Off Season MV: A Series of Artisan Pop-Ups On Martha’s Vineyard

With the season winding down, please note that Summer is not over just yet. Martha’s Vineyard jewelry designer, Nettie Kent, has created a series of carefully curated pop-up shops to showcase local artists and other designers/artists that she admires.

Martha's Vineyard Off Season Artisan Pop Up Events

This series is known as Off Season MV. The launch party featuring Nettie Kent, and Lindsay Robinson was hosted at Tea Lane Farm on Middle Road in Chilmark.

MV Off Season Artisan Pop Up Events On Martha's Vineyard

The space could not have been more idyllic. On the property, there’s a circle of large trees and the space inside was where Off Season MV was. There were twinkly lights, Rosé, a gorgeous cheese board, and many friendly faces.

It was fun to catch up with people, and try things on with friends, getting their feedback for potential purchases. Women were helping each other with clothing and jewelry everywhere you looked. There were a lot of smiles and laughing.

When I am Up-Island, I feel so much more calm. Perhaps it is all in my mind, but I find the bucolic scenery and relaxed vibe, changes and calms my energy. Shopping in this space was really lovely.

Seeing the different clothing on people, the colors and shapes was so fun. When someone found “the piece” that stole their heart, you could see the joy. It was so nice to share these moments.

I really loved shopping Nettie’s jewelry with local Conrado clothing designer, Angela Sison. She and I ended up with the similar earrings, me with silver, and she got the slightly larger ones in gold. Sometimes you just need someone to give you that extra little push to feel good about your purchase.

Off Season MV is wonderful way to get people together and support these incredible small businesses. It’s also a great reason to grab a girlfriend or two and make a night of it.

Nettie plans to host several more of these pop-up shops throughout September. If you’d like to find out when the next one is, you can sign up here I should mention that cash and credit cards are welcome.

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