit make them taste really good, and all those healthy ingredients are a nice boost to a regular smoothie.

NYSM = good food!

A New Place for Breakfast in Edgartown

We are what we eatIn addition to the smoothies, NYSM will also offer their Love Scones, muffins, cookies (healthy ones of course).  And just like in the Tisbury Market Place location in VIneyard Haven, they will be offering Chilmark Coffee, the Dandy and more.  How great to have another place to grab breakfast on the go in Edgartown.  You can stay too, but I love having options, and smoothies are such a great way to start the day.

Charly & her Be KookieNYSM is not just for breakfast.  They have something on the menu for everyone, even those who think that NYSM might be too different for them.  Just ask, and you can find the perfect NYSM food for you.

Perhaps the Be Kookie might be something to try.  TheseBe Kookie chocolate cookies are packed with nutrient rich ingredients, and baked in small batches so they’re extra fresh.  Even my two year old couldn’t stop eating them.  These are cookies you can feel good about giving yourself and your little ones.  That’s something that I really like.

When to Go

cookie dough trufflesSince it’s still early in the season, NYSM in Edgartown will be open Thursday – Sunday, 8:30 a.m. -3:00 p.m., with longer hours starting in the Summer.  NYSM at the Tisbury Market Place in Vineyard Have is open seven days a week, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Whichever location you visit, don’t forget to bring treats back to the family or office!  Perhaps some cookie dough truffles?

raspberry frosting on vanillaIf you think about it, the NYSM in Edgartown is really the first of its kind, a health food store.  Though it’s full of tasty things, NYSM really is about eating healthy.  You can literally have your cake and eat it too.  Perhaps these cup cakes with chocolate, raspberry frosting will convince you if you have any doubts!

Want to Know More?

If you want to know more about NYSM and it’s ingredients and its founders, Ky and Bennett, check out  Not Your Sugar Mamas – Raw Chocolate Made here on Martha’s Vineyard, or just stop on by.

I have to run, my daughter just stole my last Be Kookie!

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