Recycled Sail Designs, Boat Flags – Made on Martha’s Vineyard

Who doesn’t love a good boat flag (burgee)? How much better would one be if you could get one that was made from recycled sails, and made here on Martha’s Vineyard?

Recycled Sail Designs Martha's Vineyard Sailcloth Boat Flags

Well, it’s possible through Recycled Sail Designs’ boat flags. Founder Robin Nagle had wanted to get her husband a great boat flag for his birthday — something simple but fun and a bit personal.

She was not impressed with the choice Google provided, there were flags with a mug of beer, and college logo, etc. So what’s a girl with a graphic design background to do? Make her own of course.

Robin Nagle Founder Recycled Sail Designs Sailcloth Boat Flags Made On Martha's vineyard

An idea was born. She couldn’t be the only person looking for such a thing, and it turns out she’s not. Last Fall, Robin began Recycled Sail Designs, and her first creation are well crafted, simple but impactful, boat flags.

Recycled Sail Designs Martha's Vineyard

She did give one to her husband for that birthday, it was blue with a white bone on it. Their boat is called BARK. Yes, partially because they have a great family dog, but mostly because if you take the first initial from her name, her husband and their kid’s names – it spells BARK. Also, since her husband is a sailor, he has been her barometer for size and design. It’s a bit of family business.

Ag Fair posterRobin has been working for a well known gallery, North Water Gallery in Edgartown, for years and years. When she first moved to the Island, she entered the Ag Fair poster design contest and won (how cool is that). That was 1997, and 20 years later she is back into designing again, but this time for her own business.

Sail Into Design

Each flag is designed by Robin and made from recycled sails, most of which come from the Island. Sailors are done with them, so why not give them to someone who can up-cycle them. So much better than having the sails end up in the dump.

Recycled Sail Designs Martha's Vineyard

The flags are great even if you don’t have a boat. They’d be great for home decor, inside or out. Plus, there’s bound to be one that resonates with you. There’s one with Martha’s Vineyard, a wine glass, a dog bone, a heart, a shamrock, and that’s just a couple. Also, with Robin’s graphic design skills, she might be able to make a custom design for you.

Recycled Sail Designs

Robin has partnered with Island seamstress and pillow maker, Kathleen Young. Kathleen has been working with sail cloth for a while, making great nautical inspired pillows which you can get at North Water Street Gallery or at Vineyard Decorators.

Kathleen Young's Sail Cloth Pillows Made On Martha's Vineyard

Kathleen makes impeccable products. Her attention to detail and quality are second to none. You know you’re getting a flag that is going to stand the test of time, and be in your life for a long time.

The flags begin at $74, which I think is totally reasonable. Currently, they are available online, just click here:

Recycled Sail Designs Martha's Vineyard

I love the fact that there is the potential to get a custom one. You’re an oyster farmer? Have one with an oyster or two made. Have a yellow lab or black cat — get one of those. Love to go fishing, show it. A lot of fun can be had with these, and could be the perfect finishing touch for your boat, especially if it represents something you love.

Author’s Note: I think I know what my hubby is getting for our Boston Whaler, Bucky, this Father’s Day. I am slightly in love with the red Martha’s Vineyard flag. Look for us on the water. Perhaps your guy might like one too!

Martha's Vineyard flag

You can find out more about Recycled Sail Designs on Facebook. And speaking of social media, don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube.

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