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Slip 77 Oak Bluffs Martha's VineyardSeeing spots lately? Perhaps that’s because the of the store Slip Seventy Seven located by the Oak Bluffs Harbor.  In the building that once housed a salon and then Old Harbor Outfitters, you’ll find Slip Seventy Seven.  This chic, trend-setting store is in its second season and more popular than ever.

Christina Izzo & Jessica Lyon founders of Slip 77 Martha's Vineyard Store Oak Bluffs HarborMeet Christina Izzo and Jessica Lyon, two beautiful, smart, savvy business women who left corporate Boston to share an Island dream.  The two friends met a number of years ago through friends.

They worked at Nancy’s Restaurant together, and then left the Vineyard, and then moved back to the Vineyard, where they created the concept and store, Slip Seventy Seven.

Slip Seventy Seven Clothing Accessory Store Oak Bluffs Martha's VineyardFor about three years, Jessica and Christina talked about opening a clothing and accessories store. Having worked on Oak Bluffs harbor, they saw a lot of the styles that boaters wore, and what visitors seemed to like as well.  Two years ago, they were given the opportunity to have their vision become a reality.

Slip Seventy Seven?

Why the name Slip Seventy Seven?  I presumed it was a harbor slip or the channel of the harbor launch boat, but I was way off.

Slip because you dock your boat in a slip or you slip into something fabulous, and 77 is actually a nod to the year Martha’s Vineyard tried to secede from the United States. Clearly that did not happen (though sometimes it feels like it’s our own little world here).  The spots on the Slip 77 sign represent Morse code for SSS, Slip Seventy Seven. Clever and thoughtful, don’t you think?

What’s Hot

In Slip 77, you’ll find a range of items to buy. Surprisingly to Jessica and Christina, the most popular items are those that feature the Slip Seventy Seven logo and name.  In two years, it has become a sign that is recognizable for the Vineyard, for a lot of people.  It really appeals to the younger crowd.  Their pieces are effortlessly chic and cool, and fun.

There are men’s, women’s and children’s t-shirts, and of course you find bathing suits.  There are also great dresses, perfect for strolling around the harbor or walking down the street in Boston.

They carry a lot more than just their own brand, and Jessica and Christina have really selected some great pieces that you won’t find anywhere else on the Island.  I can’t forget that they have an amazing selection of scarves and jewelry too.

In addition to the Slip Seventy Seven t’s, they also have their own SeaBag totes which are kind of a big deal, since only a small number of retailers are authorized to use Sea Bag for their logo bags.

Another popular item is the Slip Seventy Seven beverage cozy.  Who doesn’t like to keep their hands condensation free with a little token from Martha’s Vineyard.

Also, I should mention that the items in the store are moderately priced.  Because the store looks so chic, I thought things would be a lot more expensive, but they’re not.  You can even find amazing hair ties there for $1, the kind that don’t leave a ponytail mark.  There are floral prints and chevron prints — so many to choose from.

Local Brands

Like so many of us, Jessica and Christina love this Island and after living here for a while, they have gotten to know a number of local artists.  I think Slip Seventy Seven has the largest number of local artist represented (aside from the flea markets, etc) on the Island.

Slip Seventy Seven carries: Rebeccah J, MV Treasures, Scrubby Neck Soap (a special Slip Seventy Seven blend with MV Sea Salt, island beach grass, a hint of sweet citrus and subtle spice), Relaxing Remedies ( Pam Williams), Swim Love Swimwear, Gilly Bean (Gillian Badot’s adorable kid’s clothes), Heather Rose scarves, and more.  How great is it to see a local fav like Rebeccah J’s leather bracelets next to the super popular Spy sunglasses?

Rebeccah J Jewelry Made on Martha's VineyardWhat’s great about having so many artists with local ties represented is that their stuff is seen by hundreds of different people a day.  These local artists don’t necessarily have stores of their own, so this is a great opportunity to help them grow. And to make it even more awesome,the locally made items sell quickly.

So, next time you sail over to the Vineyard or you’re strolling through Oak Bluffs, make it a point to check out Slip Seventy Seven.  This great store is only going to get bettter and better each year.  During the Summer, it’s open 9am-10pm and in the Fall from 10am -6pm.

You might also want to become a Slip Seventy Seven fan on Facebook and Instagram.  Often there are specials or contests found there.  The girls have a clever, fun photo campaign “Get Spotted.”  People who submit photos wearing Slip Seventy Seven brand clothes are featured.

The question is when will you “Get Spotted?”  I might just be caught in this adorable anchor tunic!!

Thanks for reading On Point.  You can learn more about Slip Seventy Seven on Facebook, and their website which will be up in the Fall so you can get your Slip Seventy Seven fix all year long.  Speaking of social media, don’t forget to  “Like” us on Facebook, and follow us on TwitterLinkedinPinterest and YouTube.

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    1. Your daughter has amazing style and is a smart business woman!

      A great addition to the Island!

  1. Beautiful store owned by beautiful women. We loved our experience shopping in your store. Quality and comfortable clothes! Just loved it…and will be back! Merci pour tout! Nous avons adoré rencontrer la belle et charmante Anna!

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