Martha’s Vineyard Restaurant Alert: New Chef & Oyster Night At Lambert’s Cove Inn & Restaurant-West Tisbury

Chef Michael Rottman Lambert's Cove Inn & Restaurant West Tisbury Photo Courtesy Jocelyn Filley PhotographyLambert’s Cove Inn & Restaurant is shaking things up in West Tisbury.  First the inn and restaurant are now open year round, and they have a new Executive Chef, Michael Rottman.

Yes, the beloved Mikey from L’etoile and Fishbones. The last day of February was his first day, and he has wasted no time adding a little fun to the menu.

Thursday Night is Oyster Night @ The Cove

Oyster Night At Lambert's Cove Inn & Restaurant Martha's Vineyard DiningYes, many Martha’s Vineyard restaurants have done an oyster night, but not like this.  Usually it’s a simple menu, like they’re $1 a piece.  But, Mikey has quite the adventurous oyster menu – both hot and cold, using Katama Bay and West Tisbury Wilds.

Let’s talk hot first.  There are different preparations to choose from, Rockefeller, Au Gratin, Sweet Chili, and Pernod Creme.  Of course, I had to have one Rockefeller.  This is not your grandma’s version — it has arugula, panko and butter with Parmesan.  A little crunch, a little sweetness from the butter, add to the saltiness of the oyster – perfect.

I also had to try the Sweet Chili.  An oyster with a little coconut milk, lime, and of course chili, a little piece of heaven.  Sweet, salty, and spicy — all in one mouthful.  A new favorite.

Strawberry Mignonette Oysters From Chef Mikey Rottman Lambert's Cove Inn & Restaurant West TisburyNow onto the cold oysters, where you can choose from six different styles, Horseradish Creme, Stawberry Mignonette, Blood Orange Mignonette, Preserved Lemon Mignonette, Prosecco Sorbet, and of course traditional (unadorned), with lemon.  I know that you’re already craving one of these, so let me add to the want.

I tried the Strawberry Mignonette which was a sweet and tangy, with strawberry, shallot, and champagne vinegar.  I would have never thought of this combo, but it was fantastic.  So cool and refreshing and fun for the palate.

I also had to try the Prosecco Sorbet.  What??  Three favorite things in one enticing bite, an oyster, a little Prosecco sorbet, and prosecco.  It was unbelievable. These are addictive, and you will remember these, and go back for more.

Enjoying Oyster Night At Lambert's Cove Inn & Restaurant Martha's Vineyard DiningAll of these amazing oysters are onely $2 a piece, though I feel like I should be paying more.  Could Lambert’s Cove be the next place you want to stop by as the first place on your night out?  Don’t forget they are serving dinner as well on this night.

Much to my surprise, there was a good selection of beers and wine by the glasses to accompany these briny treats.  From Offshore Amber to Brooklyn Lager to Bud Light, there’s something for everyone.  For wine enthusiasts, they offer a great selection of both red and white, and you’re sure to find one to complement your food.

Friday Fun

Chef Michael Rottman Adding Final Touch Lambert's Cove Inn & Restaurant West TisburyAs if Oyster night wasn’t enough of a reason to head Lambert’s Cove Inn, the Chef is also offering three for $30 on Friday nights.  This includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert.  One entree in particular I have to mention — the Surf & Turf.  I’ve never had it like this before, Diver Sea Scallops, and Short Rib Ricotta Raviolo, Carrot Puree, Crispy Lambert's Cove Inn & Restaurant Surf & Turf Martha's Vineyard RestaurantsProsciutto, with a Madeira Sauce.  A work of art created by the Chef, both visually and taste wise!

And a little teaser about dessert.  One of the choices is White Mouse Stuffed Crepes with Carmel and Raspberry Coulis.  These are just a couple of the items from the three for $30 menu that’s being offered.  For the rest, and there are some other great options, you’ll have to go and see.

The Best is Yet to Come

These two inspired wallet friendly evenings are for a limited time.  Come late Spring and Summer, these will go on the back burner, but will most likely be back during the Fall.  Don’t dismay, Lambert’s Cove is now open year round and will be offering a lot more fun, enticing specials for us every season.  

Perhaps they’ll even host a poolside brunch.  I can imagine that the Prosecco Sorbet Oysters are even more delicious in the sun with a Mimosa.  Hmmm, this brings me to a happy place.  The pool there is amazing!

The menu for the next couple of months will consist of more hearty, comforting seasonally influenced food, but Chef Michael Rottman is so ready for the Summer months, when he’ll have access to a wider variety of local grown ingredients to play with.  Whether it’s herbs from the garden at the Inn, the prodce from Whipporwill Farm or the catch of the day from local fisherman, Mikey is ready.

Sous Chef Stephen Russo & Chef Mikey Rottman Lambert's Cove Inn & Restaurant West TisburyMany may not know, but Mikey is a classically trained chef, and he is in his element with fine dining.  It’s here he can be most creative and let his passion for cooking come through.  There is more use of technique and access to diverse ingredients.

Also, his sous chef, Stephen Russo has a similar background, and both have recently left more casual restaurants to go back to fine dining.  Both also share a desire to create delicious, creative dishes.

Perhaps I shouldn’t call it fine dining, since that can make you think of a jacket and tie when you can wear jeans to the restaurant.   Though the decor of Lambert’s Cove is a bit more traditional, the food and the staff are welcoming and fun.  Also, the great music helped add to the fun, a little Etta James crooning  in the background.

Manager Jason Todd Lambert's Cove Inn & RestaurantThe restaurant manager, Jason Todd, is working with Mikey to help establish Lambert’s Cove as a staple for dining year-round.  A place that is more for weekly dining than special occasion dining, and so far it, seems like things are moving in the right direction.  I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

A little side note, in the dining room, there are 42 monkeys throughout the room.  Perhaps you can find them all on your next visit.

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