Smooth Moves Happening On Winter Street In Edgartown – Martha’s Vineyard

For weeks, my boss has been telling me to check out Smooth Moves, a new smoothie, juice place next to where Humphrey’s used to be in Edgartown, on Winter Street.

Smooth Moves Smoothie & Juice Bar Edgartown

Finally, during the busiest week of the Summer, I made it to Smooth Moves. First impression, the sign and logo are really warm and fuzzy. Highlighted on the name is an “M” and a “V” for Martha’s Vineyard and it makes a heart. A heart for the love of the Island and the fact that what you find inside is good for your heart and maybe soul too.

The place was packed. Smooth Moves has a following. From young to old, people are lining up for smoothies and juices from this little place.

Smooth Moves Smoothie Juice Bar Acai Bowl Martha's Vineyard

The Juice Is Loose On MV

The menu, though easy to decipher for us less then healthy people, is a little overwhelming. You want to try everything.

Not sure if it’s because of owner Zared Shai, who is just super cool, laid back and welcoming, and knowledgeable, or because everything looks good. The names are also catchy too, like the South Peach or The Gingerbread House.

Beet Shot At Smooth Moves Edgartown Smoothie Juice Bar

No matter what, Zared walks you through it. When I was in the decision process, he offered me a “beet shot.” Beets were the veggie of the week.

So, the benefits were all featured in the super cool menu screen which is changed daily. Though not a beet fan, it was pretty good, and after reading the benefits, I know that I need more of these!

Beet Shot At Smooth Moves Martha's Vineyard Smoothie & Juice BarZared asked me if I liked peanut butter, and of course I do. He suggested the Local (PB & J) smoothie, which has banana, mango, peanut butter, blueberries and pineapple. Much to my surprise, it did taste a lot like a PB & J. I need to bring the kiddos here to try this!

A trail run at Smooth MovesSometimes, there will be samples to try. Zared is constantly working on different combinations for smoothies or juices. On this day, there was a cherry concoction to taste which was very good. He’s not sure if it’s one for the menu, but you gotta keep things fresh.

The Crowd At Smooth Moves Martha's Vineyard Smoothie & Juice Bar

Another thing that really impressed me was how Zared works with his customers. A grandmother ordered a couple strawberry-banana smoothies. He suggested a little lemon added. Of course the grandmother said no — they’re for two little ones.

He let her know that the lemon brings the two flavors together in way that really makes the smoothie that much tastier. He was right. Loved that he took the time and cared enough.

Smoothies & Blockbuster Movies

How Smooth Moves came to be on MV is a very interesting story. Zared grew up in Connecticut but moved to L.A. when he was 19 to be in the film industry. Now a decade later, he is quite accomplished.

The last film he worked on was Me, Earl and the Dying Girl,  directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (think Glee and American Horror Story). This film has actually won several awards – including at Sundace and the Nantucket Film Festival.

Me And Earl And The Dying GirlZared was the Assistant Editor and the Visual Effects Supervisor. He’s also worked on other films with this director and will be heading to New York City in the Fall to work on the newest one which will star Will Smith.

Zared Shai Owner Manager Of Smooth Moves Smoothie & Juice Bar Martha's VineyardSince the next movie isn’t starting until the Fall, Zared had some free time in his schedule. He started going to the gym, got a personal trainer, and began drinking smoothies. Rewind for a sec, he worked at a smoothie shop when he first moved to L.A. and he would always add a little twist to make the smoothies better.

Megan's shopHis sister Megan, who own’s Megan’s Jewelry & Dress Shop, which is right next to Smooth Moves, and can be found in Oak Bluffs too, said he should come back to the Island, and so came about Smooth Moves. His family has been on Island for 19 years, so there is a great history here.

It’s a family affair. His dad stopped by, his brother too while I was there. All are supportive and helped make this happen.

Smooth Moves T-shirts Martha's Vineyard Smoothies

Smooth Moves opened on July 8th, Zared’s 30th birthday. What a way to bring in a new decade. A new business. Zared has been really enjoying his surprisingly successful second career — smoothie master. At Smooth Moves, they keep things fresh and fun. Lucky for us he had a break in his filming schedule!

Smooth Moves Frequent Smoothie Card

Smooth Moves really fills a gap that was in Edgartown, offering a light, healthy option that you can order as is or customize. The prices are reasonable too, $6.50 for 16.oz or $8.50 for 24.oz. It’s open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and don’t forget to get your smoothie frequent visitor card. Start working towards your freebie.

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