Raising the Spirits of Edgartown, Rosewater Wine & Spirits Opens – Martha’s Vineyard

I can still remember when Rosewater Market opened its doors in July of 2015. The food, the look, how everything looked like it belonged and was something you needed in your life. Such a wonderful addition to Edgartown and the whole Island, a place I cannot stay away from.

Rosewater Wine & Spirits

Fast forward to Spring of 2017, and now Rosewater Wine & Spirits has opened its doors (May 5th). I expect this too will have an impact on Edgartown. Julia Celeste, from Rosewater, and her partner (boyfriend), Zach Tarka are behind this new venture.

Like the Rosewater we know, this Rosewater will be carefully curated. Each wine, spirit, and beer has been hand selected. There is a great selection of locally sourced items, and some classics of course.

Zach & Julia

For the wine, Julia and Zach partnered with Island sommelier, Sam Decker (Atria), whose passion and knowledge is unparalleled. They wanted Rosewater Wine & Spirits to have a selection of good favs, but also of wines from smaller vintners that are up and coming.

Julia and Zach have been immersed in education about the products they’re carrying. For them it’s being able to offer an experience when shopping for beverages. One of their tag lines is “Drink Something Different.”

Drink Something Different

For Zach, who has year’s of bartending experience,  he’s excited about the whiskey selection. He is a big whiskey fan, and really learning about what you love, and being able to share it is amazing. Whiskey is the “sweet spot,” you can do so much with it.


How about a whiskey aged at sea for all those water loving people in your life, Rosewater has that! They have quite the diverse selection.

He’s also so knowledgeable about spirits that are just coming into popularity, like Mezcal. Zach can tell you the process of how it’s made, how it’s different from Tequila (and it is), and how to drink it.


I should also mention that Rosewater Wine & Spirits even carries some lesser known items, like Cynar, and artichoke liqueur. This is a favorite mixer of my friend, Skylar, and how great it no longer needs to be special ordered!

CynarIf you talk with Julia, she is excited about the selection of larger bottles of wine and champaign, the magnums of the world. She asks, “Have you ever brought a magnum of wine to a party?” Sadly I have not, but she said it’s a game changer. People get excited. It’s fun, a little bold, and always adds to the party.

Rose!Also, magnums tend to not be as expensive as people think, and looking at Rosewater’s pricing, she’s right. I think I might try the big bottle of something nice for a summer gathering or too. After all, I do like a good wine.

Speaking of wine, the Rosé selection offered is stunning, gorgeous packing (cans too), and  a number of really good bottles.

And don’t even get me started on the beer. Of course they have our local brands, Offshore, Bad Martha and Wash Ashore, which I love, but the selection of additional beers, many small batch, craft breweries, is almost dizzying. The picture below is a small tease of what you’ll find in their cooler.

Beer coolersHow to choose?!?! I stopped by before Rosewater Wine & Spirits was open, but I need to go back ASAP and get the Ballast Point, Sea Rose, tart cherry wheat ale (yum).

Ballast point

In addition to the beverage selection, there will be a carefully curated selection of goods that go well with said beverages. And you know that Julia has an incredible eye for fun and whimsical things that people love.

For example, how cool is this Sea Sail bag? It has side pockets for your beer/wine to keep them separated, and from clanging all around, and then in the middle is a place for ice. There’s a little drain in the middle for the water from the ice melting.

Sea Bag

Can you say “perfect beach companion?” I love it! I can’t wait to see what other treasures will be found in this new space on Main Street in Edgartown.

sea Bag

Rosewater Wine & Spirits is opening on Friday, May 5th. Be sure to stop by. On Saturday, May 6th, Julia and Zach will be hosting a good old fashioned Mint Julep tasting from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in celebration of the iconic Kentucky Derby.

Organic Tequila

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